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Worsening Global Warming Catastrophe suggests intrusion from Manipulative Extraterrestrials

by Dr. John Chang


Scholars in Environmental Science, and Climate Change activists, have sought to educate and inform people internationally about what Global Warming is generally about, and also about its catastrophic consequences. Within this context, political leaders and corporate elites who prevail over worsening Global Warming, are portrayed as being short-sighted or just plain ignorant, and driven by greed.

However, responsible human beings should appreciate that the elites who prevail over Global Warming are surely not all stupid.

If one acknowledges that the elites who prevail over worsening climate change, as intelligent sentient beings, are also survival-seekers, only an “off-world” context can explain the apparent illogical course of elites who are perpetrating the destruction of our planet Earth. Human beings need to wake themselves up to the numerous testimonies of individuals that have been in contact with various species of Extraterrestrials, and must also wake up to the experience of millions of people that have, at least witnessed apparent alien spacecraft.

The first hypothesis to be considered is that elites who prevail over worsening Global Warming have been persuaded to believe that they will be “rescued” from planet Earth, by some Manipulative Extraterrestrial group(s), in the event of a predicted catastrophic “tipping point”. Earthbound elites, may be under the impression that manipulative aliens will evacuate them from a destroyed planet Earth to an Off-world land of “milk and honey”, in regard for their having served their alien benefactors well in the context of an alleged greed driven alliance.

Unfortunately, any Earthbound elites should be aware that intelligent Manipulative Extraterrestrials are not likely to “trust” any human group that would “betray their own kind“. Any such human group viewed by manipulative aliens to be betraying their own kind, would likely be perceived as being by definition, untrustworthy, and may very well like be the targets of a longer-term manipulation strategy by any such aliens.

Such a Greenhouse emissions precipitated “tipping point” would create an environmental holocaust in which billions of people on our planet could be overcome within days, weeks or months by a rapid increase in temperatures, which will result in mass agricultures failures globally, a global famine, and total destruction of vital biological life-sustaining ecological systems.

The second hypothesis to be considered, is that Earthbound human elites are being manipulated by Manipulative Extraterrestrials, through some kind of telepathic mind control, which has sabotaged their capacity to pursue a rational course of action on behalf of the collective survival of humanity.

The third hypothesis. is based upon representations about aliens which are of alleged demonic consciousnesses, but which are in human disguise. This third hypothesis is therefore that some apparently human elites, may be really Manipulative Extraterrestrials in disguise, who have sought to instigate an environmental holocaust via Global Warming, against human beings.

John Lash in Metahistory and indigenous societies have documented Gnostic representations of intelligent inorganic life with demonic consciousnesses in our solar system, that can “shape-shift” to appear to be humans.

Apparently, these alleged inorganic Manipulative Extraterrestrials which use UFO technologies, have no biological need for Earth’s environmental systems which supports organic life. Furthermore, apparently, these inorganic Manipulative Extraterrestrials allegedly seek to destabilize Earth within an agenda of further parasitic exploitation, control and conquest.

Various scholars in Exopolitics including Dr. Michael Salla, and other researchers on Extraterrestrials, and also eyewitnesses have offered varying combinations of representations on these prospective illuminating hypotheses. Accordingly, it is apparent that humanity must at least consider a fresh perspective on what is responsible for a reckless course toward planetary destruction from Global Warming, that lies beyond the traditional explanations.

Global Warming backgrounder update

Worldwide capitalistocratic resource-plundering economic growth, has accelerated the level of greenhouse gas emissions to a dangerous threshold which scientists had not expected for another decade, is the informed opinion of a leading Australian climate change expert.

Tim Flannery, told Australian Broadcasting Corp that an upcoming report by the U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will contain new data showing that the level of climate-changing gases in the atmosphere has already reached critical levels.

Flannery is not a member of the IPCC, but said he based his comments on a thorough review of the technical data included in the panel's three working group reports that were published earlier this year. The IPCC, is due to release its final report synthesizing the data, in November.

"What the report establishes is that, the amount of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere is already above the threshold that can potentially cause dangerous climate change," Flannery told had the broadcaster.

"We are already at great risk of dangerous climate change, that's what these figures say. It's not next year or next decade, it's now.''

Flannery, whose recent book The Weather Makers: How Man Is Changing the Climate and What It Means for Life on Earth, made best-seller lists worldwide, said the data showed that the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions had reached about 455 parts per million by mid-2005, well ahead of scientists' previous calculations. "We thought we'd be at that threshold within about a decade, that we had that much time," Flannery said. "I mean, that's beyond the limits of projection, beyond the worst-case scenario as we thought of it in 2001," when the last major IPCC report was issued.

The new data could add urgency to the next round of U.N. climate change talks on the Indonesian island of Bali in December, which will aim to start negotiations on a replacement for the 1997 Kyoto Protocol, which expires in 2012.

In Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel has called for an international [capitalism-supporting] system of global emissions trading to be adopted as part of an agreement to flight climate change from 2012 onward.

Speaking at a symposium of Nobel laureates and other leading scientists, Merkel insisted that only by establishing limits on carbon dioxide output per individual around the world – suggesting about 2 tons per head – could the fight to stop global warming be effective.

"Our long-term goal can only be the assimilation of worldwide per capita emissions," Merkel told the conference.

Her suggestion would mean drastic cuts: Germany currently has a carbon dioxide output of some 11 tons per person per year, while the U.S. is at around 20 tons per person.

Flannery said that the recent economic boom in China and India has helped to accelerate the levels of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, but strong growth in the developed world has also exacerbated the problem.

"It's a worldwide issue. We've had growing economies, everywhere, we're still basing that economic activity on fossil fuels," he said.

"The metabolism of that economy is now on a collision course clearly with the metabolism of our planet.''

Meanwhile, a spokesman for Australia's IPCC delegate, Ian Carruthers, said he was not available to comment on the report because it was still in draft form.

Upon reflection to the before-presented hypotheses, could the prevailing self-destructive construction, of the economy, around the usage of fossil fuels, be a smokescreen for a Manipulative Extraterrestrial agenda against humanity and our planet Earth? Clearly, for example, when statements are made about "the economy" what happens to people, and the environment which sustains the human quality of survival are overlooked. Could apparent oversights of human and environmental costs in the accepted framing of an "economy" be part of a deduced long-term strategy compositely alleged by Gnostics, and modern scholars? Has there been a long-term strategy by human elites and alleged their off-world allies, to construct an economy that would enforce exploitation and control of humanity and Earth, that has now lead to the worsening Global Warming catastrophe? In other words, has quality-of-living and environmental protection been an intentional oversight that has been influenced by a Gnostic viewed Manipulative Extraterrestrial intrusion.

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