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The Fourth Scientific-Industrial Revolution and the Exopolitical Revelation

by Come Carpentier de Gourdon

  UFO over Mexico

Mankind’s journey, at least during the last few millennia of known history, has paralleled the human individual’s progress from infancy through various stages of childhood, youth and maturity. In particular, the last five centuries bear witness to three rather distinctive “jumps” from one evolutionary condition to another.

The sixteenth century brought the Middle Age to a close, in the western world at least, under the combined effect an intellectual movement (the Humanistic Renaissance and Reformation); a sea-faring, world-spanning drive manifesting in the expeditions to and conquests of the Americas; a series of scientific and technical inventions (the printing press, firearms, new theories for town planning and fortification, major headways in anatomy, hydraulics and mechanics, the growing if grudging acceptance of heliocentrism and so forth) which all shook the Church’s hold on the minds of the masses.

The eighteenth century is still known as the Era of Enlightenment, with its many cultural, religious and scientific corollaries that shaped the British, American and French revolutions and include atheistic or theistic scepticism, sense-based rationalism, a new awareness of universalism, systematic mapping of the earth (geodesics) and such well known industrial breakthroughs as the steam engine, coke-fuelled steel-making, the mechanical textile mill, the aerostat (hot air balloon), the first vaccines and many other inventions.

The third revolution of the “modern” age took place in the first half of the twentieth century when the new theories of physics (relativity and quanta)and biology (genetics of the DNA etc), together with the massive industrial energies harnessed by the two world wars combined to create the civilization we have seen expand globally during the last sixty years: the civilization of the atom, of supersonic flights and (local) space exploration, of information technology, genetic medicine and other applications too numerous to mention.

Revealingly, each of those major steps was heralded by a wave of anticipatory literature, and works of art, predicting future developments to emerge. The names of Leonardo, Francis Bacon, Jonathan Swift, Jules Verne and H.G. Wells are a few that may be quoted in the context of the three “jumps” in our transformation.

We have now entered the fourth revolution, one that is too recent for us to be able to gain an overall perspective of it. It is driven, as the previous ones were, by momentous scientific and technical advances or discoveries such as the Internet, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, microbiology, nanotechnology, genetic engineering and it is leading to the collapse of most global and national political and economic structures in a climate of planetary environmental, social and financial crisis. It is also taking place in the context of a review of our hitherto authoritative theories about the nature of the cosmos and of our place in it. Current Science fiction, in print, film and on the Net fills the prophetic role exercised by the cultural pioneers we mentioned above. Popular movies and series like “Star Wars”, “Starship Enterprise” and “The X-Files” contain more than a grain of present or future reality. They are like bridges built to afford us gradual passage into a new cosmic awareness as we begin to explore our galactic neighbourhood.

The sixteenth century Renaissance put the Sun in the centre of the Universe and relegated the Earth to the rank of a mere though exceptional satellite. The Enlightenment of the 1700s led many to realize that the solar system was one of many within the Milky Way galaxy and it revived many long-held beliefs that other planets might be inhabited, as Fontenelle and Voltaire among others pointed out. The twentieth century brought about the vision of a universe dotted with billions of galaxies in one of which our Sun is but an infinitesimal yellow star and in which space travel became a practical possibility. The current revolution is making us aware of the evidence that not only are there many intelligently inhabited planets around the trillions of suns that fill the billions of galaxies but there are probably many universes, aside from the one we can see. We are in a multiverse encompassing a very large if not infinite number of dimensions of which our senses can only register a few (three and a half, to be precise) though our minds can go beyond that limitation.

Here thus is the place of Exopolitics, a new discipline or methodology of knowledge intended to enable us to understand our true place in this multiverse throbbing with life, indeed probably made up of life. Those few pioneers who have taken up the challenge of giving it a shape and some protocols, LINK, are facing an immense task and may be forgiven for erring occasionally by taking into account perhaps insufficiently substantiated or so far unprovable accounts and observations. Going out on a limb, making mistakes or getting sidetracked are as inevitable as raising controversy for the trail-blazers. The facts that exopolitics grapples with are there for all honest observers or analysts to see.

Our planet Earth is being frequently or continuously watched, monitored and surveyed by some very advanced intelligent organizations for which our most modern aircraft, space vehicles and weapon systems are simply no match, and this has been the situation for at least sixty some years, probably for much longer. There is a legitimate question as to how much information and knowhow some of “our” scientific research bodies, connected certain major governments (the USA, Russia, Britain, Japan, France, Germany, Israel) have been able to gain from the study of the “foreign” craft and their stunning technical performances but there can be no doubt that such research and retro-engineering is going on and that the official will to keep it secret, away from the prying eyes of military rivals and from the indiscretion of the business world, accounts for the heavy shroud of denial and disinformation which still hangs like a funeral pall on the entire issue of UFOs.

The recent Washington D.C. National Press Club conferences, covered by the media worldwide and CNN Larry King shows as well as the global publicity given to James Fox’s excellent documentary “Out of the Blue”, seem to indicate that the pressure for public disclosure has become too great for the embargo on the exopolitical to survive much longer. Indeed the secrecy policy is leaking and is beginning to crumble, despite the remaining fear of many religious and political organizations that the dawn of the truth in this matter may spell the doom of their power. Many illustrious scientific bodies are also understandably concerned about the likely negative consequences on their status and prestige but the rise of a new age has always brought about the ruin of many institutions associated with the old establishment.

Some illustrious members of political and military establishments of great western powers, such as the late U.S. NSC Colonel Philip Corso and the former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, Hon. Paul Hellyer, have lent their testimonies in support of the rising demand for full disclosure that was first powerfully voiced at the 2001 Press Conference, held at the national Press Club by Dr. Stephen Greer and featuring scores of credible high-level former participants and witnesses to the cover up (more than 400 to date) , gathered from various branches of the U.S. Government and major corporations.

The most revolutionary impact of this Apocalypsis (revelation) will certainly be felt in the all-important field of energy, directly related to the issue of global pollution and climate change, as is being more and openly acknowledged in mainstream media in connection with such household names as Dr. Lester Brown of the Worldwatch Institute.

Exopolitical circles are keenly aware that the so-called UFO technology holds the key to untapping the boundless gravito-magnetic energy that lies in the apparent subquantic vacuum. That is the crown jewel hidden or at least sought by the “black USAPs” (unacknowledged special access programs). Its release into the civilian economy would produce a quantic leap in planetary organization and transform every industry and aspect of our lives, but many more technological breakthroughs will come along with this. The scientific discoveries we have witnessed in the last three or four decades in all areas of human endeavour are only a foretaste of what is to come. The result will be the emergence of a “new world…if you can take it”, quoting Philip Corso who in turn claimed to have heard it telepathically from an “alien” visitor.

Should we dismiss all this as fantasy? Not if we mind Lao Tzu’s words when he says in the Tao Teh Ch’ing: “When the inferior man hears of the Way, he laughs loudly. If he didn’t, it would not be Way”.

About the writer:

Come Carpentier de Gourdon is currently the Convener of the Editorial Board of the World Affairs Journal, a quarterly publication dedicated to international issues, sponsored by the Kapur Surya Foundation (a co-sponsor of the “World Public Forum for Dialogue of Civilisations”) New Delhi, India.

He shares his time between India, France, Italy and Switzerland. He has lived and traveled in more than fifty countries on four continents.

Mr. Carpentier de Gourdon is also a consultant to Indfos Industries Ltd, a company founded and chaired by the well known Indian philosopher, futurologist and engineer J.C. Kapur, and continues to provide consulting services to various other companies in India and Europe.

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