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Gnostic insights illuminate Alberta Tar Sands prosperity as an apparent Manipulative Extraterrestrial Virtual Reality illusion

by Peter Tremblay

  Scheduled For Destruction

Stepehen Harper goverment is pursuing a course of environmental destruction that is inspired by virtual reality inspired computer generated commercial profit simulations.

The Alberta Tar Sands, is a great example how Canadians and humanity in general, is being manipulated by an apparent self-serving alien consciousness. This alien consciousness had been documented in great detail by the ancient Gnostics, as revealed by Dr. John Lash. The ancient Gnostics through a process of critical spiritual introspection discovered what they referred to as "artificial man", that sought to use its technology to deceive humanity into accepting an alien Virtual Reality illusion. LINK The Gnostics seems to be attempting to describe what we would now refer to as an inorganic cyborg-like "artificial intelligence" that has sought to use its 'mechanical consciousness' to warp the quality-of-survival instincts of humanity. LINK

Suppose you were living in a polluted urban area, and decided to move your family to an area with cleaner air, and an overall better environmental quality, to support the longevity of you together with your family. Suppose that new area and new home you chose bordered on a beautiful hilly and protected forested area, consisting of vibrant ecosystems of trees, streams teeming of fish, and land-bound wildlife like rare birds.

Environmental Destruction

Environmental Destruction.

You might consider yourself to be very lucky, living is a sort of paradise of earth, invigorated by your natural surroundings with fresh air, and wonderfully tasting crystal clear water. You might have also noticed that you felt somewhat cool, compared to the hot, muggy, and smog filled area that you became accustomed to in the city you left. Well, just contemplate, if you will, what you might feel like, if you went to bed one night, and the next day, the paradise that bordered your backyard was replaced by a cancer-causing wasteland, that arguably looked worse than the surface of the moon.

How would you feel about your home now bordering such an unsightly wasteland that was generating the stench of polluted air, and pools of polluted water, that began to cause your family and friends in your new neighbourhood to suffer from rare leukemia and other life-threatening ailments? Would you jump for joy if in the process of losing your paradise, and your previous quality-of-life, because you got some new tax-breaks, and that you could now buy a big screen television for less, since the value of the dollar when up, as a result of your backyard turning into a cancerous wasteland?

Logic suggests that you probably wouldn't be jumping for joy, would you? Especially with all the headaches, and other debilitating symptoms you, your family and new friends would have to be now dealing with.

John Lash has illuminated Gnostic documentation of an alien consciousness that creates the kind of fantasy reality, designed to induce humanity to accept the progress represented by such a toxic and Greenhouse gas emissions producing wasteland. Apparently it is that type of alien consciousness which has led human beings into accepting such apparent schemes as the Alberta Tar Sands. Canadians are being led to believe that such schemes somehow support "our prosperity", rather than for the debilitation that such schemes substantively represents.

The Alberta Tar Sands project, is a scheme to clear-cut down a vibrant and vital Canadian boreal forest, and replace it with a cancer-causing field of toxicity that is larger than anything before it the world has ever seen.

You might have heard of the kind of public health hazards that have been created by small city dumps, and various even small mining operations. Well picture in your mind a mining operation larger than size the whole of the American State of Florida. You might have not neither heard of such a detail on CBC, nor read of such an alarming detail in the National Post, or recent proclamations in the Globe and Mail glorifying the Tar Sands.


Alberta Tar Sands in being planned to destroy vital Boreal Forest ecosystem larger than the American State of Florida.

How much of a health hazard do you think that a Tar Sands project which is expected to become when it is larger than size of the American state of Florida, might represent? Compare such a project to some of the most infamous historical episodes of contamination, which include the Love Canal neighbourhood in the Niagara Falls, New York area, which is a very small area by comparison?

The sheer size of this toxic wasteland that is being created by the Stephen Harper government, to export oil largely to the Petrol guzzling monster of the U.S. political-military-industrial complex, is an outrage.

The Stephen Harper government that supposedly has been represented by the mass-media, as finally providing representation to the people of Alberta is a further layer of a virtual reality fantasy.

Mr. Harper has sold out current and generations of Alberta, through a project, that could very well support a point of no return on rescuing our planet from the ravages of Global Warming.

Canadians, are creating a multi-faceted environmental catastrophe of toxicity many thousands of times worse than the infamous Love Canal in western New York State.

Canadians are being lead to ignore the lessons of history which include the much smaller scale example of Love Canal

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 1979, residents exhibited a "disturbingly high rate of miscarriages. The Love Canal can now be added to a growing list of environmental disasters involving toxics, ranging from industrial workers stricken by nervous disorders and cancers to the discovery of toxic materials in the milk of nursing mothers." LINK

In one case, two out of four children in a single Love Canal family had birth defects; one girl was born deaf with a cleft palate, an extra row of teeth, and slight retardation, and a boy was born with an eye defect. LINK A survey conducted by the Love Canal Homeowners Association found that 56% of the children born from 1974-1978 had a birth defect. LINK

Market prosperity as expressed through the Alberta Tar Sands as an Artificial intelligence generated scenario

Projections associated with the Alberta Tar Sands

Virtual reality inspired commercial profit related projections associated with the Alberta Tar Sands.

You might be thinking, well, you got me interested or maybe even intrigued, but how did this apparent Gnostic identified artificial intelligence, get us as Canadians specifically, and humans in general, to popularly accept the Alberta Tar Sands as a leading to a blessing as 'prosperity'?

The represented prosperity of the Alberta Tar Sands project, like other such vaunted projects in the Global Economy, has been created though a kind of Three-Dimensional Simulation. What kind of Three-Dimensional Simulation you might enquire? The Global Economy is an apparent Three-Dimensional Simulation, analogous to a video game. The artificial alien intelligence identified by the Gnostics has used the basic principles associated with the motivational virtual reality features of a video game, and projected that into a Three-Dimensional context on top of our planet Earth.

  Greenhouse Gas

Alberta Tar Sands in pushing Earth toward a planetary Greenhouse Gas tipping point.

Canadians specifically and humanity in general who rejoice about the "prosperity" of the Alberta Tar Sands project, and other such similar schemes, have their mind caught in what is arguably a sophisticated video game, where they have confused a substantive reality of living in a toxic stew, with a manipulated alien fantasy. John Lash documents that the Gnostics sought to warn humanity about the very kind of alien consciousness, that appears to be responsible for the Alberta Tar Sands, and any other such quality-of-living endangering schemes that humans have accepted as being desirable (because these schemes can be made to be "commercially profitable").

Have you ever seen people competing against each other playing a video game seemingly obsessed about seeing who could accumulate the most points, by playing through various computer generated scenarios, including vanquishing fantasy enemies, that display simulations of violent acts?

Gnostic insight suggests that the aliens that they discovered as manipulative consciousness have induced a video game like simulation into the human mind, where the human players through a form of hypnotic induction, begin to confuse the simulated conventions of a mesmerizing sophisticated video game, with what is real or vital to quality of human survival.

Virtual reality

A "primitive" version of a Three Dimension virtual reality game.

John Lash’s, and his book entitled Not in His Image: Gnostic Vision. Sacred Ecology, and the Future of Belief, presents a detailed documentation of Gnostic insights, that seem to be from a desire to inspire humanity to spiritually awaken itself to the nature of this alien intrusion. John Lash provides critical insights on how this alien mechanical consciousness, has used organized religion to socially engineer humanity into accepting a “programming virtual reality matrix”. The Global Economy, that is producing "virtual reality crediting/commercial profit scenarios" to corporations, but quality-of-living destroying Global Warming producing mega-projects like the Alberta Tar Sands, and that has turned humanity against each other through virtual reality manipulation.

Click to Enlarge
Click to Enlarge

Virtual reality inspired corporate commercial profit computer-generated projections.

Suppose you were playing a video game, and accumulated points that you could now use to either play other shiny new even more exciting video games that you sought to also became successful at playing, or to earn computer-generated prizes, through having beaten successive human opponents. The obsession of the accumulation of money in the Global Economy, which is accompanied by delusions of prosperity, such as that represented by the Alberta Tar Sands, has been created though the confusion of a Three-Dimensional virtual reality-based alien mechanical consciousness.

Through the acceptance of virtual reality scenarios, humans are being lead into the apparent enslavement agenda of a mechanical consciousness.

John Lash’s illumination of a Gnostic process of critical human introspection, inspires humanity in a colloquial reasoning context so-to-speak, to remove the lower-dimensional mechanical consciousness from the human psyche, so that collectively we can begin to live a life, which seeks to affirm our humanity, rather than to accept alien virtual reality scenarios. Gnostics appreciated that, in humans making themselves aware of the existence of alien consciousness, we can put ourselves into favourable existential position to detect any directed intrusion by such alien consciousness, against our human free will, and our planetary sovereignty.

The attempt by religious, political, military, and economic-industrial elites to repress knowledge of sentient alien intelligences, which include Extraterrestrials and UFO phenomena, is an attempt by these elites to repress the ability of humanity to critically become aware of how the entire Global Economy has become an alien virtual reality ruse. The indices of prosperity associated the Alberta Tar Sands project, which include a rising Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and rising purchasing power for primary beneficiaries of this Project, and other such schemes, are the creation of simulated computer generated algorithms and scenarios.

Gnostic insights presented by John Lash illuminate that the alleged wealth of the whole financial system, and the stock exchange as an indication of economic prosperity or “recession”, are “artificial conventions” instituted by apparent human minions in league with artificial intelligences.

The Global Economy as seen and experienced through capitalism is not about what happens to people. Rather it is a Three-Dimensional artificial intelligence scenario of “winners” and “losers”, through the creation of similar artificial point score conventions (in this case monetary value) that are evident in a video game.

Western civilization, as the centre of the capitalist economic framework. could be appreciated as layer upon layer of virtual reality scenarios, that motivate human beings through the exercise of greed to shape themselves into the image of artificial intelligences. These artificial intelligences inspire an economy where humans in order to accumulate “monetary points”, will seek to emulate and serve the agenda of the mechanical consciousness of artificial intelligences. The dystopia represented by the Alberta Tar Sands, is the kind of mis-direction John Lash illuminated in his learned exposition of Gnostic insights.

Have you ever picked up an economic textbook, and seen the cold display of a sophisticated but austere mathematically guided artificial intelligence of interesting graphs and other statistical generated projections? Apparent alien artificial intelligences have sought to condition humanity into accepting the sacredness of its trappings of virtual reality-based success (associated with virtual reality inspired "financial points" accumulation).

Gnostics. present the existence of what they referred to as an alien “artificial man” which produces “error” in the human psyche that inspires societally assigned value for projects such as the Alberta Tar Sands.

Indeed the data that government and participating Petroleum interests can present to Canadians impute that the Tar Sands is essentially desirable for Canada; but these imputations have been guided by the feeding data into computer-generated scenarios. This process is in turn conditioned by apparent alien artificial intelligences that have tricked humanity into accepting virtual reality financial-stipulated scenarios of prosperity.

However, the substantive reality that the Alberta Tar Sands represents is the following:

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) documents that the “Tar Sands development is the single largest contributor, and fastest growing source of Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions”. And also “due to the tar sands, Alberta is ranked as the industrial pollution capital of Canada.” By 2020, the tar sands plants are expected to produce emissions equivalent to more than 141 million tonnes of CO2 per year- that’s more than double the emissions of ALL of the cars and trucks in Canada. LINK

Scheduled For Destruction

A "primitive" version of a Three Dimension virtual reality game.

Production of tar sands oil currently releases 3-5 times more GHG emissions than from conventional sources. Conventional oil, produces an average of 28.6 kg of carbon dioxide per barrel of oil, while tar sands oil produces a whopping 85.5 kg (according to the Pembina Institute). The National Energy Board (NEB) estimates the amount to be even higher, at about 125 kg of carbon dioxide released for every barrel of oil. LINK

This substantive reality also documented by the IPCC is that to produce one barrel of oil, 4 tonnes of material are mined, 2-5 barrels of water are used to extract the bitumen, and enough natural gas to heat 1.5 homes for a day is used. LINK

Tar sands development requires and consumes an enormous amount of water -- current projects remove about 349 million m3 of water from the Athabasca River each year, equivalent to about 140,000 swimming pools or twice the amount of water the City of Calgary uses per year. The tar sands are the largest user of groundwater in Alberta. LINK

This is water that could have been kept to sustain flourishing ecosystems, which includes clean drinking water for Albertans in neighbouring communities

Tar sands’ water allocations accounts for 65% of the water withdrawals from the Athabasca River every year. Tar Sands water use requirements are resulting in lower water levels in freshwater aquifers, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and wetlands. LINK

It takes three to five barrels of water to produce one barrel of oil. LINK

For In Situ extraction alone, 24,000 m3 of water will be needed DAILY for steam production and processing. LINK

The Tar Sands are a mixture of sand, clay, and a very heavy crude oil called bitumen, which is tar-like and does not flow on its own. To get the oil out of the ground, trees are cut down, the surface layer is strip-mined, and the underlying mixture is heated with steam in order to make it flow.

Because the bitumen is very low quality, it is then processed and refined to turn it into synthetic crude oil which can be used as fuel. LINK

  Fort McMurray

Rare cancers and other ailments linked to the Alberta Tar Sands have been reported in Fort McMurray.

Greenpeace, also documents that the largest reserves of accessible tar sands are located in northern Alberta, Canada, amidst what has been pristine, untouched wilderness and under millions of hectares of boreal forest. The closest town is Fort McMurray, and there are a number of small communities located downstream from tar sands projects, where residents are already suffering from the effects of pollution caused by the tar sands. LINK

The Tar Sands Project requires process of extracting oil, is worse than conventional oil extraction, because it takes immense quantities of water, and huge amounts of dirty energy to create the steam needed to get oil out of tar sands, and processing the bitumen requires the use of even more dirty energy.

But exploiting the tar sands goes farther than simply using up water, electricity, coal and natural gas. The air is polluted with nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide, water is contaminated with toxic chemicals, as millions of hectares of wilderness are being destroyed. LINK

Tar Sands creating Cancer-causing Polluted Water

Tar sands operations require the use of vast quantities of water, which become contaminated and must be stored in huge tailing ponds. This both depletes local water reserves and threatens to pollute the environment and nearby communities. LINK

Toxic Tailings Ponds


Canada's tar sands also known as oil sands, are found in the three areas of the province of Alberta. Largest area is the Athabasca oil sands, where an estimated 20 percent is near enough to the surface that it can be mined for tar like bitumen to turn into synthetic crude oil..

During the process of separating bitumen from the tar sands, large amounts of water are mixed in with the sand, and once the oil has been removed, the leftover mixture of water, sand, clay and residual bitumen - known as tailings - has to be stored in a stable location so that the solution can settle and separate. The storage facilities are known as tailings ponds. Because each cubic metre of bitumen extracted results in three to five cubic metres of tailings that need to be stored, the tailings ponds are so enormous that they can be seen by the naked eye from outer space.

Other “wastewater” is also stored in human-made holding lagoons such as sewage, water used for cooling, and water that has come into contact with coke, asphaltenes, sulphur, or heavy metals. This tactic is supposed to prevent the contamination of groundwater and river systems, but there is concern that this is not working properly. LINK

What is so toxic about these ponds?

In most mining operations, harsh chemicals are needed to separate the minerals from the sand or rock that they are embedded in. For example, in gold or copper mining, arsenic and cyanide are often used, so tailings in those operations are extremely poisonous. In the tar sands, naphtha and paraffin are used, but they are supposed to be separated from the water before it is pumped into the tailings pond.

However, the byproducts of the petroleum itself are dangerous and known to kill the microorganisms which would ordinarily be present in a river or natural wetlands. Scientists state that the most dangerous contaminant in tar sands tailings water is naphthenic acid, a natural constituent of petroleum that becomes dissolved and concentrated in the hot water used to process the tar sands.

Repeated exposure to naphthenic acid can have adverse health effects upon mammals, causing liver problems and brain haemorrhaging, and higher concentrations lead to more serious effects. Another component of the tailings is alkyl-substituted polyaromatic hydrocarbon, which causes deformities and even death to birds exposed to it.

Besides the toxic chemicals that are contained within the tailings, the water in these storage facilities attracts methanogenic bacteria, which produce methane, a greenhouse gas. The methane bubbles change the composition of the tailings pond and make some of the other dangerous toxins in the water more concentrated.

The oil companies’ response to these dangers is to fire airguns around the tailings ponds to prevent any birds and animals from coming near it. A more serious risk is that these ponds are leaking into the groundwater in the area, and into the Athabasca River. Another fear is that companies will stop operating in the area (if the oil runs out, or if profit margins go down), and stop maintaining the facilities. LINK

Water Pollution

Tar Sands is destroying Alberta's Ground Water

Tar Sands is destroying Alberta's Ground Water.

Naphthenic acids are persistent and hard to disperse from the environment. They are released in high concentrations from tar sands projects, so people who live downstream have serious fears about contaminated water, fish and wildlife. Mercury contamination is another risk, because when the wetlands which originally covered the tar sands are drained, high concentrations of mercury can be released into the surrounding water bodies.

Recently, people living in Fort Chipewyan (a First Nations community downstream from the tar sands projects) began to publicise their concerns about the effects of water pollution on their health. Since tar sands development has been accelerating over the past few years, they have noticed greater incidences of cancer and diseases like lupus and multiple sclerosis in their community. LINK

Tar sands and health

The main health concerns related to the tar sands are associated with air and water pollution. In addition to carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, tar sands operations also emit other substances into the atmosphere, most notably nitrogen oxide, sulphur oxide, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds.

Breathing in nitrogen oxide and sulphur oxide often leads to respiratory problems, and particulate matter has been linked to diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, emphysema and various forms of heart disease. Volatile organic compounds can cause even more serious problems, from cancer to brain damage.

The presence of toxic chemicals or heavy metals in lakes and rivers affects drinking water, as well as the health of animals and fish that drink from the water, or live in it. When human beings eat the animals or fish they are also eating the chemicals consumed by the animal. There have been reports of mutations in animals and fish in ecosystems downstream from tar sands projects, and people who live in the area are very concerned that increased health problems may be linked to contaminated food and water sources. LINK

Communities downstream from the tar sands are already experiencing cancer rates far higher than can be explained by change. These debilitating ailments include leukemia, lupus, lymphomas, autoimmune diseases, and rare forms of cancer have all increasing in recent years in the population that is for the most part made up of Athabasca Chipewyan and Mikisew Cree First Nations.

A high number of such illnesses have been diagnosed in Fort Chipewyan, a community of about 1,200 people living 300 kilometres north of Fort McMurray.

This could be an early sign of things to come for hundreds of thousands of Albertans, if the Alberta Tar Sands continues on its pace to take up an area larges than the American State of Florida.

The Tar Sands and the Boreal Forest

When we as Canadians cut down forests like the Boreal, we essentially destroy the ability of that area to act as a carbon sink. But not only do we suffer a loss of carbon absorption, we also release masses of stored carbon back into the atmosphere: a serious double-whammy. If that weren’t bad enough, clearing and burning rainforests releases great amounts of methane, ozone and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere as well.

4.3 million hectares of the Boreal Forest cover the tar sands, and these are being clearcut so that oil companies can access the tar underneath. The Boreal Forest has been referred to as the lungs of our planet, and tar sands operations threaten to destroy an area the size of Florida.

The Boreal Forest is a highly complex ecosystem that supports a vast array of plants and wildlife including grizzly bears, wolverine, woodland caribou and over a billion birds. It represents more than 25% of all ancient forests that is left on the planet and is a source of clean water for millions of Canadians. The Boreal Forest is home to hundreds of First Nations communities that depend on the forest for their sustenance, jobs and traditional activities. Many of the areas under development in the Boreal Forest are subject to land claims and disputes.

The Boreal Forest also has particular value as a storehouse of carbon, holding more than 47 billion tonnes in its trees and soils. When the forest is cut down and soils are disturbed by heavy machinery, carbon from this storehouse is released into the atmosphere, further exacerbating global warming.

Unfortunately unsustainable development, including the tar sands, is taking its toll on the Boreal Forest. For example, woodland caribou, a species threatened with extinction, have seriously declined in Alberta as a result of the loss of their habitat in the Boreal Forest. LINK

Tar sands and Social Costs

It is often argued that the social and economic benefits of tar sands activities outweigh the environmental harm they cause. This is clearly not the case in Alberta. The pace of tar sands development has exceeded the ability of anyone to deal with the social consequences.

Economically, Albertans are finding times tougher than ever. Inflation and consumer prices in Calgary and Edmonton are rising exponentially. Basic needs like housing are becoming unaffordable as demand outstrips supply. Services by skilled tradespeople (mechanics, plumbers, etc.) are expensive and hard to find because so many skilled workers are working on tar sands projects. Access to health care is becoming more and more difficult. Even traffic is getting worse -- commute times are longer, accident rates are higher, and because most of the oil from the tar sands goes to the United States, even the price of gas is high.

People working in the tar sands are seeing “fat paycheques“, but there are enormous corresponding downsides: long hours, abusive situations, bad accommodation, remote locations, and a lack of job security are common complaints. Worker safety is another problem as drilling rigs and mine sites are some of the most dangerous work environments, and Alberta’s industrial accident rate increased by 17% between 2004 and 2006.

These are not the kind of details that neither Mr. Harper nor his confederates presents to Canadians, when he labels the Alberta Tar Sands as leadings Albertans to “prosperity“.

Many communities in Alberta feel they are being destroyed by the economic changes. Substance abuse, gambling and family violence has increased in towns near tar sands projects, and as thousands of workers are brought in by oil companies, towns in Northern Alberta face housing crunches and much higher costs. Homelessness in Edmonton increased by 19% in 2006 as there is not enough infrastructure or social services in Alberta to accommodate the increased population.

Fort McMurray Medical Examiner Dr. John O'Connor says he'd like some answers before more developments are approved. O'Connor says he is diagnosing unusually high numbers of immune system diseases affecting the thyroid and less serious ones such as rhumatoid arthritis and skin rashes.

He has also treated five people in the community who died recently from a rare, almost always fatal cancer that should occur once in every 100,000 people.

"With my increasing lack of ability to explain why I'm seeing such numbers, it worries me and it does call for a health study to be initiated as soon as possible," says O'Connor.

However the apparent non-biological artificial intelligences that have inspired the virtual reality fantasy of “prosperity” associated with the Tar Sands, are not interested in protecting the quality-of-life of Canadians, who are being callously destined to be exposed to a larger than the State of Florida size wasteland many thousands of times the size of the Love Canal.

Gnostic-inspired reflections

Click to Enlarge
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Gnostics suggest that humans must liberate themselves as a species, toward embracing a substantive reality that is inextricably associated with the custodianship of Earth’s biosphere. Gnostic correspondingly suggest that humanity must liberate themselves from the mutually reinforcing virtual reality conventions that are prevalent and from scenarios in society from organized religion, and from prisms of virtual reality inspired capitalist economic development. Gnostics warn that based upon their critical insights of these alien intelligences, that a failure to do so, would result in a prospective future in which humanity could eventually wake itself too late, from an operating substantive reality of complete enslavement and self-destruction under conquering manipulative aliens.

Gnostic insights therefore, suggests that the Alberta Tar Sands do not merely expose a conflict between “the goals of an environmental movement”, and the “necessary courses of action to maintain a prosperous economic future”. Rather, Gnostic insights suggest that the Alberta Tar Sands exposes a cosmological conflict between apparent alien mechanical consciousnesses -- that have taken over our Global Economic framework through the trickery of computer generated simulated reality -- and the awakening of the organic consciousness of humanity.

While humanity has been awakening to its vital cosmological and existential association with Earth’s biosphere, the apparent alien guided and greed-driven human spokespersons for artificial intelligences have continued to try to trick humanity into accepting the greater alleged importance of a virtual reality prism of “prosperity“.

The primary beneficiaries of the apparent virtual reality ruse of the Global Economy, seek to perpetuate the repression of human knowledge of alien consciousness, to deny humanity from being aware of a lower-dimensional consciousness that is hostile to human free will and sovereignty.

The elite beneficiaries that consort with Gnostic identified manipulative alien consciousness, seek to continue to use a generated “fantasy reality” that is generated by a matrix of alien-guided virtual reality inspired financial-centred decision-making.

Gnostics suggest that human elites who want to perpetuate their artificially contrived and perpetuated dominance based upon money as “Three Dimensional video game points“, rely on working for alien consciousnesses that in collusion with each other, seek to retard and deny a human spiritual awakening.

Gnostics identified organized religion as expressed through Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as a vector to introduce a virtual reality substitution of a critical spirituality of empathy, peace, and wisdom associated with a real cosmic God, with the promotion of an “impostor God”.

John Lash specifically refers to these Abrahamic organized religion as instigating a template in the human mind, that operates like a highly advanced piece of computer software. Under the spell of this template, humans have continued to disregard the psychosis of activities that threaten their survival as poignantly symbolized by the Alberta Tar Sands.

Gnostics suggest that humanity is being mis-directed into favouring the chasing of “fantasy wealth”, and sterile “fantasy lifestyles” in relation to the Global Economy, and also toward the goals of achieving in am after-life in a “fantasy heaven“.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper along with his confederates in the House of Commons, and Big Business interests (further backed by U.S. President George W. Bush) that present the Alberta Tar Sands as leading Canadians to a “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, is promoting an apparent “archon fantasy”.

John Lash in and his cited book, correspondingly explores the Gnostic appreciation of the extent to which humans are being motivated by these same nexus of leaders to accept conventions of “sin“, and “blind faith”, and to value dogma, under human elites acting as the agents of sophisticated artificial intelligences.

Christians like Prime Minister Stephen Harper and U.S. President George Bush supposedly follows a religion alleging that their “God” created the Earth, the Heavens and the Universe, that is the same consciousness that we are being led to believe thinks it is okay to now destroy this action of Creation, through the Tar Sands and other such initiatives?

But the Christian answer to reconcile these apparent incongruences is “blind faith”, that is designed to convince human followers of the “doctrine of the aliens” to put their “faith” in the same Gnostic represented worshipers of manipulative aliens, or risk not being saved by “God”, which is really according to the Gnostics, and artificial contrived creation of Demons.

The prevailing modern Global Economy has been apparent a creation of the mechanical consciousness that infected humanity through a social psychological virus, operating in a Three-Dimensional quasi-video simulation context in their mind, where humanity has replaced a fantasy of prosperity, with the reality of their impoverishment.

Capitalism is Not Democracy  

Recommended Books:
Capitalism is Not Democracy by Raymond Samuels II.


The Gnostics did not have video games a thousands of years ago, but were able to use their critical intellectual capabilities to appreciate the attempt by a sophisticated artificial intelligence to attempt to assimilate the human mind, into artificial simulations designed to control and exploit humanity.

The Gnostics referred to the attempt by lower-dimensional but technologically disciplined mechanical consciousness to get humanity into accepting the alleged prosperity of the Alberta Tar Sands, and other such quality-of-living threats, as an “alien intrusion”.

Humanity can re-affirm its own quality-of-survival by rejecting the virtual reality conventions of the prevailing Global Economy, while adopting a rejuvenating economic framework, which is inspired by our organic rather than alien mechanical consciousness of artificial intelligences.

Such a new organic-inspired Global Economy would reject the madness represented by such quality-of-survival destroying initiatives like the Alberta Tar Sands, in favour of, for example, the mass production of fully developed electric cars, wind energy, and all the other kinds of environmentally sensitized technologies. These are the kinds of higher-consciousness-guided technologies that the operating artificially guided intelligences have sought to repress outright, or have sought to convince us through manipulated virtual reality simulations that, as a “modern economy” we cannot possibly work toward maintaining continued “prosperity”.

The human minions of artificial intelligence use computer generated economic simulations of alleged job losses, and other such data, to fool humanity into accepting the dystopia of the need to pursue the Tar Sands project.

Quality of Living

Recommended Books:
Quality of Living by Horace Carby-Samuels.


The books entitled the Quality-of-Living and Human Development as the Outcome from Economic Progress: An Elaboration on Living, as Time-Use Management by Horace Carby-Samuels, and Quantuum Economics: Wage Slavery or the Quality of Life? Choices in the New Economy, also co-authored by retired Professor Carby-Samuels, provides an alternative context for the development of a ‘Real Economy‘, in contrast with the prevailing “Virtual Reality-inspired Economy” Such a ‘Real Economy’ would inherently integrate the collective quality-of-survival features of humanity, without prejudice. In such a ’Real Economy’, virtual reality scenarios that include former U.S. President Ronald Reagan’s popularized “trickle-down economics”, would be replaced by an economic decision-making context that would work toward eradicating domestic and global poverty, alongside the goal of unswerving protection of Earth’s biosphere as vital and axiomatic.

This is the kind of economy that is captured in the imagination of assassinated U.S. civic leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Robert F. Kennedy and also of a whole generation during the late 1960’s, which based upon insights presented by John Lash, artificial intelligences through apparent human operatives had the potential and motive to repress and thwart. It appears that the kinds of artificial intelligences identified by Gnostics have been responsible for undermining the course of human evolution into a higher consciousness represented in part, by Bobby Kennedy and Dr. King Jr., and that was done through a mis-direction to support for the kinds of leadership which produces destructive initiatives like the Alberta Tar Sands.

  Map of the infamous Love Canal

Map of the infamous Love Canal in Niagara Falls in the American State of New York

Love Canal had yet to become a household name in 1978, the year that Lois Gibbs, a twenty-seven-year-old homemaker, discovered that her son's elementary school had been built atop a 20,000-ton toxic-chemical dump in Niagara Falls, New York. Gathering her courage, she knocked on doors throughout her neighborhood, sharing information and concerns with other residents. After a two-year struggle, the Love Canal Homeowners Association Gibbs founded succeeded in persuading the federal government to relocate 833 families from the area, signaling the first major victory in a grassroots environmental movement that would launch the federal Superfund program for the cleanup of hazardous waste sites.

Lois Gibbs

Lois Gibbs.

Ms. Gibbs, is now the executive director of the Center for Health, Environment and Justice, an organization she founded in 1981.

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The Canadian is a non-for-profit National Newspaper with an international readership.