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Argentinean Police Officers make report on UFO

Edited by Guillermo D. Gimenez and Albert Rosales

Two police officers, Luis Bracamonte, and Osvaldo Orellano, were patrolling Near Irene, Buenos Aires on 7 December 2007, in their trucks near the Felipe Fernandez ranch. This is a rural area. At one point they stopped the truck while Orellano exited the vehicle and walked around the area while Bracamonte remained inside the vehicle re-charging his telephone card with his mobile phone.

While looking at his phone Mr. Bracamonte notices a small light at about 1:30 AM, which was approaching their location at fairly high speed. Suddenly the light became much larger and brighter, now resembling a large “grey truck”.

At the same time Mr. Bracamonte sees a small figure which at first he thought was a dog, but as he looked more carefully he realized it was a small humanoid figure about 80 cm in height, with a large head, large grey prominent eyes, and greenish in colour. He then tried to dial Mr. Orellano’s cell number, who was patrolling nearby, but all he could get in the receiver was static. He then sees three more humanoid beings exiting the large greyish luminous “vehicle”.

Two were similar to the first one he saw while the third was larger and more robust. At the same time he heard Mr. Orellano which was apparently watching the same spectacle, yelling in panic.

Immediately the four humanoids ran back into the object which took off and quickly disappeared towards the north, leaving behind a white glow which disappeared leaving behind a green glowing mist and strong sulphur like odour. As the craft left it emitted a thunder-clap type sound.

Two other police officers, Santiago Walter and Walter Carbajal who were patrolling that same night near the village of Nicolas Descalzi watched a large white light suddenly approach and engulf their vehicle. The engine stopped and their cell phones would not work. Looking up they then both saw a powerful white light which briefly hovered and then disappeared in a flash.

Around the same time several residents from the village of Oriente watched a strange glow in the sky in the direction of Irene. And a husband and wife traveling towards Marisol were approached by a white light from behind which also engulfed their vehicle.

About the writers:

Guillermo D. Gimenez documented this incident originally on, LINK

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