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British editor explores the UFO enigma

by Roy Hale


Research into UFOs, is carried out by a vast network of groups and organisations, which are spread quite evenly around the globe' and who are all aiming for the same goal. Exploring the elusive question that is the answer to just what it is that is being witnessed by thousands of people from each corner of the world, and under a multiple of different circumstances? Yes you’ve got it; I am of course referring to the UFO enigma.

Now please let me explain to you the reason I found myself part of the UFO puzzle. Some years back I had the occasion to view a very strange and large airborne object (UFO). It was a very big object which was red and orange coloured, it seemed to be approaching the ground from the sky very fast. And just in case you thought that I was looking at a meteorite, this object was the size of a house. For a further look at this sighting please go to my web site and read my article titled “Just a Coincidence “ LINK.

I was 12 at the time this event took place, and had anyone taught me about strange things that could have been seen in and around our skies, I am sure it may have prepared me to handle this event a bit better than I did.

I also am the editor of the online UFO magazine Down To Earth and have been researching UFOs for over ten years. I have in this time, been in contact with numerous groups, researcher’s, and of course the general public. And the common thread which still seems to underlie, the reporting of UFOs to researcher’s like myself by the public is the “ I don’t want to sound crazy, but I think I saw a spaceship “ mentality! And I of course, reassure those people who do take the time and effort to, phone, e-mail, or write to me concerning such events, that they are not crazy.

You see, I personally think that part of the problem from the public’s perspective is two fold: One, they see UFO researchers as a group of anoraks, who get together and look at the sky with blinkered religion waiting for ET to land. Or they (the public) are in fact taken in by the mainstream tabloid media description of the UFO subject and its inevitable attachments (i.e. Heavens Gate cult)

So how does the public become more aware and more understanding, of just what modern UFO research entails? I often find myself as a UFO researcher, reassuring people that they are not nuts, and that the world populous does in fact report these things (UFOs in many forms) again and again, year after year? For example, does the public know that, even more prevalent in research in to UFOs today, is the adding of Science to the investigation. Although science has been used in past cases, it is clearly being used more so today than it has ever been. And one must say that there have been some cases, which have been revalidated, and new answers given, this mostly from science based research. We must as UFO researchers get this message across to the world public. But of course science cannot answer everything. If this were the case, surely we would have no UFO puzzle today? Science is a tool which can be used for exploring the methods behind such amazing aerial displays, and hopefully find the answers to some of these cases, but the physics behind such more exotic UFOs (Mexico UFOs comes to mind) and their behaviour often show, can and is being theorised by many individuals across the globe, that we may have the possibility of other-worldly intelligences that we have no conception about actually visiting earth.

So where does this leave us all today regarding the ever-increasing reports of UFOs seen around the world? I can only speak for myself, as someone who has had many personal sightings and weird experiences within my years of UFO research. The UFO enigma is in an apparent huge puzzle, which over the last 40 or so years has still yet to be fully pieced together. Authors are still writing new books about the Roswell incident, indicating that the search for new evidence is for ever ongoing in such cases. But today we do have a sharper and refined professional take on the investigation of UFOs, and in this we can surely gain the answers we are seeking regarding the whole UFO enigma.

I would like to show my respect and appreciation to all those UFO researchers and investigators across the UK and the world, on committing their time and effort into unravelling and piecing together the huge UFO Enigma!

“Watch the Skies....“

Roy Hale is the Editor of the 'online' magazine Down To Earth

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