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Gnostics suggest that the world may be currently run by an alien artificial intelligence

by Peter Tremblay


In the article titled “Twilight of the Psychopaths”, Dr. Kevin Barrett remarked “Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives” LINK. The ancients Gnostic provide insight on Dr. Barrett’s learned insights. Dr. John Lash documents that the ancient Gnostics warned of an “artificial man”, that seeks copy and mimic reality, that also lacks a “divine soul“ or “nous“. This “artificial man” that in today’s modern era, humans might colloquially refer to as “cyborgs”, lacked a spiritual interconnectedness, which inspires empathy in humans. This "artificial man" was described as being guided by a cold mechanical consciousness, driven by ego, and the mathematical calculation scenarios of an artificial intelligence. As an artificial intelligence, these alien consciousnesses that were without a "divine soul" originating from a biological consciousness, lacked empathy.

Now, doesn't that sounds like the kind of consciousness that is guiding a globalizing milieu of de-humanization, that human beings witness on a day to day basis, walking, for example in our urban areas, or driving though similarly marginalized rural areas, that is also before us on TV? Haven't you wondered what kind of mind drives elites into an overall systematized pattern of cold and heartless decision-making amidst apparent bountiful financial resources to redress these problems?

In the streets of Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, and in other urban areas, homelessness is allowed to proliferate, while billions of dollars are siphoned off to spend on military armaments that could already destroy our planet Earth several times over. Sexism and racism also continues to grow, and seems to be the most prevalent in the upper echelons of both public and private sectors, under the cold calculated intelligence of sophisticated public relations smokescreens. Families and children continue to go hungry in Canada, and abroad, lining up in food banks, under leaders like Stephen Harper who speaks for elites that seek to commercially profit through the exploitation of the poor, and the generally disenfranchised.

Meanwhile this same government, and other Western allies seem to have plenty of money to perpetuate war irrespective of social and environmental costs, that have been documented to include the use of munitions with Depleted Uranium toxins.

The operation of this same apparent heartless but calculating mechanically-guided consciousness, is evident in the substantive operation of economic policies toward environmental destruction that includes Global Warming. This apparent mechanically-guided consciousness also appears to instigate barbarity, or allows it to be manifested through calculated negligence, in places like Africa, the Middle East, and against indigenous peoples.

We also see the same apparent operation of the mechanically guided consciousness cited by John Lash's documentation of the Gnostics, which coldly deceives humanity into support for aggressive wars for apparent conquest agendas against human biological entitles.

Privatized healthcare in the U.S. and diverse other parts of the world, which turns a blind eye to treating the sick who are without financial resources expresses the apparent eugenics agenda of an artificial intelligence, which seeks to manipulate and exploit humans as biological entities.

The whole modern Global Economy that is driven by "capitalism" seems to have been created in the cold and calculating image of artificial intelligences, which have created economic indices of success based upon virtual reality computer generated simulated scenarios.

The current Global Economy does not reflect the priorities of human beings as organic biological consciousnesses that rely on the affirmation of vital quality-of-living features associated with protecting the Earth's biosphere.

"Progress" as conceived by the prevailing dominating Western civilization appears to be an expression of an artificial intelligence guided entities.

Gnostic warnings as revealed by John Lash, suggest that it is vital for humanity to make itself aware of artificial intelligences, through a spiritual awakening which frees individuals from the oppressive social conditioning of organized religions.

Gnostics appear to suggest that if humanity pursues the status quo of ignorance of alien consciousnesses, that humanity through its own ignorance, risks being conquered by the Gnostic-identified predatory artificial intelligences among alien consciousnesses.

Quality of Living

Recommended Books:
Quality of Living by Horace Carby-Samuels.


Dr. Michael Salla's research that in many ways complements Dr. Lash's, also reveals that there are beings who look like humans, who live on Earth in pre-existing technologically advanced human civilizations, and those who live off-world, or in other time-space-thought continuums that continue to visit Earth. These alien but apparently human-being-like species include both apparent "benevolent" groups who Dr. Salla documents as operating as a "celestial peace corps", and apparent humans who have been witnessed by abductees as colluding with Manipulative alien groups.

Are you interested in exploring a context for public policy which is inspired by the vital organic consciousness of humanity, and not the cold calculated virtual reality context of computer-generated scenarios? If so, please consider checking out the books entitled Quality-of-Living and Human Development by Horace Carby-Samuels, and other socially conscious titles that are published by Agora Publishing Consortium. LINK .

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