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Chicago's Police investigate UFO incident

Compiled by Albert Rosales


Chicago authorities were documented as being expected resume their search for a Chicago Heights woman who reportedly disappeared while jogging late in the evening in a forest preserve. This is an alleged UFO abduction case. A 39-year old woman was on a three and a half mile run through the forest preserve on 26th and Euclid Avenue near Chicago Heights in the evening when she disappeared on 28 October 2007.

Police spent all day Monday searching the forest preserve for clues into the UFO abduction disappearance. Around 7:00 PM that evening the mother of three called her sister and a friend on her cell phone before her run. Her last words were, “Hello please call me back, I had seen something, this is very important! Please hurry up! This is urgent!

The last call was placed to her best friend.

Her friend said, “She never just left. Her kids are worried. She has three kids. She has a 5-year old, an 18-year old and a 14-year old. We just want her back”, said her friend. Police say they have traced the signal from that cell phone to somewhere in the forest preserve.

Also, around 7:00 PM a few unidentified callers called into the Chicago Heights police station reported a strange craft hovering over the forest preserve. They said the object was making a loud whizzing sound and had numerous multicoloured lights and it was dome-shaped. About 8:00 PM another relative tried to call her but couldn’t reach her. Two hours later family members found her late model sport utility vehicle in a parking lot.

About the writer:

Albert Rosales

Mr. Rosales is a veteran researcher on UFOs and Extraterrestrials. He can be contacted using email, LINK
Albert Rosales coordinates LINK

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