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U.S. Air Force Drops Flares to Quell UFO Reports?

by Ed Komarek


I had intended to circulate a press release to local newspapers in the South Georgia area where UFO/ET sightings are taking place so they can be alerted to the unfolding of these events and be prepared for the inevitable government lying and debunking of the subject. I expect plenty of people over the years have sighted extraterrestrial craft in this area but have been keeping the knowledge to themselves for fear of ridicule. This article is a follow up on a previous article. See: LINK

Events such as these in conjunction with interest from local media should flush out many past collateral Extraterrestrial (ET) sightings. I believe that this is what the Air Force fears and is the reason for the flare drops. I predict that the flare drops will be used support a cover story to confuse the mainstream media and the public at large. I have heard of one small flare drop on the night of the eclipse of the moon but nothing as on this scale.

I would like to report that I have been told that there is much more going on at Moody Air Force base than is public knowledge and much of the activity could deal with extraterrestrial realities. This could be promising territory for some interested reporter or ET investigator. I was told that at a local public meeting somebody from the base confirmed that there was a crash retrieval unit and program at the base. Of course nothing was said about retrieving anything other than conventional aircraft.

I would also like to report that a well know sceptical friend of mine in Panacea Florida had a UFO sighting week ago over Dickerson Bay, another local unreported hotbed of UFO activity for the past 30 years. Things do seem to be heating up locally. Last year I along with J.R. and S.B. watched three UFOs south of Fiddlers Point and east of Mashes Sands out over the ocean. Maybe the Air Force from Pensacola Florida ought to scramble a few jets and put out a few flares over Dickerson Bay as another pre-emptive measure while they are at it.

A contactee friend reports that a relative she talks to regularly by phone had a UFO sighting at 9:30 in the evening her time in Sands Springs Okalahoma about 20 miles west of Tulsa on 2/28/08. It was a row of 4 lights, blue, red, and orange. Then several jets showed up. Then at 1:00 pm 2/29/08 this relative saw a white orb the size of a basket ball pass by her window. When she was on the phone to my contactee friend voices came on and somebody said, “We are watching you.” My contactee friend heard the last word “you”. The sighting in the evening would be about one hour before jets began dropping flares around my contactee friend’s home near Moultrie Georgia.

In my opinion I believe the U.S. Air Force has made a serious tactical error in judgment in attempting to preempt and suppress UFO sightings just east of Moultrie Georgia. I think they may have just thrown gasoline on the fire and placed themselves in a catch 22. They either have to deny the bombing of civilians and their homes and businesses with flares or admit to this act. Its going to be difficult to deny because of the obvious nature of the bombing and witnesses involved. Regardless of the UFO/ET element this dropping of flares on civilians is a serious matter and could become regional and national news.

Hopefully by the time readers read this. there will be a thread up on the Open Minds Forum for UFO investigators, witnesses, reporters, citizens and government employees to share information in real time on this rapidly developing grass roots citizen initiated UFO/ET disclosure event. LINK

About the writer:

Ed Komarek is a veteran Exopolitics commentator and researcher of UFOs and Extraterrestrial contact with Earthbound humanity. LINK

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