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American author explores crossdressers and transsexuals in Get Dressed!

by Brianna Austin

  Get Dresseed! book

Get Dresseed! book.

Crossdressers and Tranassexuals, although both under the transgender umbrella, are really very different things, which Gina Lance talks about in her new book entitled: Get Dressed!

Gina Lance, the Editor In Chief of, may be the most well known cross-dresser on the planet. After producing and co-hosting TV-TV for Century Cable in 1997, Gina went on to publish Hollywood TVs, a retro pin up girl calendar, and then in 1999 founded Girl Talk Magazine which became the Vogue of trans publications in ten countries.

In the last decade, Gina has been featured on MSNBC’s documentary “The Secret Closet,” ABC’s “Philly After Midnight,” MTV, Showtime, HBO, E Channel, FOX and NBC’s “To Tell The Truth,” along with hundreds of radio interviews from London to New Zealand and across North America discussing what it means to be a crossdresser. She has been keynote speaker at TG conventions such as Atlanta’s ‘Southern Comfort Conference, Arizona’s ‘Puttin’ On The Glitz’ and Arkansas’s ‘Eureka En Femme Getaway’ and also participated in the West Hollywood, California “Transgender’s in the Media” televised town hall event.

I first met Gina in 2001 when I became the New York columnist for Girl Talk Magazine and she and I hit it off right away. She was funny, honest, sincere and a true friend. Always candid and direct, she is -- and has been -- a positive voice in the crossdressing community. Gina doesn’t make excuses or apologize for who she is; she embraces it, and by doing so inspires others. But she wasn’t born that way. Like many trans people it took years, decades even, to come to grips with being transgender. In her new book Get Dressed! Gina provides insight to how she developed her positive view on cross-dressing, offers commentary on life in general and cross-dressing in particular.

This weekend we sat down and had a chat about her book

BRIANNA: So, what inspired you to write a book?

GINA LANCE: I first thought about writing it a few years back when I realized through the editorials I offered in GIRL TALK magazine that I was actually helping a great many people. I had never done anything in my life before where people actually walked up to me and said “You saved my life” or “You helped me explain crossdressing to my wife or S.O.” I was initially startled! I hadn’t realized at that point the power of my own keyboard and I was taken aback. I decided that from then on when I was doing television, radio and print interviews that I would do my best to show us all in a good light and try to change perceptions through example when I could.

BRIANNA: Well, let me be the first to congratulate you on completing it, which in of itself is an achievement.

GINA LANCE: Well thanks! It took a bit of time to get it together, but I’m really happy with the end result. I’ve been told it’s a good read and that certain people/groups will hate me for telling the truth and exposing them as bozos!

BRIANNA: You’ll have to elaborate on that!

GINA LANCE: I’m proud of who I am and I think every transgendered person should be proud of themselves too. Some in our community, and others in the mainstream, I believe show us in a bad or stupid light, and I wanted to counteract that, so I don’t hold back and I unload both barrels on them.

BRIANNA: So is this the start of the tranny wars?

GINA LANCE: [laughs], I wouldn’t go that far, but I’m sure that there will be some that are not going to be pleased with what I have to say.

BRIANNA: So what can one expect to find in GET DRESSED!?

GINA LANCE: Get Dressed! has some of my life story, what I’ve learned and how it can help other crossdressers. I made many mistakes breaking out of the TG closet and if I can help anyone else avoid those same mistakes, then I’m doing a good job. Many transgendered people are afraid to let most of the world know they are transgendered, and that’s fine. But there are others that are out of the TG closet and talking to the press, and I have my opinions about that. Part of my goal is that people in general need to know what we’re about.

BRIANNA: Did writing the book bring back any funny moments that you had forgotten?

GINA LANCE: Meeting you! Seriously, yes, there were incidents that I revisited when I was writing the book. I find it humorous that we all think we pass so well. One of the first times I was out dressed I was at the Southern Comfort Conference and I had to go to a grocery store to pick up a few items for Jin Bridges. I thought I was totally passable until I stepped out of the car. It was a wake up call because I was clocked by virtually every man, woman and child.

When I did the Roseanne Barr show I shared lunch with her. The guest before me made sandwiches with his feet, but I figured if she was going to eat one on national TV, so would I, and as it turned out, the sandwich was less disgusting than she was. Seriously though, eating the sandwich was easier than answering her insane questions.

BRIANNA: What was your favourite interview?

GINA LANCE: My favourite time being interviewed was when I subbed for a guest on a conservative radio talk show. How they found me, I'll never know. They contacted me on short notice (about 5 minutes) and it was early evening and I had just had two martinis and I remember telling some irate caller that my personal hero was J. Edgar Hoover. There was stunned silence on the show.

The funniest interview I conducted was with actress Sally Kirkland -- who did the whole interview lounging on her bed, eating shredded cheese, which continuously dropped on her ample bosom where her dog proceeded to nibble it off. And people wonder why I think life in general is hilarious

BRIANNA: Do you have any general advice for being a crossdresser?

GINA LANCE: Sure, just smile and be positive.

BRIANNA: When does Get Dressed! come out? And where can readers get a copy?

GINA LANCE: It ships Mid March this year. And I’ve learned through years of publishing that most TG’s would rather order online for books or products, and not try purchase something at say Border’s Books, so you can buy Get Dressed! right here. Orders are being taken right now and shipping as it comes off the press. It will also be available in the future at several other TG online websites.

For more information about Gina’s new book, check out LINK

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