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Practitioners of the Eugenics super-religion, are the instigators for much of the world’s problems from Middle East wars, to genocide, to environmental destruction

by Iain Mackenzie

  Melting Iceberg

Have you ever contemplated why there appears to be a substantive lack of political will to redress worsening global problems in general? Perhaps you might have also thought of the origins of very specific tragedies in the world. Why, for example, did United Nations agencies, various national governments, and large private organizations turn their back of the mass human suffering of the Rwandan genocide?

Why is history being allowed to repeat itself in Darfur, Sudan, and in diverse parts of Africa where rape has become a specifically organized part of contrived tribal warfare in Africa?

What is the Iraq War all about anyway? If the target is in fact, terrorists, why are supposedly freedom-fighting U.S. backed militaries using Depleted Uranium dirty bombs? These documented “dirty bombs” have caused hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and tens of thousands of U.S. military personnel to die from cancer and other medical complications. Over one million innocent Iraqi civilians have already died as a result of a U.S. military elite endorsed assault.

Why is poverty globally, and in specific cities from Victoria, Regina, Vancouver and Toronto in Canada, to places in other countries like in St. Louis, Washington D.C., Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Los Angeles in the U.S., to many other cities like London in the United Kingdom, to Soweto in South Africa, now worsening as elites seem to get more and more commercially prosperous?

Why is the vital natural heritage of our planet Earth being apparently wilfully destroyed, and in the process, ruining the quality of living of billions of people on Earth?

It is apparent that Eugenics is the common thread of premeditated instigation and wilful negligence that is associated with much of Earth’s current problems.

Practitioners and promoters of the Eugenics “super religion”, believe that society advances in a social Darwinian context of the “survival of the fittest”, and they also view war, as “necessary”. In the view of the Eugenics religious doctrine, war kills weak races, and ensures that the remaining scare resources are left for the racially stronger “victors“.

Eugenics practitioners believe in the inherent superiority of groups that resemble the “Aryan” gods, and in the relative inferiority of other groups. Adolf Hitler, an apparent contactee of documented Manipulative Extraterrestrials with white skin complexions and blond hair, had sought to make Earth a sacrifice to the “Aryan gods” that he sought to worship

Rwanda’s genocide, in the view of Eugenics practitioners, for example, was the expression of the will of Aryan gods against “inferior races. Also, in the view of Eugenics practitioners, helping the poor though social programmes and public healthcare results in a weaker races from the “breeding” of “inferiors, who are improperly using up “scarce resources” that would be better used by “racially” superior groups.

Also, in the view of the Eugenics religious doctrine, for example, it is “good” if Global Warming and pollution cause the death of races who are “shown to be” “inferior“, if they are less able to survive “Climate Change”.

Much of right wing ideology is Eugenics in disguise. Many so-called “left wing” people organizations, operate as “fronts” for Eugenic agent provacteurs.

The so-called “left” leaning political parties in Canada like the Liberals, the New Democrats (NDP), and the Bloc Quebecois appear to have been taken over by Eugenics practitioners that have sought to consort with the Eugenic-inspired elites of the Conservative Party of Canada. The collusive support for perpetuating Canada’s role in the unethical continued military Occupation of Afghanistan, and support for the development of the similarly eugenic inspired Security and Prosperity Partnership North American Union (SPP-NAU) agenda, has been inspired by Eugenics supporters.

Links of Canada’s presiding political party elites with Eugenics-inspired Foundations, think tanks, and other such organizations, are apparent and verifiable.

The U.S. Presidential race of 2008 was very much dominated by Eugenics practitioners who have sought to conceal the SPP-NAU agenda.

Indeed the idea of “right” and “left” wing, is an elite trick to further divide humanity from uniting to defend human decency against the Eugenics agenda of elites.

Eugenics can be appreciated as a very ancient “super-religion” that has been practiced in oppressive and exploitative Empires that have ruled in various places on Earth.

What is the apparent origins of Eugenics on Earth?

The learned research of John Lash on the Gnostics suggest that Eugenics is in fact an “alien religion” brought to Earth by Manipulative Extraterrestrials, that have been seeking to disseminate their “anti-spirituality” through organized religions. These organized religions apparently include Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Dr. Lash referred to the context of a “super religion” as “the doctrine of the aliens”.

Herein’s an apparent specific example of the apparent Eugenics-inspired subtext that is consistent with John’s Lash representation of the “doctrine of the aliens”:

“...For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundantly: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath. And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.” -- Matthew 25:14-30. (Bible)

Arguably a meta message of this Parable is that people who are poor and people who are “rich” represent an expression of “God’s” will. The supplementary message is arguably that people who are “rich” have been “given abundance” by a decree from God, and those who are poor, are poor as a decree from God.

This is exactly the apparent Eugenics-inspired mentality associated a lack of political will to redress fundamental social injustice and related human suffering.

Dr Michael Salla’s research documents, Earthbound elites having been infatuated by greed and power, as also developing what Dr. Salla refers to as an “Extraterrestrial-Military- Industrial” complex, that has derailed the fruition of humanity’s destiny as an empathetic custodian of our planet Earth, so that it now descends into callousness and violence toward each other.

Gnostics present the Bible as having been substantively written by Eugenics-inspired Manipulative Extraterrestrials, and as being fashioned in the image of these Manipulative Extraterrestrials. The presentation of sexuality as a sin, for example, is a Eugenics inspired notion. Sexuality is viewed in a Eugenics context, as supporting an atmosphere or irreverence and rebellion that Eugenics practitioners seek to repress. Indeed, researchers have suggested that HIV-AIDS is a biological warfare agent, that is a creation of collaboration among Eugenics practitioners, motivated by their desire for “depopulation” and for the demonization of liberated sexuality which functions as a basis of social rebellion.

Indeed, the very interests that have turned their back on genocide in Africa, and other quality-of-living issues, are also indicating that they have “no resources” to help many millions of people who are being allowed to perish from HIV-AIDS, while these governments have trillions of dollars to spend on spreading the destructiveness of the military-industrial complex.

Eugenics is the apparent “super religion” of the world’s elite, who are operating behind religious facades which include Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and also Buddhism and Hinduism.

John Lash’s research suggests that the masses have been duped into worshipping exploitative and oppressive Manipulative Extraterrestrial “Gods“, that have used Eugenics to spread seeds of destruction against Earthbound humanity, and that are promoting a “divide and conquer” agenda. This is the same “divide and conquer” agenda that has been a persistent theme in undermining the ability thus far of humanity to resist the operations of the apparent aspiring alien conquerors.

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