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Manipulative Extraterrestrials may have genetically engineered racial groups to inspire a Eugenic social control agenda against humanity

by Réjean Lafleur

  Zeus and Hera

Zeus and Hera were European gods associated with empire.

Humanity has long appreciated its origins as a sentient species, as being in Africa. However, the "mainstream" scientific community has been far less successful in spreading a critical appreciation of the origins of racially diverse groups in Africa. People with black skinned pigmentation have been acknowledged through DNA as being directly traced to the official scientific accounts of the first homo sapiens sapiens in Africa. In a sense, therefore, all humans are of more or less recent African ancestry.

But, what historically accounts, for example, for the origin of "white" or Caucasian peoples. Simply less sun in Europe? Would that therefore mean that the sun also can account for the apparent differentiated genetic mutations in skin pigmentations among South Asian, "Oriental", Middle Eastern, and aboriginal peoples from Australia to the Americas?

Why is it, that the various "gods" of diverse peoples seem to appear to them in the image of their own race. The Hindu gods, for example, all seem to look 'Indian'. The Buddha that prevails in China appears to be "oriental". The Christians revere a white Jesus, and other white skinned religious emissaries. In the view of the Islamic peoples of the Middle East, God is Muslim. The Jewish people, who also consider themselves to be a "race", also revere the Jewish emissaries of a Jewish-inspired God -- indeed, black Jews from ancient Ethiopian sects, for example, have been marginalized by the religious icons presented by "mainstream" rabbinical teachings.

Ram is a Hindu god

Ram is a Hindu god.

At the same time, the elites of world's various organized religions tend to be totally hostile to the critical reporting of eyewitness accounts about Extraterrestrials; or they try to explain away such sightings within the dissembling or manipulative context of religious doctrines. It is apparent that elites of organized religions may be seeking to keep their "followers" in ignorance in order to undermine the spiritual liberation of humanity. John Lash's insights on the "doctrine of the aliens" suggest that Manipulative Extraterrestrials sought to inspire organized religions on Earth, as a method of "divide and rule" as well as of social control. Dr. Lash represents organized religion, as therefore becoming a basis to keep humanity pre-occupied by maintaining affinity to religious cleavages to de-liberate humanity from its inter-connected spirituality toward each other.

If this is the case, it is plausible that the same "gods" or "religious emissaries of Gods" that appeared as whites, Indians, Muslims, Jews, Chinese, or other such racial groups may be the Eugenic-inspired Manipulative Extraterrestrials that are responsible for racial genetic mutations.

Adolf Hilter, for example, documented that Manipulative Extraterrestrials, that appeared to him as a tall race of "cruel" blond-haired white Human-looking Extraterrestrials, as inspiring his execution of genocidal wars against "inferiors". It is well documented that these apparently self-professed "Aryan gods", inspired a genocidal quest that was supported by Christian elites inclusive of the Roman Papacy itself in Fascist Italy.

If Manipulative Extraterrestrials verifiably inspired the Nazi quest for world domination; then how many other wars on Earth might have they sought to inspire, and perpetuate? Could other human atrocities like the white Christian missionary agenda against "red skinned" aboriginal peoples in the Americas, and the original black-pigmented peoples of Africa in relation to slavery, been inspired by the racist messianism of the same alien interests?


Jesus as presented as a white-skinned 'Son of God' in Christianity.

In May 1999, Tom Slemen documents in his short essay "Was Jesus an Extraterrestrial", the following:

Israeli historians researching ancient copies of the Apocrypha told the newspaper National Midnight Star< that one translation of the Virgin Mary's conception after a visitation from God described a chilling tale which sounded very similar to the accounts of people who had undergone gynaecological examinations in UFO abduction experiences. When reporters pressed the codex researchers to comment further on their intriguing claims, the historians were evidently advised by the religious authorities to withhold further interpretations of the timeworn texts. LINK

Indeed, it appears that the humanity as a whole is not being critically informed of everything that religious elites know about Extraterrestrials, and specifically, about the genetic intrusions of Extraterrestrials.

Egyption gods

Egyption gods with an Egyptian-like skin pigmentation.

If certain Extraterrestrials were not having invasive contact with humanity, through genetic manipulations, there would not be a need make such reported directives to codex researchers. According to U.S. scholar Dr. Michael Salla, in his Exopolitics Journal articles titled "Exposing Galactic COINTELPRO" there has been an organized and well-funded effort to deny historical and apparent on-going contact with Earthbound humanity. LINK

Why spend possibly many millions or billions of dollars to deny something that supposedly does not exist? Isn't it true that logically, money would be spent to conceal "outsider" group(s) about something that does actually exist, rather than to deny something that does not exist anyway? That is the nature of the spreading of disinformation in the context of a concealment agenda.

According to the researchers of UFO phenomenon associated with the website, Manipulative Extraterrestrials have used "holograms, and projections for mystical figures that appear to give divine guidance," as well as using "bio-drones, and droids" in an agenda to "replace Earth's leaders" toward "social and economic control. LINK

Such an alleged context, would be consistent with the context of the prevailing reckless direction of social injustice and environmental destruction that seems to often totally ignore human suffering (beyond self-serving expedience) and the overall plight of our planet Earth.

  Maitreya Buddha

Maitreya Buddha.

This representation is also consistent with John Lash's documentation of ancient Gnostic accounts regarding technologically sophisticated but lower-dimensional artificial intelligences that lacked the creative intelligence of human beings, but that could simulate reality through the use of cloning technology. Gnostics sought to warn humanity concerning an "alien intrusion", that modern scholars like Dr. Salla, have documented.

Gnostics were able to detect this apparent alien intrusion against human free will, in the first place, by reaching a higher consciousness of empathy, peace, and wisdom, in relation to cosmic reality.

Manipulative Extraterrestrials apparently seek to deny this context of prevailing liberated spiritual awareness, by limiting the human consciousness within the context of debilitating religious dogma, that seeks to enforce racial cleavages.

The efforts of humanity to develop an empowering egalitarian, multi-racial, and multi-cultural milieu of Human Development, may have been subjected to sabotage by apparent on-going Manipulative Extraterrestrial intrusion. Such sabotage may be using organized religion, and spawned materialistic political and economic cliques that enforce oppression, and institutionalized racism.

The apparent messages of what John Lash represents as Extraterrestrial "impostor gods" or "impostor God" though religion, transmitted though possibly Eugenic socially engineered racial cleavages, may very well be continuing to plant seeds for perpetuated wars.

In order for humanity to re-take control of its own inherent free will and destiny as a sentient species, and as a socially responsible custodian, rather than an agent of destruction of our planet Earth, we may need to overcome a Eugenic-inspired Manipulative Extraterrestrial enforced context. Scholarly representation suggests that, whether or not Manipulative Extraterrestrial are actually responsible for genetically engineering racial cleavages, at least, it is apparent that Manipulative Extraterrestrials have sought to exploit racial cleavages through the spread of religious dogma, and racist ideology.

Recommended further reading:

Mantra Meditation Reveals a Hidden Agenda: Are the Gods Alive and Well and Working Towards the 'New World Order' LINK

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