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Stéphane Dion Liberals seeks to corruptly prop-up the minority Conservative government while Canada is being assimilated into the United States

by Yvette Lafleur

  Stéphane Dion

Liberal Leader Stéphane Dion.

Multinational Big Business interests linked to the U.S. political-military-industrial complex, are now coordinating the elites of the Conservative and Liberal Parties, as "One Big Party". This is being done through the prism of the Security and Prosperity and Partnership North American Union (SPP-NAU) agenda. This SPP-NAU agenda, was orchestrated directly and in violation of Canadian sovereignty, through the Office of U.S. President George W. Bush, as corroborated by the official website.

Stéphane Dion and Stephen Harper are effectively functioning as leaders of the same political party, under the cover of apparent faked displays of "disagreements" in front of colluding affiliate corporate media organizations. These public displays, are designed to lull rank and file party members, and dupe Canadians into believing otherwise. This strategy includes the defamation claim media spectacle about Chuck Cadman that was launched by Stephen Harper against Stéphane Dion. Learned legal experts agree that this litigation claim will never see the light of day in a Canadian courtroom.

Glenn McGregor in the Ottawa Citizen reported on 27 March 2008, in the front page article "Absent Liberals under fire for giving Tories de facto majority", documents that "Liberal MPs are casting votes in Parliament at a rate lower than the turn out of Canadian voters who made it to the ballot box, in the last federal election."

"By choosing to sit out confidence motions that could topple the minority government, Liberal MPs on average participated in only 64 per cent of recorded votes in the House this parliamentary session." That is, "just below the 64.7 per cent of eligible voters who cast valid ballots in 2006 general election, an Ottawa Citizen analysis shows.

When they do show up for votes, Liberals consistently voted in line with the Stephen Harper government. This includes Official opposition support for extending the Canadian mission in Afghanistan, effectively merging the Canadian and U.S. militaries through the Civil Assistance Plan; crime bill provisions, and the settlement of investment disputes. LINK

It is apparent the Stéphane Dion Liberals, have been corruptly acting on behalf of the transnational elites who prevail over SPP-NAU agenda, inclusive of the so-called "Civil Assistance Plan". The Dion Liberals do not seek to act as a responsible Canadian Opposition Party that seeks to represent either the majority of Liberal Party members, or Canadians, who are commensurately dismayed and alienated by the Stephen Harper government.

It is apparent that transnational elites who prevail over SPP-NAU agenda, who Liberal Party elites have sold their souls to, do not want a federal election triggered by a Parliamentary 'No Confidence' Motion against Canada's mission in Afghanistan, or by any other Harper agenda, that would likely result in Canadians tacitly rejecting the SPP-NAU agenda.

It is further apparent that Stéphane Dion's job, is to prop up his SPP-NAU associate Stephen Harper, while SPP-NAU elites continue to assimilate Canada under the terms of a "Bi-National Panel" documented by the Centre for Research on Globalization. But, don't expect CTV, CanWest Global, TVOntario, Radio Canada, the Toronto Star, the Globe and Mail, or other Canadian corporate media organizations to shed light on this destructive agenda. Indeed, the greed-driven and fascist SPP-NAU agenda, is also supported by the elite owners of Canada's media organizations.

Stéphane Dion's role, as an assimilated crypto-Conservative, is illuminated prophetically in the CBC mini-series Trojan Horse, that presents Canadian political elites in Parliamentary, as voting to support Canada joining the United States.

Paul Gross, in Trojan Horse plays the character Tom McLaughlin, an almost "anti-Stéphane Dion like" politician ,who as a former Prime Minister, refuses to lose his country without a fight.

The SPP-NAU is by far, the biggest and most uncovered political scandal in Canadian history. It involves the apparent execution of high treason against Her Majesty the Queen of Canada, as defined by the Canadian Criminal Code. Indeed, the SPP-NAU Affair, makes former Prime Minister Jean Chrétien Sponsorship Scandal, look like a very trivial matter.

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