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CBC-TV's mini-series Trojan Horse is a very clever warning to Canadians about the North American Union agenda

by Antoine Bertrand

  Canadian Actor Paul Gross

Canadian Actor Paul Gross plays Tom McLaughlin, H20.

Peter Mansbridge as well as other CBC anchors, cannot provide investigative coverage about an on-going apparent conspiracy among Canada's political elites to surrender Canada to the United States. CBC-TV does not have the journalistic freedom to provide the kind of coverage which they were able to provide leading up to the 1988 "Free Trade" election. CBC-TV executives, as political appointees of the Prime Minister of Canada, would risk being fired. So, instead, CBC-TV producers appear to have creatively portrayed the current real conspiracy of North American Union, using a mini-series narrative. The mini-series Trojan Horse debuted on CBC-TV at 8:00 PM EST on Sunday, 30 March 2008.

The setting of the mini-series is the aftermath of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), as leading to the sale of Canadian water to the United States without any public consultation. This is a real agenda of the current Stephen Harper government, and which has been greeted with protests by the Council of Canadians and many other groups. The Prime Minister of Canada portrayed in Trojan Horse, then calls for assistance of U.S. troops to help quell ensuing civil unrest.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Current Prime Minister Stephen Harper is in fact pursuing a North American Union agenda, toward the destruction of Canada.

The real-life "Civil Assistance Plan" under the Security Prosperity and Partnership North American Union (SPP-NAU), was further consolidated in February 2008, to give the authority of the U.S. military cross the border, to similarly occupy Canadian cities.

The result of this occupation in the Trojan Horse, was further assimilation which led to a national referendum supported by 51% of Canadians to fully endorse the take-over of Canada by the United States. Trojan Horse then shows Canadian flags on government buildings, including the Maple Leaf on the Peace Tower, being systematically replaced by the American flag. This is exactly what has been scheduled to actually occur in Canada no later than 2010, further to a pro North American Union book co-authored by former Liberal Deputy Prime Minister John Manley.

Trojan Horse depicts a political thriller where America's ruling elite seek to assert global dominance through the conquest of global oil reserves.

China is shown as an aspiring Superpower that lacks strategic resources like oil, that America's ruling elites sought to control by taking of Canada, and Middle East reserves, toward coercing the "Yellow Menace".

The take-over of Canada, along with its Tar Sands in Alberta, in Trojan Horse, became a launching pad to contrive a reason to launch a military strike against Saudi Arabia, that was thwarted by former Prime Minister Tom McLaughlin, played by Paul Gross, that sought to enact revenge against his former involvement in the U.S. take-over of Canada.


Former Prime Minister Paul Martin (left) seems to now be ashamed of his sell out to U.S. President George W. Bush (right).

The regret shown by the character Tom McLaughlin, bears a striking resemblance to former Prime Minister Paul Martin, who seems to be now so ashamed at signing the SPP-NAU agenda in 2005 at Waco, Texas, that he has kept away from taking his seat in the House of Commons, that he still formally holds for his Montreal riding. The military ambitions of the character who plays the belligerent U.S. President in Trojan Horse, also bears a striking resemblance to investigative journalist Seymour Hersh's warnings about U.S. President George W. Bush's military expansionist intrigues, and ambitions against Iran.

The destruction of Canada depicted in Trojan Horse, was shown to lead to an inherently more dangerous world of growing political intrigue, desires for retribution, violence, and a context for perpetuated war.

Any Canadian who seeks to appreciate what is at stake in the current North American Union conspiracy, may wish to educate him/herself by taking time to watch the unfolding Trojan Horse prophetic political thriller.

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