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Canadian reporters on North American Union agenda show less integrity than the typical prostitute

by Peter Tremblay

  Lou Dobbs

CNN's Harvard University educated Lou Dobbs has sought to spread vital awareness to Americans concerning the anti-democratic and neo-fascistic North American Union (NAU) agenda. In comparison, Canadian TV anchors, and reporters in general, have participated in an apparent "conspiracy of silence" on the U.S. Bush administration's initiative to pursue to take-over of Canada.

In the United States, Americans at least have veteran journalists like Harvard-educated Lou Dobbs from CNN, and Jerome Corsi, who have sought to warn Americans about the Security and Prosperity Partnership North American Union (SPP-NAU) agenda. In Canada, we in contrast, have on the subject of SPP specifically, and the "North American Union", "hear no evil, see no evil, and speak no evil". That includes Mike Duffy, and Lloyd Robertson of CTVGlobeMedia, Peter Mansbridge of CBC; Gord Martineau and Anne Mroczkowski of Citytv/Rogers, and CanWest Global's Kevin Newman, along with the National Post; and Macleans. We also should, of course, not forget to mention, TVOntario's Steve Paikin, who appears to be one of Prime Minister Steven Harper's greatest fans within the Canadian mass media. In the early 1970's, Canadians could count on their mass media organizations, inclusive of mass media organization like the Toronto Star, to defend the honour and integrity of Canada, as a great nation. The Toronto Star, notably, under Great Canadians like Walter Gordon, Peter C. Newman and Beland Honderich, had been on the frontline in alerting Canadians to the threat of Americanization assimilation agenda.

In Canada, the frontline of the late 1960's, and 1970's, into the late 1980's, has been replaced by reporters and their supervisors, who wilfully trade in the honour and integrity of their profession, for a "mess or pottage". Rest assured, any Canadian reporter, and so-called "television personality" who knows of the NAU agenda, and then elects not to do the right thing, and inform their fellow Canadians, is a traitor to their country, and a self-serving mercenary, who has also sold their soul, and their profession out.

Prostitution, is a profession tends to be regarded in Canadian society, as being associated with "shadiness". However, the typical prostitute or escort, seeks to conduct himself or herself in an open manner with their clients, in relationship to their professional occupation.

Walter Gordon

The Hon. Walter Gordon in the 1970's had helped to inspire the Toronto Star becoming a passionate editorial champion of Canadian sovereignty against the threat of corporate Americanization. Since the 1990's it is apparent that the reporters and editors of the Toronto Star, and other Canadian daily newspapers, are ignoring or marginalizing vital issues vital issues which theaten the social fabric of Canadian society, with notable reference to the North American Union (NAU) agenda.

The relationship of Canadian reporters to the corporate pimps who now preside over much of Canada's media organizations, is apparently to prostitute themselves, in a agenda of mass-deception. Canada's reporters, seek to spread a message to Canadians, that Canada is "doing fine" by and large, and that there is "nothing to be alarmed about", aside from alleged "terrorists".

Canadians must wake up to a critical awareness about the wilful participation of their reporters in a strategy of mass-deception. The alternative to that of waking up, is to face the destruction and selling-out of our national destiny. This destruction includes the remainder of our social programs including universal public healthcare, and their very human free will in general, to a U.S. President George W. Bush administration NAU agenda. That neo-fascistic agenda is against popular national sovereignty, social justice, freedoms and democracy.

The very so-called "War on Terrorism", (as revealed by the critical evidence of scholars like Dr. David Ray Griffin), is a ruse, created by a "Chateau Clique" of elites, who have apparently orchestrated the 9/11 tragedy, to inspire people to give-up their fundamental rights and freedoms.

The perpetration of war in the Middle East, has apparently been contrived not to defend "national security", but to perpetuate conditions of national insecurity. In turn, it is apparent that 9/11 architects, seek to use perpetuated conditions on national insecurity, to destroy Canada, as a role model of social justice and multicultural democracy, by means of the NAU agenda; and to do that to other nations, by assimilating them into a totalitarian-inspired New World Order.

Canadian reporters can be thanked, in part, for helping make that agenda all possible.

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