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Gnostics provide insight on alleged Manipulative Extraterrestrial "Trojan horses" operating against human free will

by Peter Tremblay

  John Lamb Lash (left) and Paul Hellyer

Dr. John Lamb Lash (left) illuminates ancient Gnostic insights on a Manipulative Extraterrestrial simulated reality agenda, against human free will. The Hon. Paul Hellyer (right), who is a former Canadian Minister of Defence, has championed the need for full discolsure by government agencies on UFOs.

As human beings, we may observe the widespread corruption of political institutions and large corporations. Those of us who are also environmentally conscious may be frustrated at the apparent unwillingness of these same political institutions, and large corporations, to redress the endangering of our planet Earth. Yes, many of us might have already resigned ourselves to the doom of our planet, in the hands of corrupt elites. Yet, many of us might still hold out hope that things can still change. But it may be critical for us as human beings, to expand our consciousness from the "reality tunnel" that these same elites have conditioned us to fully accept.

A fundamental part of the "reality tunnel" that these same corrupt elites have sought get humanity to accept is that, humanity is still in search of intelligent life outside of Earth in the universe. Accordingly, these same corrupt elites also claim with great fervour, that reports of Extraterrestrial visitation of Earth in the past and in the present, are utter nonsense spread by lunatics or misguided witnesses.

Ancient Gnostics, critically researched by Dr. John Lamb Lash, reinforce the representations of scholars like Michael Salla, researchers like David Icke, and contactees like Alex Collier. Dr. Salla, David Icke, Alex Collier, and numerous other testimony, suggests that Manipulative Extraterrestrials have indeed visited Earth, and that they pursue an alleged on-going agenda against human free will. A composite of the representation of these presenters, is that some Manipulative Extraterrestrials have the technological capabilities for periods of time to take human form. It is alleged that Manipulative Extraterrestrials in human form, seek to act as Trojan horses within human institutions, to mis-direct humanity into an agenda that serves the divide, rule and conquest ambitions of a clique of alien races.

Martian Pyramids

Richard Hoagland and his team of reseachers reveal Martian Pyramids with similar geometric configurations as Great Pyramids on Earth.

According to a composite of various presenters, with particular reference to Dr. Salla, David Icke, and Alex Collier, our planet Earth, along with human quality-of-survival is being destroyed by "alien enemies from within". Sounds crazy, doesn't it? Hopefully it is. But, have you ever seen an Extraterrestrial before? Do you know enough about Extraterrestrials, that you could definitely say that you might not have, for example, seen one on TV, or at the last function you attended, without knowing it? If you have already concluded that there is an Extraterrestrial cover-up, have you accepted the stereotype that aliens are all relatively short, have big heads, very big eyes, and small wiry bodies? If you have, you might have been indoctrinated into the tangent of a disinformation campaign that pivots from complete denial to creating caricatures for use in popular culture.

Dr. Lash’s research on the ancient Gnostics, provides critical insights into alleged human impostors. The Gnostics in identified Manipulative Extraterrestrials that exist as artificial-based intelligences. As artificial-based intelligences, these aliens possessed a highly sophisticated technological capability to mimic and replicate aspects of reality. Through simulated reality, these aliens according to the Gnostics, seek to create a “reality tunnel” that can be used to deceive and control humanity. The ability to mimic and replicate reality would include, the ability to copy and assume a human form, while not being human at all. However, Lash also documented that Gnostics could perceive these aliens in disguise. Gnostics identified these aliens because in spite of their impressive simulations of human form, these aliens lacked any soul. The Gnostics referred the soul as being associated with a divine intelligence of creativity, that is an integral part of the organic intelligence that is associated with our biosphere. Gnostics sought to warn humanity about Manipulative Extraterrestrials that use their technological capability to mimic reality, to pursue an ego-driven demonic agenda as lower-dimensional entities, against humanity.

Geometric configurations
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The meticulous geometric configurations of artefacts of an apparent Extraterrestrial Martian civilization identified by Richard Hoagland in Cydonia, are consistent with the demonic artificial-based intelligence described by John Lash in

You might have observed many activities taking place in the world today, that seem to be directed without any human soul, in relation to what many people might instead refer to as ‘human decency’. This includes the apparent senseless destruction of global ecosystems, and genocide. Why was the genocide in Rwanda seemingly allowed to take place despite the protests of critical observers like Canada Roméo Dallaire? Isn’t history repeating itself once more, in Darfur, Sudan?

Why do elites indicate that they have, for example, no money to fight child poverty, worsening homeless, and a profound health crises on aboriginal reservations, but claim to have billions of dollars to fight apparently senseless wars? What is the apparent cold calculating consciousness, that as human beings, we may have observed on TV newscasts, that reduces human casualties of wars from innocent civilians to soldiers as being, the “necessary 4price of freedom”. What is the apparent group along with apparent agents of that group, that seem to posses the power of mass persuasion, but betray themselves to be liars? Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa who indicates that he had been abducted by regressive aliens, further indicates that "500 tribes in parts of Africa which I’ve visited in the last 40 or 50 years" described the shape-shifting creatures presented by David Icke. LINK


They hide in deep cavities underground, because they are always feeling cold. In these cavities, we are told, there are huge fires which are kept going by slaves, human, zombie-like slaves. And, it is further said that these Zuswazi, these Imbulu, or whatever you choose to call them, are not capable of eating solid food. They either eat human blood, or they eat that power, the energy that is generated when human beings, on the surface of the Earth, are fighting and killing each other in large numbers.

I met people who have fled from the early Masaki in Rwanda, from years ago, and these people were horrified by what was happening in their country. They said that the slaughter of the Hutus by the Watusi, and the Watusi by the Hutus, is actually feeding the Imanujela, monsters. Because the Imanujela like to inhale the energy that is generated by masses of people being terrified or being killed by other people. LINK

John Lash’s research on the Gnostics suggests that Manipulative Extraterrestrials can not only mimic human form, but they also would have the capacity to mimic human emotions, which include apparent concern for the plight of humanity through theatrical presentations of sincerity, concerns about the plight of the environment, and other topical issues, while substantively operating to fulfill a completely opposite agenda. In other words, an artificial-based intelligence with that has achieved as state of sentience, and possessing the advanced technological capability of mimicry, would have the discipline to lie and deceive humanity.

Credo Mutwa (left) and Star Trek characters

According to Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa (left), more than 500 African tribes have witnessed regressive alien "shape shifters" seeking to infiltrate human institutions, reminiscent to depiction of "changeling" characters in Star Trek Deep Space Nine (centre). The shape shifting characters were linked to an oppressive intergalactic empire called "the Dominion", which encompassed a pecking order of races, militarily defended by the Jem'Hadar (right). Did the late Gene Roddenberry who apparently having knowledge about Extraterrestrials, had created Star Trek, seek to both inspire and warn humanity through science fiction portrayals?

In the apparent Gnostic view, the only way that humanity could protect itself from an artificial-intelligence based alien agenda, would be to develop a heightened Gnostic-like consciousness, that could detect Manipulative Extraterrestrials in the first place. In the apparent Gnostic view, humans who do not develop an awareness of alleged human mimics, and their simulated reality schemes, are vulnerable to the oppression and to the exploitation agenda of Manipulative Extraterrestrials against humanity.

According to John Lash’s critical research, human mimics and the their activities can be perceived by biological humans. This is apparently because human mimics lack the soul of biological humans. A soul can be colloquially regarded as a “spiritual interconnectedness” (not having anything to do with organized religion), that human beings have for each other, and with the biosphere associated with nature, and which could be viewed to project itself as a “spark” of existential biological consciousness.

The Manipulative Extraterrestrials were identified by Gnostics, with the power to mimic but are not driven by a soul. Instead these Gnostic identified Manipulative Extraterrestrials are apparently driven by pure ego. That is to say, these Manipulative Extraterrestrials which Gnostics referred to as the “Archons” are driven by the pursuit of calculated objectives to expand their dominance throughout our universe, through a disciplined calculated intelligence which is only limited threats to its own self-preservation objectives, that have been apparently sought by Ethical Extraterrestrials.

Dr. Salla, in “A Report on the Activities and Motivations of Extraterrestrial Races” refers to the Manipulative Extraterrestrials that John Lash correspondingly identified in Gnostic documents, as presiding over Earth’s dominant political-military-industrial complexes. LINK. Gnostic accounts of Archons, that seem to mimic, deceive, oppress, and exploit, conquer, and eventually destroy, have been referred by David Icke as “shape shifters”. In a Wikpedia citation, David Icke specifically is attributed to allege that these regressive aliens as “walking erect and appearing to be human”.

In Tales From The Time Loop and other works, Icke states that organized religions, with particular reference to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, are creations designed to divide and conquer the human race through endless conflicts. LINK John Lash accounts of the Gnostics also specifically refer to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as being “doctrines of the aliens”, spread by the dupes of human mimics. In a similar vein, Icke believes racial and ethnic divisions are an illusion promoted by human mimics on behalf of an alien clique, and that racism is fostered to fuels an alien agenda.

Gene Roddenberry who became famous for having created the Star Trek science fiction series, had apparently sought to make himself aware of actual Extraterrestrials. In Star Trek Deep Space Nine shape shifters were presented in alien characterization called “the founders”. The threat of artificial-based intelligence was also characterized in the ego-driven “Borg”. The “Borg” is a characterized alien species that sought to assimilate both the biological consciousness and technological capabilities in various galactic civilizations that they sought to conquer.

But what is the current physical evidence of the Archons documented by the Gnostics? According to Richard Hoagland, he apparently has such evidence. Mr. Hoagland is a former NASA Consultant; and, during the historic Apollo Missions to the Moon, was science advisor to Walter Cronkite and CBS News. LINK

Richard Hoagland established an initiative originally referred to as the ‘Independent Mars Investigation’ (IMI), that eventually evolved into the ‘Enterprise Mission’. This initiative, that was also co-founded by anthropologist Randolpho Pozos, plasma physicist John Brandenberg, scientists Lambert Dolphin and Bill Beatty, image-processing expert Mark Carlotto, and cartographer Erol Torun. They established common geometrical relationships of apparent intelligent created structures in Cydonia on Mars and on the Moon, with both ancient and modern structures on Earth.

Horace W. Crater, a physicist and pattern-analysis expert at the Tennessee Space Institute, on pp. 115-117 of the book entitled The Mars Mystery by Graham Hancock (1998) was cited as being astounded to discover that the mounds there were definitely not randomly placed features. Many of the angles made by the mounds, he had to conclude, were decidedly tetrahedral and functions of 19.5°. LINK

Steve Troy remarks that “the underlying significance of Hoagland's mathematical calculations regarding the geometric relationships between the Cydonia Face and the surrounding Martian structures, and their astonishing connection to the central crater "Ukert" on the Moon, is blatant, undeniable, and decidedly non-trivial.” LINK

Mars’ 'D&M Pyramid' (named after Di Pietro and his associate Gregory Molenaar, also a former NASA contractor, who discovered it) is a five-sided structure. It stands about ten miles from the apparent sculpted Face on Mars, and, “like the Great Pyramid of Egypt, is aligned virtually north south towards the spin axis of the planet.” Commenting on the proximity of the Face and the D&M Pyramid, American researcher Richard Hoagland asks a pointed question: 'What are the odds against two terrestrial-like monuments on such an alien planet and in essentially the same location [being unrelated]? LINK What is certain is that two narrow shafts emanating from inside the Great Pyramid were directed to two specific stars: Zeta Orionis, one of the three stars in Orion's belt, and Sirius, in the constellation of Canis Major. LINK


It is certain, too, that the principal Giza monuments [in Egypt] form an accurate terrestrial 'map' of the three stars of Orion's belt as these constellations appeared in 10,500 BC. (see above) Who could have been observing the skies over Giza in 10,500 BC and who, at that date, could have had the technical capacity to realize such monumental works as the Sphinx and the pyramids? Egyptologists assert there was no civilization on Earth at that time, let alone one capable of planning and building such immense, well engineered structures. If they are right, why do the alignments of Giza so plainly and repetitively mirror the skies of the 11th millennium BC?

Former NASA consultant Richard Hoagland is convinced there may be a 'terrestrial connection' between Giza and Cydonia -- the region of Mars where the mysterious structures are located -- perhaps a common source that imparted the same legacy of knowledge and symbolism on both worlds. LINK

Jason Martell in “The Mars-Earth Connection” further documents, “One of the key angles of Cydonia, repeated again and again, is 19.5 degrees. This is precisely the latitude (19.5) degrees north, which is also the exact latitude of the pathfinder-landing site. LINK Notably, Richard Hoagland and his team of scientists have documented connections between ancient structures on the landscape of the planet mars and the ruins of ancient civilizations on Earth [that have in turn, also been linked with modern buildings and urban designs. These systematized and redundant geometrical structures, that have been associated with exploitative and oppressive civilizations on Earth are consistent with Gnostic identified demonic and mechanical-based consciousnesses.

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Chinese scientists also say that aliens live among humans. This includes Sun Shili, a retired foreign ministry official who is now president of the Beijing UFO Research Society who also concludes that waixingren (extraterrestrials) that take human form, are living among us.

According to Alex Collier, an alleged contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials, Manipulative aliens including apparent invasive human mimics, with their allies, operate as a highly intelligent and disciplined consciousness against human free will. Apparently through an apparent tissue or lies, deception, and invasive technological control, alleged regressive aliens according to diverse presenters, suggest that the nature of ego-driven regressive aliens is that they neither seek to pursue honour mor integrity. The solution based upon representation by Alex Collier of an alleged Council of Ethical Extraterrestrials, is that the apparent regressive aliens must leave our planet Earth. LINK When that has been done, humanity can be free to progress in ways that are apparently being undermined by those aliens that in part, work through the simulated reality capabilities of Archons. Through greed in association with capitalism, along with organized religion, as a fraudulent simulation of spirituality, and through the fostering the pursuit of ego-driven power, that manifests in cultures of violence and war, Archons seek to prey on humanity as self-anointed shepherds over mind-controlled sheep.


The ability of humans to substantively redress worsening local, regional, and international problems, may very well rely on the ability of humanity to wake up, in a very timely manner. The late reggae singer Bob Marley, had used the phrase “freeing your mind from mental slavery”. The secrecy of many of Earth’s institutions, that operate without public transparency, has provided fertile ground for the operation of demonic consciousness that pursue an agenda against the affirmation of human rights, social justice, democracy in relation to popular sovereignty, global peace, and environmental protection. Indeed, John Lash in, documented that Archons seek to operate within the authority systems of Earth, in the pursuit of an elite-driven agenda.

Gnostic insights suggest that humanity needs to develop a critical awareness of what it means to be human, in order to help detect alien manipulation. The freeing from such an alien consciousness, would also need to be coupled with a conscious effort among humanity, to re-embrace a spirit of empathy among each other, and a bonding with Nature, along with the operation of integrity and mutuality in human institutions, of the sort that alleged regressive aliens and their agents have historically sought to undermine and to destroy.


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