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Tar Sands Devastation: Save People, Wildlife and the Boreal Forest

by Louise Bristow

  Canadian Forest

Public health and environmental crises face the residents, wildlife and the Boreal Forest near the Tar Sands in Alberta, Canada. There are about 2,000 residents in the oil extraction area. The Tar Sands is the biggest source of U.S. oil, and a far friendlier place than the Middle East.

Consider what the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has done for us. NAFTA has resulted, in part, to a loss of control our own natural resources, and the corresponding creation of mass environmental devastation and ensuing quality-of-living undermining public health problems.

Tar Sands oil extraction is one of the most environmentally destructive for man, beast and trees, and the oil is the dirtiest. It is a mixture of sand, clay, and bitumen (an asbestos like substance) with the same smell and texture of asbestos. The Tar Sands oil emits three times the number of green house gases in the refining process.

The U.S. wants to triple the amount of oil extracted by 2015 and is working on a gigaproject with the Canadian company, Enbridge to build a pipeline from the Tar Sands to southern Illinois. The use of the pipeline requires the dilution of the oil with of barrels of water and kerosene. The pipeline and project completion date is set for 2030!

Can we really allow this to continue? Are we going to willingly participate in this human, wildlife & forest destruction? It is time for Canadians to wake up, and help galvanize socially progressive change, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper and President George W. Bush collude and prevail over this worsening devastation.

About the writer:

I am a nurse and 65 years old. I host the Care2 group, The Grass Roots Effort to Stop Global Warming. I have been married for 38 years& have a son.

I am a 4 year member of, and I am very concerned about global warming. I have hosted my group for over one and a half years. We have almost 450 very talented members, who work so hard to speak with our government representatives in an effort to stop the destruction of the planet. This situation was brought to my attention by a group member Phil Heinlich and I created a petition to address the horrible topic. I hope you spread the word and help the disaster.

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