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Big Bang theory challenged: New theory on the origins of the Universe and Humankind surfaces

by Dr. John Stokes

Exopolitics representations offer a new theory on the origins of this universe, and humankind in this universe. This new theory suggests that this universe neither originated from a spontaneous "Big Bang", nor from a benevolent "God" creator, as is imputed by various organized religions. Have you ever wondered, who we are as a human species? What is our true origins? What really accounts for a planet like Earth, so abundant with life, being apparently surrounded by planets with no signs of intelligent life?

This new theory originates from a composite of Alex Collier's representation from his alleged contact with Ethical Extraterrestrials, that have sought to warn humanity, about Manipulative Extraterrestrials and their human operatives.

Exopolitics, is a discipline which suggests that humankind can further critically appreciate certain "mysteries", by appreciating how Extraterrestrials may be affecting human reality. Exopolitics practitioners like Dr. Michael Salla, suggests that the affirmation of human sovereignty on Earth, depends on the disclosure of both Ethical and Manipulative Extraterrestrial contacts with Earth.

This Exopolitics-inspired theory, suggests that humans originated from an "organic universe" that exists in a parallel time-space continuum to this universe. The alleged characteristic of this parallel universe is that is abundant with intelligent life including human colonies that are over 100 Billion in total population.

However, Alex Collier alleges that a clique of Nazi scientists in a parallel 1931, created a "rip" in the time-space continuum, that provided an entry point for Manipulative Extraterrestrials. LINK These Manipulative Extraterrestrials, then instigated an intergalactic war, against humanity, with the support of their Nazi allies. Once these time-travelling aliens entered that parallel organic universe, where humans allegedly originated from, and after Earth was captured, regressive aliens then according to this exposited alternative theory, went back in time to change the whole of Earth's time continuum. LINK

African Elder Credo Mutwa, who indicates that he had been abducted by regressive aliens that had been identified by the Dr. John Lash's research on the Gnostics, details the presence of these alien "shape-shifters", that are aliens that can mimic human form. LINK

Credo Mutwa indicates that he has corroborated the existence of such shape-shifters by hundreds of African tribes. Shape-shifters according to Mutwa, have been documented by these African tribes as seeking to infiltrate human institutions to perpetrate socio-pathetic activities associated with oppression and exploitation. These alleged alien-directed dehumanizing activities include genocide, and war in general, that can become prevalent in the world today.

The imputed result was that Manipulative Extraterrestrials used their sophisticated technology to capture Earth, in an artificially generated "hollographic universe". LINK .

In an "organic universe" sentient life, as well as plant and animal life in general, apparently grows like weeds. In the alleged creation of a "holographic universe" Earth has been captured in an artificially generated universe. In order words, Earth has been caught in some kind of "cosmic spider web".

The Ethical Extraterrestrials, that have been able to penetrate this apparent "cosmic spider web" suggest that Manipulative Extraterrestrials have captured Earth and to "harvest" the life forms on Earth for genetic and other exploitation purposes.

By isolating Earth, it has been further imputed not only by Alex Collier's representations, but also by the ancient Gnostics, that Manipulative Extraterrestrials sought to isolate humanity in a apparent "barren" universe, to make humans more susceptible to religious doctrine. "Creationist" doctrine was accordingly inspired by Manipulative Extraterrestrials that sought to convince humanity that "a God" was responsible for the "miracle of life" on this planet.

The "Big Bang" theory apparently became another misleading scenario created for the "non-believers", that still sought some explanation for the origins of this universe. But the ancient Gnostics attempted to clarify that this alleged "God the Creator" was actually a contrived convention orchestrated by the same group of regressive aliens that Alex Collier alleges, brought humanity away from an organic universe, and into an enslavement context in an artificial "holographic universe".

Gnostics and representations by Alex Collier, suggest that Manipulative Extraterrestrials, in creating a hollographic universe, seek to "play God", and operate through elite institutions that are in league with hostile alien interests.

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