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American Journalist Seeks Texas UFO Truth from the U.S. Air Force

New 911-like Event Overshadowed by Matrix of Media Events

by Victor Viggiani B.A. M. Ed.


As the corporate mass media masses gorged themselves on the glitz of the U.S. Republican’s National Convention in St. Paul Minnesota, a brave journalist toiled in Sarasota, Florida, trying to extract the truth from secrecy experts about a 911-like event that’s gone sub-radar.

His name is Billy Cox and he works for the Sarasota Herald Tribune. He’s entered a "Matrix" and won’t return until he gets some answers.

In an interview from his home in Sarasota on Wednesday 3 September 2008 on the Richard Syrett Show out of Toronto Canada, Billy Cox laid it all on the line.

Exasperated by the tight hold knowing-officials have on secrecy, Billy Cox has gone right to the centre of a brewing controversy between truth and denial not seen since the post September 11 examination of what happened in New York in 2001 when the United States Air Force was asleep at the switch as three air craft entered controlled air space on a mission of doom.

Get this kids – it’s happened again this year and journalists – except for Billy Cox and Angelia Joiner formerly of the Stephenville Empire Tribune – missed the whole thing.

How did this unfold you ask?

To begin with, Billy Cox is engaged in a battle over world views here. Over the last several weeks Billy Cox has been in contact with a United States Air Force media official Major Karl Lewis who appears to have in his possession all the answers about a major uninvited UFO incursion captured on FAA radar over Texas on 8 January 2008.

But, the Major is not talking publicly – at least not yet. The U.S. Major is apparently being told by the bureaucracy above him that the Air Force has "no knowledge" of what the FAA knows for certain.

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) gave over to investigators Glen Schulze and Robert Powell reams of radar data -- 2.5 million bits of it -- that unequivocally and scientifically proves a huge unidentified craft without a transponder entered controlled air space freely making its way towards Crawford Texas. This just happens to be the location of the ranch owned by President George Bush, known as the western White House. But this craft’s presence and movements remain hush-hush.

Radar expert Glen Schulze and MUFON Director Robert Powell carefully crafted a 76 page report replete with FOIA requests, precise radar data, witness testimony and expert analysis of radar returns demonstrating this was no illusory event. Multiple independent witness testimony confirms clear visual sightings were made of the craft from several different vantage points in the Stephenville-Dublin Texas area on January 8, 2008.

A huge craft – some say hundreds of feet in length – was captured on radar. Several screaming F-16 jets that the Air Force said were not in the area but soon recanted, "Oh – yes - they were there" - tried to follow in pursuit but were swished aside like bothersome mosquitoes as the craft easily out paced the jets. No. Wait it gets better.

What a huge unidentified non-transponder-bearing craft was doing making a bee line for the President’s ranch no one knows… and apparently neither does the United States Air Force.

Curiously amidst all of this official data from the FAA – the United States Air Force has unabashedly admitted it has no data responding to this incident. What is even worse, Major Karl Lewis, the media chief for the 301st Fighter Wing at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base at Carswell Field Texas was unaware of the FAA report and has made no overt effort indicating he even wishes to review the FAA scientific data.

The question stands – How could it be possible for the most powerful air force this side of the moon to have missed seeing a huge craft in controlled air space moving towards the President’s ranch?

To paraphrase a biblical reference – it would be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for the US Air Force to miss a national security incident of this magnitude – especially when the FAA, the agency tasked with tracking all air craft throughout the USA has absolute proof of this craft’s presence.

How could this 911-like eye-witnessed incursion have gone unnoticed?

Well, for one thing the US Air Force just wants this all to go away. But Cox won’t let it.

While Sarah Palin, John McCain's running mate that was officially announced at the Republican convention, mesmerizes the media, Billy Cox forges ahead all the while hoping that his media colleagues will support his contention that a ball as big or bigger than the 911 event has been dropped by the mainstream. Simple as that really.

To the discerning journalist’s instinct and an inquiring writer’s mind there is a big, big national security story here - one that mainstream media has chosen to ignore and run away from in droves in favour of the matrix-like media events of Sarah Palin’s family and the fall in the price of oil.

As Billy Cox continues his thrashing about into awakening the indolent sensibilities of Air Force officials, the noise he is making is gradually being heard but not acted upon by his journalist colleagues all over the USA and Canada.

It is time for all journalists to support this one man wrecking crew of apparent secrecy and apparent disinformation and dissembling by U.S. military and government officials. If there are any Woodwards or Bernsteins still left in the co-opted media morass to collectively bring about a cosmic Watergate -- this is the time to act.

About the writer:

Victor Viggiani is the Director of Media Relations, Exopolitics Toronto, and the Co-Host of the Richard Syrett Show, News Talk Radio CFRB 1010.

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