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Maverick intellectuals suggest Extraterrestrial consciousness influenced Canadian federal elections timing with NAU agenda

by Dr. John Singh


There was one time in human history in which there was a belief among the overwhelming majority of European societies, that the world was flat. This view was oppressively enforced by the Establishment, inclusive of government authority, the educational system, and the church. But, because Galileo chose to have an open mind, and pursue the critical evaluation of knowledge, he was able to challenge this orthodox view. It is this similar constellation of power, that now seeks to deny the overwhelming evidence concerning the historical and continuing presence of Manipulative and alleged of Ethical Extraterrestrial contacts with humanity.

This evidence includes numerous eyewitness testimony from credible sources, and a vast body of research that includes learned academics. Alfred Lambremont Webre is among these scholars who now suggest that the Canadian federal elections have somehow been orchestrated in relation to some Extraterrestrial agenda, associated with the October 14th date. LINK. However bizarre such an allegation might sound, it is vital that as members of humanity embrace that spirit of open mindedness to the pursuit of knowledge, in order to avoid being misled by the controlling agenda of the Establishment.

So, before we dismiss this allegation outright, like the Establishment in the days of Galileo, let us consider whether there is any observable phenomena that are consistent with a possible 'ET' agenda in Canada's federal election.

Canadians who have been keenly engaged in previous federal elections might make a noticeable observation about this federal election, so far. The leaders in this federal election, and their speeches, seem to be rather "plastic" compared to previous federal elections. That is to say, there seems to be a rather artificial quality about their campaign pledges. Have you ever noticed that Stephen Harper seems to be smiling as if he already won the election, and is just going through the motion?

You might enquire. So, what? Nothing particularly Extraterrestrial about that, eh. But then, let's dig a little deeper. As Mr. Harper smiles, the Opposition Party leaders seem to be behaving in a rather irregular manner. There is literally a gold mine of campaign fodder that the Opposition Party leaders could be using to blast Conservative Party support in Canada back to the 9% levels that the Reform Party used to enjoy. These Harper government supported policies, include Canada's apparent current involvement in "Star Wars"; the Civil Assistance Plan (CAP) confirmed through "executive decision" in February 2008, that allows the U.S. military to perform activities in Canada; and also the sought "merger" of Canadian and U.S. government departments, as part of a whole laundry list of betrayals of national sovereignty by the Stephen Harper government. These betrayals are all apparently linked to the North American Union (NAU) agenda, secretively negotiated in relation to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) Agreement. The SPP had originally been endorsed by former Prime Minister Paul Martin in 2005, without any consultation with Canadians.

What is going on here? The obtaining of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents by U.S. based Judicial Watch, and investigative researchers like Mel Hurtig confirms that there is indeed an apparent "conspiracy of silence", that is taking place on vital issues in the Canadian federal election. It is as if the Canadian federal election was being orchestrated before us, by a highly disciplined consciousness, aimed at the mass deception of the Canadian public. In this federal election, why would leaders all of a sudden not apparently elect to use the kind of information that has been used to fight and win elections in Canada, ever since the very Confederation of Canada.

The kind of organized betrayal that is taking place in Canada is so profound and extensive, and so unprecedented, that it defies conventional explanation. Perhaps an enquiry into an unconventional explanation might shed light on the apparent curiosity of the conduct of the Canadian federal election, and its curious timing, alongside FOIA evidence. The necessity to consider hypotheses is indeed a part of scientific enquiry.

Arguably, one of the most troubling representations, that has been made by Exopolitics researchers like Dr. Michael Salla, historians like Dr. John Lamb Lash, and "mavericks" like David Ike, concerns the alleged infiltration of regressive alien "mimics". Dr. John Lash specifically refers to Gnostic accounts of demonic inorganic beings, that lacked the "divine spark" of creativity possessed by human beings, but as technologically sophisticated artificial life forms, could simulate human form.

The Gnostics refer to these inorganic life forms as "Archons", that sought to parasitize humanity for a regressive alien megalomaniacal pursuit of ego. These entities are not more "advanced" than humans, but as Dr. Lash has sought to outline in well-detailed, they seek to use their artificial technological constructs to fool humanity into such a belief.

South African Elder Credo Mutwa sounded the alarm for humanity, to which, we, as Canadians, might also wish to pay close attention. Mutwa, who has documented his own abduction by alleged agents of a master race of "shapeshifting" entities, documents African tribes confronting these entities assuming the human form of tribal leaders, in order to pursue the seizure of political control for the execution of an alien agenda. In an interview with Spectrum Magazine reporter, Rick Martin, Mutwa indicates that over 500 African tribes that he has specifically consulted, have also reported the existence of invasive shapeshifting entities that sought to infiltrate using a human form. The African tribes would not have been able to discover such entities that sought to undermine their human sovereignty, if they embraced prejudices that sought to repress the open-minded pursuit of scientific enquiry.

The stark implication of Credo Mutwa's representation in association with various researchers, is that as a result of ignorance of such indigenous knowledge, modern society may have been infiltrated by such entities that seek to pursue a self-serving agenda against humanity. Indeed, such an explanation, if factual, could shed light on the sociopathetic behaviour of elites involving crimes against the humanity and the Earth, that was observed in Dr. Kevin Barrett's "Twilight of the Psychopaths", published in The Canadian National Newspaper.

Dr. John Lamb Lash's research reveals Gnostic warnings of “demons from the sky“, who sought to use organized religion as a mechanism to divide, rule, conquer, and mentally enslave humanity to dogma. Gnostic accounts reveal how regressive aliens can pursue their agenda though essentially occupying many different bodies, with a linked mental matrix or mind that operates though one singular disciplined malevolent ego. This ego exists as an artificial "consciousness". Gnostics suggest that by focusing on the presence of this ego-driven singularity, humans can begin to liberate themselves from alien contrived parasitic strategies of deception and social control. Gnostics sought to warn humanity about a regressive alien "consciousness" that functions like a mass of locus, and sought to operate in human drones or 'mimics', in order to derail humanity from fulfilling its socially responsible and peaceful course of development.

According to Dr. Salla, these regressive aliens in contrast, are driven by social Darwinism and eugenics. Apparently, this regressive alien ego views biological entities on Earth as a resource to be manipulated, and seek to perpetuate war to support this agenda.

The Canadian federal election, is apparently now being orchestrated by a highly disciplined consciousness that seems aimed to convince Canadians, to operate consistent with a pre-established configuration of power and agenda. The elites have apparently agreed that vital issues that would weaken the control of a political-military-industrial over Canada, toward our assimilation into a eugenic-inspired NAU, would not be election issues.

Dr. Salla specifically cites this group as a military-industrial-extraterrestrial complex (MIEC), that seeks to invasively perpetrate exploitative capitalism and globalized militarism. LINK Alex Collier, an alleged contactee of Ethical Extraterrestrials alludes to planets and their civilizations, that have been destroyed by entities that ancient Gnostics referred to as "artificial man".

One supplementary question that Canadians might ask various maverick intellectuals like Dr. Webre, who made the initial allegation about the Canadian election in his group's Exopolitics blog is, why would regressive aliens be so interested in the Canadian election? Aren't there much more "exciting" places on Earth, and in the Galaxy to reek havoc? However, Canadians who make such an enquiry, may be regarded as naive.

Canada, geographically is a huge country, with plenty of resources that may be sought by the minions of a regressive alien ego. However, perhaps even more importantly, Canada embraces and represents to Canadians and many people throughout the world, the kind of altruistic, and multiculturalistic humanistic ideology. That type of society social psychologically stands in the way of the alleged "New World Order", that such a regressive ego, (allegedly according to indigenous elders and exopolitics scholars), seeks to consolidate on Earth.

A world without Canada, as perhaps the best symbol of a modern humanistic potential on Earth, is in the prospective view of any such alien ego, is essentially seen as a precursor to a borderless and eugenic fascist order. It may therefore be in the interest of all of humanity, to take a critical look at Canada, as a "window" to a 2012 timetable, that seems to have been established by a mechanistic intelligence, that Gnostics referred to in their Nag Hammadi text, that was banned by Christian clerical elites.

Notably, the Gnostic specifically referred to Judaism, Christianity and Islams as the "Doctrine of the Aliens", that sought to use organized religion for social control and subjugation.

The reported 2012 timetable, that is linked to the end of the Mayan calendar, also seems to coincide with the expected re-entry of "Planet X" into Earth's orbit. But, with a similar fervour to deniers in Galileo's era that the Earth is round, Planet X, that is allegedly creating Global Warming effects on other planets in our solar system, is also being denied. Planet X has in turn, been linked to an this alleged regressive ego.

Is it a coincidence that the completion of the NAU, is scheduled for 2010, when investigative researchers report that Planet X would be plainly visible to Earth, after its 3,600 absence, that Gnostics have linked to being associated with human existence during a Biblical era when an alien ego allegedly dominated Earth?

Perhaps such allegations and links are simply the work of irrational fringe groups. However, it is difficult to have the critical treatment of such issues, under administrative groups that undermine a liberated milieu of social scientific enquiry.

Hopefully, overall, the foregoing type of context is indeed, simply musings of misinformed or misguided researchers, who have jumped to fanciful conclusions. But, Canadians may wish to at least critically consider, the ancient insights of indigenous peoples, along with various investigative researchers, and then focus that consideration on the conduct of the current Canadian federal election. Maybe Dr. Webre, Dr. Salla, Dr. Lash and other learned researchers might be onto something. As human beings, we need to critically consider the extent to which a disciplined malevolent ego is responsible for worsening planetary destruction, and whether Canada may be a specific part of this agenda of destruction.

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