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Military and RCMP Veterans rally against Annuity Benefit Reduction at age 65

by John Labelle, Opinion Section writer

  Canadian Veteran

Military/RCMP Veterans are rather surprised to view Political Comments such as the following by Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

“What you always remember when you meet a Canadian Veteran is that everything we have in this Country was earned by those men and women”

Yet, 42 years later, this Leader of the Government of Canada needs to further study our Pension Clawback issue affecting the financial security of Veterans in their Golden Years.

During the past three years, The Liberals have completely ignored the Veterans Pension Clawback issue. Let Veterans remember! The Liberal Government was responsible for depleting 20 billion dollars surplus from our Military Pension account.

The NDP Leader promised that he would use "all available Parliamentary procedures available to him to move Bill C-221 for its second reading". The NDP had opportunities to move the Military/RCMP Veterans Clawback bill forward in the House of Commons and he failed to do so.

The NDP have not successfully passed one bill in the House of Commons during the last two (2) minorities parliament. The NDP also voted against the funding for the establishment of the Veterans Ombudsman office and voted against the Veterans bill of rights.

General Rick Hillier, Previous Chief Of Defence Staff had said the following:

Quote: “We’re not the Public Service of Canada, we’re not just another department. We are the Canadian Forces, and our job is to be able to kill people.” July 2005 Unquote!

General Walter Natynczyk, New Chief Of Defence Staff indicated the following:

Quote: “Our business is different” Our program is to produce men and women in uniform who go into dangerous places and do risky missions.” Unquote!

It must also be appreciated that our Spouses, most of them, gave up their individual career aspirations to serve side by side with us, sacrifices that has left them with a major loss of CPP benefits.

To date 97 Former Colonels and Generals support our claim that Military/RCMP Veterans have been Unjustly and Unfairly treated with regards to our Pension Clawback issue.

Senators, MP’s and judge Advocates are exempted from the Clawback to their Pension. Military/RCMP Veterans also deserve to have the Clawback to their Pension terminated in their Golden Years.

Veterans seek no funds from the Public Account. Politicians of all stripes have abandoned its Military/RCMP Veterans. This misguided policy continues to cause unexpected financial burden for 110,000 retired Veterans in their Golden Years.

Why establish the CPP programme? It intention was to provide another source of an “Income security” program supplementing Old age security. 42 years later, the CPP plan benefits no one except the Government of Canada with a reserve fund of over 120 Billion dollars.

“Give back to Veterans the Financial Dignity they have paid for and so richly deserve!”

"Lest we forget."

About the writer:

John Labelle is a Campaign Coordinator for Veterans who is a resident of Nova Scotia, LINK.

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