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Calgary Libertarian candidate: Yes to Canada, and no to NAU agenda

In defence of freedom, liberty, and independence

by Jason McNeil,
2008 Federal Election Candidate
Calgary Centre-North

  Jason McNeil

Jason McNeil.

I am a small business owner and a Signal Operator in the Canadian Forces Communication Reserves. I have taken leave from the reserves to run in this election so that I may have the opportunity to represent you.

The party I chose to run under is the Libertarian party. I know most of you know little to nothing about the party and that there is a bias towards the Conservative Party in the riding. I also know that that conservative party does not represent true conservative values anymore. They have become what they set out to change.

Under Stephen Harper's Conservatives the Government has grown to historic levels and we are facing an economic crisis and no one in the Government is talking about the root causes.

Libertarian Party

I chose to run with a party that has values I can believe in. I chose not to play the game in the two party system that refuses to allow change, that refuses to represent those of us who love liberty and freedom. Those of us who demand a responsible government that is transparent and accountable.

That is why I am going to ask all of you to do something that is unusual these days: Take the time to read our platform and vote with your conscience. If the goal was to vote for who you thought the winner would be; we would hold elections at the track. I leave you with the words of the great Jerry Garcia "Constantly choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil."

Questions from The Canadian to Jason:

Question 1:

What was your prime inspiration(s) for seeking the nomination of your party?

-- No other party represents the values of liberty and freedom.

Question 2:

What are the main issues that your campaign seeks to redress as far as issues that are at the forefront of your prospective constituents in your riding?

-- The failing economy and the falling dollar.

Question 3:

How do you seek to be different than other politicians who have sought to made promises they do not keep?

-- I don't lie.

Question 4:

What are your plans to provide effective representation as a > prospective Member of Parliament?

-- I intend to vote in accordance with my campaign promises. Since I am not a member of the major three I can vote however I want.

Question 5:

What do you seek to accomplish for your constituents, if elected as Member of Parliament?

-- Monetary reform and to help oppose any new legislation that would limit freedom or liberty.

Question 6:

Sovereignty is the starting point for the ability of people in a democracy to make an impact on public policy which effects the quality-of-living. What do you think of Prime Minister's Harper's pursuit of a North American Union (NAU), with the United States, through the Security and Property Partnership (SPP)? Would your campaign seek to support or abrogate Mr. Harper's SPP-NAU agenda).

-- I am opposed to entangling alliances and managed trade programs. I support true free trade where the government is not involved.

Question 7:

How has your campaign been received in your riding so far?

-- Very well. Now to see how that translates into votes.

Question 8:

What are some critical issues in your riding that you would like to help redress?

-- Tax on income trusts.

Question 9:

Why would you make a better Member of Parliament than your competitors? Experience? Vision? Political Party Platform?

-- I am the only candidate in Canada that is even talking banking and monetary reform.

Question 10:

What input would you like to make as a Member of Parliament on environmental, Canadian sovereignty, healthcare, social justice, and global peace related issues?

-- I would work for real action on arctic sovereignty and would enable the free market to work.

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