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UFO's and Extraterrestrials: Part I

by Rich Anders

Researching the material for my book Terror from the Heavens, I found ample evidence that approximately 5800 years ago this planet was invaded by regressive aliens who called themselves the gods. The evidence also shows that they vanished about 3500 years ago. The case is argued in this book.

For the purpose of this web site general considerations will be presented because reports of encounters with extraterrestrials all over the world indicate that there are several alien parties visiting this planet. If one is to seriously believe in the possibility of extraterrestrials visiting this planet then it has to be established whether this is possible at all and if so how it is done.

As great as the advances of human engineering are, our present technology would not be able to provide the means for conquering not only space but an entire planet with enough manpower to uphold the occupation. Clearly, the alien invaders of ancient times were not only technologically far ahead of human achievements. To master space travel one needs to be able to cope with formidable technological challenges.

Let’s address them one by one.

Propulsion systems based on fuel consumption are totally inadequate for space travel even over cosmically small distances. Space travel at any reasonable scale is only possible with an energy source that is inexhaustible. Such energy source can only be a form of energy, which is present throughout the universe like electromagnetism or the quantum vacuum.

Reports of so-called UFOs wonder about the erratic course they follow. – In ancient times important spiritual buildings like temples and sanctuaries were erected at carefully chosen sites. In the Aegean Sea and in Greece there are a many such structures. When connecting them it becomes apparent that there is a grid like pattern to their locations.

In England a phenomenon called the "ley" lines is known. These are lines of a kind of energy human science has not dealt with so far. At the crossing points of these ley lines there frequently are religious structures of present and earlier times, which is an indication that this energy was known not only in the Mediterranean cultures but also in England.

There are numerous reports that tell of UFOs travelling along these lines in an erratic course. Considering that ley lines are a form of energy emanating from the ground one has to conclude that the erratic course of the ley lines can be linked to deposits of metals in the Earth’s crust which cause irregularities in the course of these lines.

It is obvious that UFOs are using the energy emanating from these energy lines for their propulsion system. One has to assume that such energy sources are available between planets and at a much greater scale between star systems. This type of energy meets the requirement of being universally available and inexhaustible.

Reports of UFOs also tell of tight, even right angle turns at very high speeds. Acceleration, deceleration and gravity can be equated. How come the crew of a UFO making such abrupt changes of direction in high-speed flight is not crushed?

The solution to this problem can only be a mechanism, which shields off the forces of gravity. What kind of mechanism can do that I do not know. But I do know that maintaining one’s dimension is a foremost necessity in space travel. - This requires an explanation. A material dimension is determined by the speed a body travels through space and there is no difference whether it is spacecraft or a planet. There is something called the energy constant of the Universe. This constant is the energy available for motion and oscillation between the states of energy and matter. The more energy is used for motion meaning the faster a body travels through space the less frequent are the oscillations between the stages of energy and matter; a body gets longer and slower times passes. -- Einstein's Theory of Relativity confirms this.

On the reverse side, the more slowly a body moves, the more frequent are the oscillations between the stages of energy and matter; a body get shorter and time passes faster. The fact that there are no invasions by extraterrestrials in historic times indicates that biological life forms cannot live in a material dimension other than their own. Changes in the frequency of the oscillation, which means a different dimension, cannot be tolerated. Changes of dimensions are a complex and difficult topic. It cannot be explained in the context of this article but you can find detailed information in my book "God's Ultimate Task".

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This was obviously the problem of the gods who landed here 5,800 years ago. The dimension of this planet was not quite right for them. Therefore, they established themselves primarily on the highest mountains. This is why these mountain regions to this day are called the seats of the gods. These mountains were declared sacred and to this day mankind remembers them as such. The areas on top of the highest mountains are called a death zone for humans. It is not the altitude that makes humans sick in these altitudes; it is the difference in the oscillation of matter at sea level and in high attitudes no matter how slight.

Another problem was the excessive drain on the spiritual energies of the gods caused by a material dimension that was not quite right for them. The gods compensated for this by implementing ritual human sacrifices designed to provide them with spiritual energies used to the material dimension of this planet; the gods' energy metabolisms absorbed the energies released by the suffering and pain of their victims. Even after the gods had vanished this practice of human sacrifice in favour of the gods continued well into the recent past.

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