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Transgender and Crossdressers: Whose news?

by Gina Lance

I’m always asked by other crossdressers at conventions or nightclubs why we as transgendered people are not as newsworthy as they think we should be. “How come you don’t see more crossdressers being interviewed on Oprah or other programs?” they ask. Here’s what I think.

First, the days of a guy who likes to wear women’s clothes being a newsworthy event are just about over. What I mean is that most crossdressers live a pretty mainstream life, and when they are dressed it is usually at home, a convention or a nightclub. Okay, there are those mall excursions and fine dining experiences once in a while, but for the majority of the time we are either in male mode doing our everyday jobs, or female dress going to a select place. The majority of you who crossdress do not go to work dressed, or cause news making headlines. Sure, there’s the occasional Tranny Bank Robber on the six o’clock news, but obviously that is the odd case far from the norm.

Even most transsexuals are not even newsworthy anymore unless the headline can read: Transsexual Man Having Baby. Of course, that sounds like a National Enquirer headline, and that recent story only made the news for a few days. Most transsexuals, like most crossdressers, lead a pretty ordinary life and blend into society quite well. They are not as newsworthy as the days of Christine Jorgensen having her sex change!

So you ask… 'Gina, who makes the news?' Well if you’re not a tranny bank robber, or a FTM pregnant transsexual, or a TG hooker caught with a movie star (I refuse to use the word sex worker ever again in my life), then odds are you’re just not newsworthy. Unless it’s a Gay Pride Parade and you are the drunk with the weird wig. Here’s an excerpt from my new book, GET DRESSED!

For years, and even today, we have been cursed by the television footage of the perennial gay male in a purple afro, with only a bra and grass skirt on, dancing crazily at the local Gay Pride festival. Unfortunately for us, and the average gay person, ‘ol’ purple afro’ makes colourful television footage on the six o’clock news. We’re embarrassed of him and so are most gay people. He doesn’t represent us and he doesn’t represent them. But there he is, year after year, right in our face as we sit down after dinner. Oh, it’s probably not the same person every year or in every city across the country; I just assume he has a lot of drunken cousins.

No doubt if you’re sitting in front of the television with people who aren’t transgendered, ‘ol’ purple afro’ will unavoidably pop up on the screen. Everyone will laugh and you’ll be sitting there thinking how our perennial friend had once again embarrassed anyone transgendered or gay this year.

A few years back GIRL TALK Magazine had a BMW convertible with several of our covergirls in it at the Los Angeles Gay Pride parade. The girls looked well dressed, beautifully made up and we had some great banners on the sides of the car. As the beamer sat in the parade procession, ready to move out, guess who stumbles by headed directly for the press cameras? You’ve only got one guess so choose wisely. What was that? I couldn’t quite hear you. Did you say ‘ol’ purple afro’ in his bra and grass skirt? Unfortunately you are right and you’re also right when you think that he was the opening shot on the LA six o’clock news that evening. Sometimes there’s just no winning!

See what I mean? So sometimes ‘not being newsworthy’ can be a good thing. It means, as transgendered people we are slowly being accepted and blending into society!

As always...

Get Dressed, Get Out, Be Safe and Have Fun.

Editorial reference, LINK


Gina Lance video on Crossdressers.

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