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Canadians must be informed of NAU betrayal to absolutely secure Progressive Coalition

by Dr. Paul Fitzpatrick

  Governor General Michaëlle Jean with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Jack Layton, NDP leader; Stéphane Dion, Liberal leader; Gilles Duceppe, Bloc Quebecois

Governor General Michaëlle Jean with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Jack Layton, NDP leader; Stéphane Dion, Liberal leader; Gilles Duceppe, Bloc Quebecois leader on 1 December 2008, make a formal declaration in Ottawa to form a Progressive Coalition.

It is interesting that the Stephen Harper government has sought to invoke ‘patriotism’ as rhetoric in the campaign against the consolidation of a Coalition Government, even though his government at the same time pursues the clandestine North American Union (NAU) agenda. Mel Hurtig, and other investigative researchers in both Canada and the U.S., have released Freedom of Information documents which suggest that the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) is the public relations cover of the NAU. The Canadian Criminal Code defines that any such government that supports the reaching of a clandestine agreement with U.S. interests to secure the "NAU", without the consultation of Parliament as both 'treason' and 'conspiracy'.

The NAU that involves the selling out of a whole country to another country. This sell-out that is under the “smoke and mirrors” of "pursuing victory on the War on Terrorism", makes the infamous Watergate affair which resulted in then U.S President Richard M. Nixon’s resignation to escape criminal impeachment, appear "as child's play". The betrayers of Canada, that are currently seeking to anoint themselves as "patriots", are the purveyors and true agents of apparent mass deception. These purveyors are determined to destroy our national identity, and to destroy our national destiny as a champion of human rights, social justice and global peace.

While Mr. Gilles Duceppe with candour admitted to his continuing desire to split Canada, the self-described "patriots" of our Parliament apparently conspire to achieve the total absorption of Canada into control by a U.S. political-military-industrial complex that eyes Canadian resources for a perpetuated war agenda. Mr. Harper's dubs the prospective Coalition as being "separatist", even as his Conservative Party allies pursue the end of Canada, as we know it.

Mr. Stephen Harper can indeed be viewed to be a tragic political figure, not dissimilar to Mr. Nixon, who had pursued an ego-driven agenda, involving political intrigues that had ignored the U.S. Constitution, and public service to the American people.

Mr. Jack Layton's allegations of wire tapping espionage against Opposition parliamentarians also comes to mind.

Trevor Harrison book Of Passionate Identity indeed suggests that the architects of the Conservative Party have an ideological agenda to replace Canada, with some "Aryan" conception of a North America. Mr. Harper's apparent associates present a shared ideological agenda, that makes Mr. Duceppe seem to be some kind of boy scout. Mr. Harrison documents a clique of bona fide radical racists, and neo-nazi ideologues.

The NAU as confirmed by the public relations website, currently endows the control of Canada into the aspiring puppetmasters of U.S. Presidential Executive control in Washington D.C. Indeed, it is further corroborated by learned institutions like the Centre for Research on Globalization, that Mr. Harper's government has been inviting U.S bureaucrats to our nation's capital, in order to "harmonize" Canadian federal government departments and agencies, with their U.S. "counterparts".

Reporters on Steve Paikin’s TVOntario show, “The Agenda” expressed surprise at Mr. Harper’s bizarre expression of a non-constructive belligerent style, that has subverted the confidence of Canada’s Parliament.

But it is really, not hard to imagine that the "Presidential-like" bravado being presented by Mr. Harper, was also hatched by his American handlers, who neither have respect for Canada's parliament nor for our vital sovereignty.

The Harper government’s zealous pursuit of the NAU agenda, is a categorical breach of the Oath that every Parliamentarian takes to duly serve the people of Canada, and Her Majesty, the Queen of Canada.

The Governor General therefore not only can witness a government that has lost the confidence of Parliament, but a government that has effectively surrendered its lawful constitutional authority (pursuant to breaches of Oath, conspiracy, public law, and treason), in a Watergate-like abdication.

Indeed, how many Canadians would endorse a government that not only pursues a eugenics "survival of the fittest" ethos on the prevailing economic crisis, but also the unconstitutional surrender of Canadian nationhood?

It is true that former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin mischievously signed the SPP deal with U.S. President George W. Bush in 2005. However, Mr. Stéphane Dion as the new Liberal leader could repudiate this act of his predecessor. A public repudiation of Mr. Harper's continued support of the SPP-NAU agenda by the leaders of the prospective Coalition Leaders would further secure the legitimacy of parliamentarians to form Coalition.

Mr. Dion could make the following case to Canadians in a follow up Press Conference to the one that Coalition partners held on 1 December 2008:


My fellow Canadians, while my predecessor Paul Martin chose to support the Security and Prosperity Partnership in 2005, with the U.S. Bush administration, I cannot be bound in parliamentary law, by the decision of my predecessor. As further grounds for our Coalition government, I hereby renounce an Agreement which is being zealously pursued by the Stephen Harper government.

I cannot in good conscience as Liberal, in the footsteps of our Party’s former Great Leaders from Laurier to Pearson to Trudeau, to Jean Chrétien, allow my long public service in the inspired defence of our national unity to be questioned by a self-professed patriot, who hypocritically pursues the destruction of our nationhood.

As interim Prime Minister, in the tradition of other Liberal Leader’s that I seek to emulate, I solemnly pledge to Canadians to act responsibly in the redressing of a prevailing economic crisis. I further pledge to defend our vital sovereignty, that enables us to act as nation to defend our quality of living against further encroachment by Harper’s unlawful pursuit of a North American Union agenda...

The presentation of 'Freedom of Information' related documents uncovered by Mr. Hurtig, would nullify any attempt by the Harper government, to further legally frustrate and abuse parliament. Presented with evidence of treason, Conservative Party authority would be effectively voided in parliamentary law. The Stephen Harper government would have not authority to prorogue Parliament.

Harper's "Civil Assistance Plan" documented by the Centre for Research on Globalization, under the SPP-NAU agenda, gives the right of the U.S. military to unilaterally cross into Canada for whatever cover story. This unconstitutionally reached "Executive Agreement" that was made sometime in February 2008, is apparently only the tip of the treasonous iceberg.

Did you also know apparently, that under "NORTHCOM", Canada's military is now under U.S. Presidential Executive Control?

Why else do you think Canadian troops are being deployed in the most hostile parts of Afghanistan, under the apparent will of a U.S. Command structure's deployment prerogatives, in contrast with other countries?

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Canada is perhaps at the most critical time in its history, since Confederation in 1867, that had been galvanized in part, by U.S. political-military interests seeking to take over Canada and its affiliated British North American colonies. The Progressive Coalition can rejuvenate a vital Canadian spirit, while thwarting Conservative Party plans to pursue legal obfuscation tactics by coming clean with Canadians on the NAU.

If the prospective Progressive Coalition chooses to not to come clean with Canadians over the Watergate-like NAU affair, they risk the Harper government continuing to use Straussian and other neo-fascist tactics. These tactics seek to delay the will of Parliament, and also to defy the majority of Canadians who arguably seek the affirmation of Canada as a sovereign, nurturing, activist, socially responsible, and cosmopolitan society.


Opposition parties need to critically inform Canadians about the Stephen Harper government's reported clandestine execution of the North American Union (NAU) agenda.

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