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Capitalism: An alien ideology from who were as human beings

by Dr. John Singh

  In Greed We Trust

Let me ask you a couple of questions. What kind of milieu do you think would be more productive, and work better for all people involved: A room of ten people fighting with one another, or a room of ten people working cooperatively and consensualy with each other? Herein's my other question for you. Similarly, which milieu do you think would be more productive, and work better for all people involved: A community comprised of people who are fighting each other, in a state of broad-based conflict; or a community whose members work together in an empathetic and mutualistic manner?

Capitalism is an apparent trick which is designed to inspire humanity to accept the idea that a system of predation against each other, that results in the oppression of human rights, in social injustices, and in environmental destruction is the most constructive for humanity. It is apparent that capitalism is inherently conflictory. However, cooperation and mutuality is at the core of our spiritual interconnectedness as human beings.

Scholars like Dr. John Lash and Dr. Michael Salla, implicitly suggest that capitalism is literally an alien ideology that has been imposed on human reality by Manipulative Extraterrestrials. Capitalism, is an apparent ideology of a lower-dimensional reality that is native to regressive aliens. It places the pursuit of ego-driven power over social responsibility to defend and affirm our spiritual interconnectedness as custodians of each other, and of Earth's biosphere.

Through the promotion of capitalism, apparently, Manipulative Extraterrestrials that have infiltrated human institutions, can keep humanity divided into pursuing a relatively unproductive, and thoroughly destructive economic system. Capitalism makes it possible, according to the critical insights of Dr. Lash and Dr. Salla, for "archons" to manipulate, and to exploit humanity specifically, and Earth's biosphere in general.


Capitalism undermines a participatory democracy, by transforming the effective control of society from an existentially engaged diverse public, into the hands of a clique of wealthy 'owners of capital'. Dr. Lash and David Icke furthermore implicitly suggest that a regressive alien consciousness which has sought to rule humanity from an ancient era, has sought to inspire "capitalism" as a social control device in an alien ideology.

The communal-driven economic systems advocated by First Nations elders in Canada, and among other indigenous communities internationally, embodies the very ethic apparently that Manipulative Extraterrestrials have sought to repress, through capitalism. Dr. Salla specifically alleges that Manipulative Extraterrestrials prevail over a political-military-industrial complex that is propped-up in turn by a capitalistic ethic that has been imposed on Earthbound humans. Michael Salla specifically refers to this cited group as the Military-Industrial-Extraterrestrial Complex (MIEC). LINK

Capitalism does not reflect the kind of economic system that humans would organically generate with apparent intrusion by alleged regressive alien controllers, according to the composite representations of Dr. Salla, Dr. Lash, and other learned researchers. Capitalism apparently benefits alien control and domination of our planet Earth. That control is enhanced by artificially generating predatory conflict among humanity, as individuals pursue the quest for ego-driven power.

By recognizing capitalism as an imposed alien ideology, Dr. Lash and Dr. Salla suggest, humans can begin to appreciate the destructive impacts that capitalism has had on humanity, and our planet Earth, and they can that this separation is part of a regressive alien agenda.

According to economist Milton Friedman, 'capitalism' and 'freedom' go hand in hand. Ayn Rand, was credited with the pivotal mantra of our 'global economy', that "greed is good". But in practice, freedom does not go hand in hand with capitalism, and greed is destroying humanity and our planet Earth. Capitalism is perpetuated through affirming a state of mental slavery to monetary results among the "masses". The "masses are conditioned to " buy into a system of values, that is relatively destructive, and is apparently being prevailed over by regressive aliens from a lower-dimensional reality of sentient artificial intelligence.

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Dr. Lash documents that the Pagan Gnostics specifically referred to these cited regressive aliens as "artificial man". However, farfetched such an explanation may sound, the existence of an alien-inspired "command structure" of decision-making -- which is behind what our governments currently tolerate -- offers an illuminating explanation for the perpetuation of an economic system that reeks havoc on planet Earth. Pagan Gnostics suggests that once we critically become conscious of our human essence, we can begin to discern regressive alien intrusions on Earth, that us now operating through systems that pivotally include capitalism, and organized religion.

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