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UFO seen in Illinois' northern sky

Edited by Albert Rosales


The following UFO related sighting was reported to have taken place in Illinois in the United States, at 2:00 am on 6 January 2008.

The witness arrived home from work early in the morning and as he stepped out from his struck, he caught a glimpse of a light that was in the northern sky above the tree line. It seemed to be at a distance so didn’t pay much attention to it. As he walked to the front door of his home, the source of the light was not so far away. It was actually just above the trees. He stepped onto his porch and the light then slowly moved to within ten feet of the porch and about ten feet from the ground.

There was no noise and he did not feel threatened in any way. The light just hovered there. As he stood for about 2 minutes just looking at it, the object then began to emit a strange sound. It was a low tone and it was as if the object “was playing music to me”. It went from a low tone to a high tone, then back to the low tone.

As the witness stood there trying to figure out what the object was it began to change colour as the tone it emitted also began to change in pitch and length.

The object “played” the “music” for a period of time as the witness stood listening. He raised his hand and tried to feel it there was any heat coming from it, the object then emitted two bright glows of a light blue light and then became silent. It hovered for a few seconds and then it darted into the night sky at a high rate of speed.

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