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Goodhandy's in Toronto presents: Where's the Love?

Special to The Canadian

  Mandy Goodhandy

Mandy Goodhandy.

Toronto's pansexual playground Goodhandy's is holding a cabaret charity fundraiser for the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) that unites, for the first time, a mix of sexually liberated artists drawing from its eclectic club offerings including fetish parties, transsexual appreciation nights, gay porn star extravaganzas, burlesque shows and retro nights. As well, several mainstream artists have agreed to contribute, amongst them 4 time Juno Award winner Billy Newton-Davis and singer Suzie McNeil who was nominated for a Juno for New Artist of the Year (2008).

This continues Goodhandy's commitment to charity work. In 2008 the club raised over $10,000 for muscular dystrophy. In 2007 the club's Red Light Nights raised money for a constitutional challenge related to the decriminalization of prostitution, attracting performers and speakers including NDP MP Libby Davies, activist lawyer Allan Young and Valerie Scott, a prominent champion of sex worker rights.

Date: Fri. January 23, 2009
Doors open 9:00 pm
Cover: Sliding scale $5 to $10
Goodhandy's is located at 120 Church Street (at Richmond)

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