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EBE/UFO sighting in British Columbia

Edited by Albert S. Rosales

The following apparent UFO/alien sighting took place at 4:00 am on 2 February 2009 in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

The witness was camping in the Abbotsford outskirts area very late one night, and was having issues sleeping because of his back. He was sitting outside by the campfire when all of the sudden he felt an odd rumbling sensation in his abdomen. Compelled by the strange feeling, he picked his flashlight and looked around the area. He found nothing and decided to go and sit down again. He sat there for the next 20minuntes with a growing feeling of uncertainty and discomfort washing over him.

The air around him grew very warm; a high pitched sound reached his ears. Unsure of what was happening he stood up. A bright light with a red tint surrounded him. He felt himself loosing consciousness and he fell to the ground.

He drifted in and out of consciousness each time he awoke he remembered seeing a bright light and blurry silhouettes all around him. The most apparent thing to him was that the figures were short, no taller than a meter or so, and the table he was lying on was very close to the ground. He remembered that occasionally the abductors would speak to each other, always in a high-pitched language.

Many hours later he woke up, he was outside. He stood up and felt dizzy. Stumbling, he looked around the small clearing he was in. He finally found his tent, after walking around for nearly 15 minutes. He wasn’t exactly sure of what happened. He packed his tent and other camping gear as fast as he could. He drove back to his house and went to bed. His dreams were disturbed with strange dreams of symbols he’d never seen before, as well as that same strange high-pitched noise he had heard the previous night. Since then he had a psychological evaluation done, and it came out completely normal.

Source: NUFORC

Editorial reference: LINK

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