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EBE/UFO sighting in Western Australia

Alien Humanoid Sighting

Edited by Albert S. Rosales

The following apparent UFO/alien sighting took place late at night in July 2007 in West Swan/Western Australia.

I woke up in the middle of the night and looked across into our living room and saw a very tall and very thin humanoid type being with very long arms and legs but no distinguishable features looking at a statue that we have. This being was made up totally of light yet it had form that I could distinguish. It was an intense bright light although it did not hurt my eyes and did not radiate and brighten the room. I would say it would have been at least 7 foot tall. It did not look at me but was looking at this statue. For some reason, my husband walked around the corner (as I was sleeping with my young child) as he had got up and was coming towards me. He must have missed it by a split second and did not see anything.

I initially thought it was my husband's spirit as it was a being of a light and not a typical alien sighting that I have ever heard of. I do not believe it was my husband's spirit or a ghost as even though it was made of light, it appeared solid as I could not see through it. The strange thing is I am an extremely frightened person and this did not frighten me at all. I have since seen strange lights in our area within the last year but cannot be sure if they are in fact unidentified or not. But I do know what I saw and I cannot explain this.

I would love to hear if anyone else has ever seen anything like this also as there is virtually nothing on the internet about this.

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