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Nostradamus' and Gnostic insights into the Nature of the Universe

by Dr. John Singh

  John Lash

John Lash presents investigative research concerning the Pagan Gnostics on

Nostradamus and Pagan Gnostic insights collectively suggest that a central question for humanity is whether the prevailing theories of the origins of our universe are accurate; or instead is a deception. The insights of Nostradamus and Pagan Gnostics suggest the possibility that our Earth encircles a sun in an "artificial universe". If that is the case, what would be the purpose of the construction of such an "artificial universe"? Could the ongoing plight of humanity be related to such an insight?

French astrologer Michel de Nostredame, is usually Latinzed to Nostradamus. He could apparently predict the future by studying the stars and became known for his book of prophecies called "Les Propheties" (The Prophecies) which is credited with prediction of many world events. LINK. However, what, if anything, does the ability to predict the future from the stars suggest to us about the universe? The ability to "de-code" the universe in such a manner affirms Pagan Gnostic insight that the organic spiritual-biological consciousness of Earth has been entrapped into an artificial universe.

Melissa protesting at the Edmonton Legislature

Mandelbrot fractals.

Based upon Gnostic insight, the universe could only be de-coded this way if it was artificially constructed. This is inconsistent with the conventional scientific hypothesis that our prevailing universe originated from a Big Bang. According to the Pagan Gnostics, our solar system demonstrates the configuration of a demonic and parasitic Manipulative Extraterrestrial artificial intelligence, that has entrapped humanity into the lower-dimensional consciousness of an alien constructed universe.

  John Lash

Fractal patterns to some researchers suggest a possibly regressive alien constructed universe. Photo reference: LINK

Dr. John Lash documents that "The main cosmological texts in the Nag Hammadi Library, On the Origin of the World, The Hypostasis of the Archons, and The Apocryphon of John, are consistent in describing how the solar system arises as an inorganic simulation of the living pattern of the eternal Aeons." LINK

According to Pagan Gnostics, ego-driven regressive aliens that pagan Gnostics refer to as "artificial man", have sought to parasitize humanity through alien simulations that seek to deceive humanity. These deceptions apparently include using religions as a technique to undermine the natural human spiritual interconnectedness to each other and to Nature in general.

Melissa protesting at the Edmonton Legislature

Typically, the Archontic framework of the planetary system has been depicted by "armillary bands" that surround the Earth. (Illustration from A. Cellarius, Harmonia Macrocosma, 1660.) Taken in many esoteric systems (Hermetics and Rosicrucianism) as the preeminent image of cosmic harmony, the model of the planetary spheres reflects a mindless imitation of divine design, not the living reality of the cosmos. LINK

If the prevailing universe, and Earth's prevailing solar system is the construction of a regressive alien intelligence against humanity, then what insight does that provide on Nostradamus' predictions about 2012?

Nostradamus insights into apocalyptical events associated with 2012 may be associated with the termination of some kind of alien programme associated with sought alien 'controllers' that Pagan Gnostics refer to as 'archons'.

Humanity's quality of survival may very well depend upon critically appreciating the implications of Nostradamus' and Pagan Gnostic insights.

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