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Extraterrestrial Psychosis from Creationism to Evolutionism: Who are we as human beings?

Dr. John Singh
"Planet X" Orbit graphic. Reference:

Was the explanations for our origins as human beings in the form of "Creation Theory" and 'Evolution', spread into our civilizations by the operatives of Manipulative Extraterrestrials? Gerry Zeitlin suggests that Creation Theory and 'Human Evolution' are not opposing views. Rather, Zeitlin suggests that Creation Theory and Human Evolution were spread through the use of operatives of the Manipulative Extraterrestrials, in order to reinforce one another. Zeitlin is a co-founder of Open SETI, which suggests that elites have sought to cover-up rather than share their knowledge about various Extraterrestrial races.

Ha ha.. that is very funny... There is no such thing as ETs... ". Perhaps you might also add: "Well, maybe there are aliens somewhere in the universe.. but if they had been on Earth, I would know about it." Perhaps you know everything there is to know. Perhaps you might have also been among those people who thought that Galieo's testimony, that the Earth was round and orbited around the sun, was also the ranting of a madman or some sort equivalent of a "conspiracy theorists" of the time.

As humans, we often like to quickly dismiss "stories" of alien contact with human throughout history and even into present, because we, as humans, have been conditioned to accept certain "truths" of our origins. As human beings we have been socialized to accept one of two explanations of our origins as human beings. The two explanations is that we were either created by generally benevolent God(s) or have "evolved" from a primitive ape-like state.

As humans, modern capitalist society has conditioned us to govern ourselves with at least one of these psychological templates. So, when someone or a group presents us with "stories" of aliens which do not have an official part of our conception on ourselves as a species, such detail becomes quickly discarded as "garbage information".

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To consider the validity of Manipulative or Ethical Extraterrestrial contact with humans is to question our human origins. But, it is our resistance to questioning the integrity of the two dominant explanations for human origins, not something that may be at the root of our willingness to appreciate worsening problems on our planet Earth, that we as humans observe. These problems include ecocide and environmental degradation in general, the proliferations of wars; oppression in general; genocide and other crimes against humanity, human rights abuses, and also the inflictions of violent crime and various social injustices. What if our efforts to redress such problems are predicated on knowledge about our human origins, that have been repressed by the very alien contact that we have refused to consider in relation to our human "state of being".

"Ground Zero" of humanity's problems may lie in reflecting and solving one basic question that Creationism and Human Evolution theories have sought to conceal from our critical knowledge: "Who are we as human beings?"

A reflection on the extent to which there has been human hevolution, provides a contrasting perspective which suggests that our human origins can be critically understood if we seek to appreciate critically, the impacts of regressive alien contacts with human beings.

Indeed, a reflection on the perspective of 'human devolution', suggests that we, as humans, have been in an enforced state of decline under the intermediary control of lower-dimensional artificial intelligences. Dr. John Lash's research on Pagan Gnostics specifically identified the aliens as "artificial man" that have sought to mask themselves as "Gods" in stories of creations, and also to present themselves as "agents of progress" and "evolution" through their appointed "archons" on Earth.

According to Dr. Michael Salla's insights, Manipulative Extraterrestrials have sought to "download" their technologies onto Human Civilization, not to advance humanity, but instead to enslave humanity. Michael Cremo suggests that if we critically appreciated our human origins as being from a higher state of consciousness, we would readily see our "information technology" driven society as devolution and not progress.

By downloading these technologies, Dr. Salla suggests an alien agenda is to further dull the remaining sensual and cognitive capabilities of humanity in the false guise of progress.

Scholars like Michael Cremo, and detailed insights from indigenous communities that are represented, in part, by Zulu Elder Credo Mutu, indeed suggest a completely different concept of our human origins compared to those that have allegedly been presented by "emissaries of a regressive alien agenda".

Cremo presents findings that human have existed on Earth for hundreds of millions of years. Cremo suggests that our human ancestors were humanoids, ands were not ape-like, or the creations of "supreme Gods"; and also that our human ancestors existed in a higher level of consciousness, than the one which is promoted by our prevailing modern global capitalist milieu.

Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa and other indigenous historical representation, suggests that humans in a higher state of consciousness were telepaths who were without the need for speech. This state of telephathic connection, served to affirm humanity's former elevated spiritual interconnectedness with each other and with nature.

Many indigenous communities today, have sought to maintain the highly developed spiritual appreciation of each other and also with nature that had once been embraced by our human ancestors in general. According to indigenous elders and investigative researchers who include Michael Cremo, David Icke, and Dr. Michael Salla., elite-driven institutions of our global capitalist milieu have sought to destroy indigenous knowledge that would reveal the true nature of our origins.

To the human in the reported former state that existed before Manipulative Extraterrestrials came into contact with our planet Earth, Cremo suggests that our so-called "advanced technological society" and accompanying economic system and political-military institutions today would appear to them to be backward/regressive, oppressive, and barbaric.

Photo: Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa

The psychosis which operates as the Creationist-Human Devolution matrix, conditions how we perceive our so-called modern society.

Zulu Elder Credo Mutwa brought together historical accounts across indigenous communities about an invasion against Earth and its highly sophisticated but peaceful human populace of the tuie, by Manipulative Extraterrestrials. Alien contactees like Alex Collier have also made claims of Ethical Extraterrestrials seeking to spread awareness to humanity about a "hidden history" that is being kept so, under the directive of alleged Manipulative Extraterrestrial "information gatekeepers". Mutwa describes accounts of a secondary invasion by Manipulative Extraterrestrials that sought to infiltrate human institutions through "shapeshifting" capabilities, which African tribes in antiquity sought to defend against, in a broad period of "terror" against humans involving genetic experimentation. Such genetic experimentation in humanity's hidden history was in an apparent effort to destroy telepathic and other capabilities the aliens thought were a threat to their control.

These Manipulative Extraterrestrials have been documented by indigenous communities as having introduced organized religious to further repress humanity's former spirituality, and also hierarchical forms of organizations to replace former consensus-driven institutions.

Ever since, humanity has been plagued by spawning wars, malaise, and alienation which stem from its enforced de-evolution under an alien agenda.

According to representations of Gerry Zeitlin, Micheal Cremo, and diverse others who share views which complement Cremo's 'Human Devolution' as critical explanatory basis of appreciation our human origins, creationist stories in organized religions, and the idea that humans "evolved" from apes, were contrived by "information gatekeepers". These apparent "information gatekeepers" have apparently acted under alien-cult inspired mind control through oppressive Empires on Earth.

Mutwa and David Icke suggest that the emissaries of these Manipulative Extraterrestrials have sought to re-invent human origins in an effort to convince humans that they are on a course of progress under the providential guidance of elites, rather than under decline and devolution.

Human Evolution and Creation as reinforcing ideologies

As humans, we observe the on-going senseless and unabated destruction of the very environment that we depend upon for our quality-of-survival. Have you noticed, for example, that since the catastrophic BP oil spill, it has been "business as usual" for the oil companies? Indeed Big Oil and related "investors" were, in fact, protected during the Oil Spill which continues to spread its destruction. Independent journalists who were threatened with detention and arrests by a government authority system.

We also observe the proliferation of social injustice, the abuse of basic human rights, and the proliferations of wars which worsen, along with the apparent senseless destruction of our planet Earth, under auspices of elites that don‘t seem to care. Aren't we observing a context of enforced and pre-meditated human devolution into a barbaric abyss?

The peril that many of us observe as human beings, pivots on the extent to which Creation Theory and Human Evolution have served to reinforce one another, as instruments of destruction. Through "Creation Theory" and accompanying ideology which has been spread through the hierarchies of organized religions, we accept society as having been the creation of authority systems, rather than society as being the expression of communities that institutions must serve. Through a “Human Evolution” deception, we put blind faith into authority systems as broadly guiding our progress, although in fact, we observe that they are not.

Reflecting on Human Evolution and Creationist matrix of deception

It is a historical fact that organized religion has presided over much of the abuse of human rights; breaches of social justice; and has been used to legitimate wars. This puts into question Creation Theory's basic premise that human origins can be explained through benevolent God(s).

But what about Human Evolution as defined by scientific communities? According to scientific communities that defend Human Evolution, as a species we started from a "primitive" ape like state. Then, we embarked on a "road of progress" through successive genetic mutations accompanied by technological advances. But would a truly evolving species be engaged in the current path of apparent self-destruction that we observe?

Gerry Zeitlin further suggests that "Creation Theory" and "Evolution Theory" are complementary eugenic-inspired ideologies that have indeed been orchestrated by operatives of Manipulative Extraterrestrials. According to Zeitlin, the effect of Creation Theory and Evolution Theory is to make us as human beings blind to our de-evolution from our true origins as a species.

As human beings, we witness our de-evolution as a species into barbarians possessing the technological implements which will lead to our species destruction.

Gerry Zeitlin suggests that the key to understanding humanity's problem, may lie in revaluating the relationship between "Creation Theory" and Evolution Theory. Humanity's true origins may lie in appreciating our devolution as a species, rather than the embracing of the Human Evolution-Creationist matrix.

As human beings, we have been socialized to believe that the "theory of creation" and the "evolution theory" are polar opposites. On the one side there are the "organized religionists", who argue that humanity was "created" by a supreme paternalistic "God". On the other side there are the Establishmentarian "scientists" who argue that humanity evolved from an "ape-like" being. Zeitlin's insights suggests that humanity can avoid paths toward its destruction by appreciating "Creation Theory" and "Evolution Theory" not as being polar opposites. Accordingly, Zeitlin's insights suggest that "Creation Theory" and "Evolution Theory" are complementary ideologies that were intended to synergistically reinforce each other.

You might ask, how? "Creationism" is not just a theory on the creation of humanity by a "supreme God. It is a whole ideological system which was apparently intended to encourage us, as human beings to have blind faith in authority systems, i.e. we accept the idea of authority's version of 9/11, and the fate of Osama Bin Laden as reported by the mass media as "truths", and immediately reject any evidence which contradicts the representation of authority systems as "conspiracies". Indeed, Creationism is a way of thinking, apparently intended to condition us as human beings to see ourselves as being creatures of essentially beneficial authority systems, that we, as human beings are commanded to accept.

Protagonists of Evolution Theory seek to present documented evidence that humanity originated from ape-like beings. However, Zeitlin also exposes the ideological context of evolution theory which he links to "transhumanist" ideology. Evolution Theory embraces the idea of we as human beings, as essentially "progressing" as a species.

When brought together in our societal context both these theories condition us to put blind faith in "leaders", who are entrusted with guiding our course of ongoing "progress" toward more "advanced" states.

We as humans, cannot truly "evolve", as long as we are willing to accept our apparent course of "de-evolution" as being "progress".

As humans, we have been conditioned through the psychosis of the "Creationism-Human Evolution" matrix, to believe that there is a "pot of gold at the end of the rainbow". In spite of our current observations and concerns about an apparent path of decline and destruction under global capitalism and the wars that it has spawned, we, as humans, are simply required to put blind faith in "our leaders", and conclude that is will all work out for "the good" in the end.

It is only when we, as humans, are prepared to critically re-reflect on our origins as a species, that will we be at an state of being which will enable us to participate in the collective rejuvenation of our human civilization. Based upon the insights of indigenous communities, and researchers like Michael Cremo, human devolution presents a serious context which requires the critical re-consideration of our human origins.

It is may be vital for humans who seek save ourselves from an alien influenced path of destruction to learn the wisdoms of our human ancestors through indigenous elders, if we are to leader that we, as humans, in fact, de-evolved from a higher/elevated state of organic-spiritual consciousness. Such an evolved state of being, as further affirmed by Pagan Gnostic insights, had apparently embraced the affirmation of love and empathy for each other and with nature that have since become more and more alienated from our apparent dystopic and dysfunctional capitalist civilization.

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