Advertorials provide marketing advantages to expanding businesses

Is your business seeking an alternative to online banners?

Advertorials provide value-added advertising to small and medium-sized businesses.  Advertorials provide content which cannot be easily encapsulated in banners and other forms of online advertising. 

Advertorials can also be published in printed newspapers, and magazines, with a presentation which matches the "look" and "feel" of that publication.  The "advertorial advantage" is that bloggers online may freely distribute that content, if that advertorial provides value-added content to that blog owner for his or her website.

Banners do not get any such re-distribution. provides a great service for small, and medium-sized, business owners who seek to invest in the publishing of either 'online', or printed advertorials, instead of banners. 

Online banners often get ignored by users, unless you have a sufficient budget to saturate the attention of the minority of users who may decide to "click" on that banner.  Businesses may not receive more than a 2% click through rate on banners.  Online advertorials can generate over a 50% click through rate, depending on the goods or services being advertised.  Online and printed advertorials tend to spread much more brand awareness to readers. writes: "At its most basic, an advertorial is a piece of advertising made to look like content. How the advertising is disguised, what it looks like, and how thoroughly it's disguised can vary."

"Freelance writers looking for advertorial work may be in luck as companies seek to revamp marketing ploys and push into new markets. Those looking for advertorial work may want to target trade magazines and/or ad agencies," further adds.

If you are an owner of a small to medium sized business, stop wasting your money on banners that do not boost your sales.  You may wish to considering checking out the services offered by

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