What Business Professionals Say About Scrum Master Certification

A Scrum Master is the organizerfor an agile development team. The Scrum methodology allows the team to self-organize itself and make quick changes in line with the agile principles. The work of the Scum Master is to manage the process of exchanging information. Developers use the Scrum analogy in developing different types of projects such as the agile development software.

In a rugby game, the opposing teams huddle with each other as they prepare to start the game. Similarly, while developing a product, all team members huddle with each other every morning for a stand-up assembly to review their progress and start the project afresh. Thescrum master has to ask the team members several questions during the morning meetings that are typically referred to as scrums. Some of the issues are whether there are any impediments along the way, the activities they have to undertake during the day, and what they did the previous day.

The Scrum Master title sounds powerful, but he is neither the project leader nor is he accountable for the outcome of the project. The primary responsibility of the Scrum Master is to protect the team against outside distractions, remove any obstacles that hinder the progress of the team, assist the team to stick to the daily scrum rules and stay focused, and assist the team to get to a consensus on what they can achieve during a set period. Scrum Master Software developers also use the same principles while coming up with the programs.

The demand for Scrum Master Certification has been on the rise especially when dealing with career prospects. You have a broad range of courses to select from either Scum or Agile practices. You can either decide to become a Professional Scrum Master or a Certified Scrum Master. Most people don’t understand which one to choose. Let’s have an overview of what these five business professionals have to say about Scum Master Certification.

Reputed Institute

“You must consider a reputable institution and course while looking for the best option,” says Steve. He says that you can rely on these courses and institutions for a training process that is hassle free from the best experts in the global market. In his opinion, you need to get a brand that has global recognition as it can grant you an identity in most organizations all over the world.


Rahis Saifi stresses on the importance of content when looking for Scrum Master Certification. The business professional states that the CSM course is popular but the PSM syllabus is thorough as it tests the true ability of the learner in the Agile and Scrum fields. “The course is more difficult but you will prove your caliber and capabilities as a professional Scum Master” says Rahis. He states the PSM will give you a more practical approach as you have to go through several assessments during the training period. The program exposes you to broad Agile areas and how you can implement them in your personal projects and encourage the team members to implement those practices.


Steve states that CSM requires you to sit for a 35-question exam with a pass mark of 65%. However, PSM requires more effort and time. On the contrary, you have to go through an extensive assessment to test your capabilities before you take up the PSM exam. The exam has 80 questions with a pass mark of 85 percent. The PSM review has additional time limits and pressure but clearing this exam adds a lot of value to your bio data. PSM gives you an upper hand when it comes to bagging excellent jobs in comparison with CSMs.


Marylin states that it will take you a lot of effort and time to prepare for PSM certification by yourself. You need to get the best institution from a list of prominent ones that will give you tactics on how to handle this exam. It’s also important to make sure that the trainers are qualified and available. Institutions that have scarce instructors end up training a large number of students at the same time which affects the quality of the course.


Davis Brown explains that the price of PSM is not very different from other Agile courses such as CSM. This professional business consultant states that PSM may cost you a bit more, but it is worth your money. It’s an excellent choice as it enhances your practical knowledge. The course gives you a better idea on how to handle real time problems and situations that people face as they manage teams. He states that PSM certification exposes you to greater career prospects.

In conclusion, you need to identify the right institution through research before you make a decision to enroll or take up a test. The course should suit your time constrains, requirements, and qualifications. Be ready to put in more effort if you choose to do it without external assistance.


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