Montréal Business Journal Seeks to Project Fresh Progressive Voice for The City

The Montréal Business Journal is a different kind of online news outlet. Instead of just reporting straight business news for executives and investors, the Montréal Business Journal is looking to do much more. In fact, their mission is to integrate social responsibility and an environmental conscience into the breaking news of the day; subsequently establishing part of Québec's cultural identity as a progressive, forward-thinking province within Canada.

Traditional Business News Outlets

Let’s face it. You can get your business news in many different places: newspapers, television, the internet, radio, and magazines - but it’s all the same information. And it’s presented in a very unemotional, straightforward way. It has to be. Because the old-style media format dictates that the business news be presented as cold hard facts, with no interpretation.

That is unless an economist gives investors an opinion about how financially solvent a company is, or how a company is performing in the fourth quarter, or how a company’s decisions will affect the economy. These are cold hard facts along with speculative economic analysis. And you can listen to or read about the business climate and the economy all day long. There are labour statistics, economic growth reports, stock market analytics, corporate news, investment advice, legal updates, and the impact of politics on business.All of this information can seem very helpful to everyone, which is why many people follow business news.

But is this all they have to offer? Unfortunately, it is. This is traditional business news, designed to either help people get ahead or hold on to what they have. On the surface, this seems very generous: giving away free investment advice, leads for new jobs, and a heads-up on the economy - so that people can plan for the future.However, there is something missing. And that is where the Montréal Business Journal comes in. 

A New Kind Of Business News

The Montréal Business Journal examines and presents more than just the information that individuals can use to get ahead for themselves. The MBJ incorporates social responsibility and an environmental conscience into their news stories. For example, how would you like to buy lucrative stock in a fast-growing manufacturing company - only to find out they pay an unlivable wage to their workers and pollute the air just under mandated government regulations? You wouldn’t. Because while you want your investments to pay off, you don’t want to do it at the cost of human suffering and the destruction of the environment.

This is how the Montréal Business Journal is different from traditional business news outlets. When they present the business news - it comes from the perspective of the social and environmental impact that businesses, politics, technology, and the economy have on the lives of the people and the condition of the world around them. In fact, the Montréal Business Journal plans to start a dialogue concerning the principles of social justice and environmental protection - a dialogue which safeguards the quality of living for Montrealers, Canadians, and people across the planet.


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