Amazon now demanding marketplace sellers to submit videos for a facial recognition database

According to recent news reports, people who want to sell goods on Amazon would soon have to go through the questionable practice of having their faces recorded for 5-seconds by Amazon; this recording will then be processed through Amazon’s artificial intelligence (AI) apparatus for approval.

The report confirms that very soon, prospective Amazon Marketplace sellers will have their faces recorded via Amazon’s “Rekognition.”Rekognitionis a facial recognition technology that “verifies” potential sellers.

Ethan Huff who writes for Natural News likened this new development to the Armageddon, when he wrote “If you wish to sell goods or services within the digital universe of Amazon, which is rapidly gobbling up the entirety of the retail-sphere, then you’re soon going to have to submit to Amazon’s Mark of the Beast.”

Amazon, however, says that this move is purely to protect buyers on the platform. The giant online retailer claims that by using facial recognition to verify sellers’ identities, the company can create a safer and more honest Marketplace experience. Amazon insists that this move is part of a larger-scale effort to crack down on fake sellers, many of whom sell counterfeit goods via the Marketplace.

“We always experiment with new ways to verify the information sellers provide us in order to protect our store from bad actors,” said an Amazon spokesperson who spoke toDailyMail Online (U.K.). "Seller identification information is securely stored and used only for identity verification."

However, a lot of people have remained skeptical about the company's motives. Critics argue that Amazon is in the process of establishing the New World Order by effectingantecedents to the Mark of the Beast prophesied about in the Book of Revelation in the bible. Furthermore, privacy and surveillance experts cautionthe public about sending in their videos, alleging that thisdisturbing technology is just the most recentstage of a premeditated, technocracy-led confrontation to individual liberty. They liken it to the events of George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984.

Evan Selinger, who writes for, states,“Imagine a technology that is potently, uniquely dangerous? Something so inherently toxic that it deserves to be completely rejected, banned, and stigmatized. Something so pernicious that regulation cannot adequately protect citizens from its effects,” “That technology is already here. It is facial recognition technology, and its dangers are so great that it must be rejected entirely.”

Critics argue that Amazon’s Rekognition indeed deserves to be scrutinized because the technology can easily be developed to evolve into some sort of spyware that could be used to monitor individuals. This is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution.

“People should be free to walk down the street without being watched by the government,” warned the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Selinger further described the technology as “Oppressive, ubiquitous surveillance systems and the kind of loose and dangerous data practices that civil rights and privacy rules aim to prevent.”

“Consent rules, procedural requirements, and boilerplate contracts are no match for that kind of formidable infrastructure and irresistible incentives for exploitation,” he insists.


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