BairesDev becomes one of America’s Fastest-Growing Tech Companies

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need for many organizations to digitally transform, and according to Gartner, over 90 percent of businesses are now engaged in some form of digital initiative.

At the helm of this transformation is BairesDev, which has been committed to helping companies become more resilient and stay profitable before, during, and even after these difficult times. Founded in 2009, BairesDev provides highly skilled software engineering teams that fall within the top 1% of global IT talent.

BairesDev is one of the best software development companies in the Americas, employing over 1,500 individuals who are responsible for completing various IT projects for some of the biggest companies around the world. BairesDev has recorded a sustained average annual growth of over 50% and has gained recognition as one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S., according to the Inc. 5000 list.

In its September press release, Clutch—a leading review and rating platform for marketing, IT, and business service providers—announced that it had selected BairesDev amongst the best B2B companies in Latin America for 2020.

The tech company was among Argentina’s top 3 nearshore service providers. The list, compiled by Clutch, included over 400 Latin American countries and B2B technology leaders who provide services such as IT staff augmentation, bespoke software development, digital marketing services, mobile application development, and other similar services.

“It's an honor to be among the top nearshore companies in a region as competitive as this,” said Nacho De Marco, co-founder, and CEO of BairesDev in a press release. “But it's also an encouragement to renew the commitment to the high-quality customer service that has brought us this far.”

Since its launch, BairesDev has been committed to building a formidable team of technological professionals from the untapped talent of Latin America. This goal has positioned the company as a leader in nearshore software development, and the Clutch Leader Award is a testament to BairesDev’s core mission of delivering high-quality technology solutions.

Also, they have incorporated a remote working culture that has now become an important part of the company’s processes. This business model has been instrumental to their growth for over 10 years and has been equally instrumental in sustaining business growth amidst these uncertain times.

BairesDev has built several strong partnerships with numerous industry giants and has delivered software products for all business sizes, be it a start-up or an enterprise organization.

The need for highly specialized software development and engineering talent continues to grow and BairesDev was created with the sole purpose of becoming the largest software and IT talent outsourcing company, both inside and outside of Latin America.

By building a team of highly experienced, bilingual software engineers in major Latin American cities, BairesDev has been able to eliminate the challenge of cultural differences and time zones with foreign clients. They are present in several countries, such as Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, and the United States, with offices in Harvard, Massachusetts, and San Francisco, California.

Whether you need a fully managed team or individual professional software developers, BairesDev prides itself in providing end-to-end delivery of custom-made technological solutions for start-ups, SMBs, and enterprise businesses.

This software development company offers world-class custom software development services, designed specifically to suit your business needs and can equally work with unique needs to make your workflows far more efficient. BairesDev has worked with Google, Motorola, AutoDesk, SiriusXM, Pinterest, ViacomCBS, Rolls Royce, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

“Repeat business is the best testament to a team’s ability to perform, and I have no hesitation hiring them again. BairesDev’s pleasant collaboration style and high-level acumen rapidly catalyzed significant momentum towards achieving our objectives,” said Brad Mabry, Product Manager at Rolls-Royce.

The company delivers stand-alone and integrated testing services to its clientele, providing top-of-the-range quality assurance through its deep understanding of different business goals and applications.

According to The Financial Times, BairesDev is one of the fastest-growing companies in America with an absolute growth rate of 791.6% and a compound annual growth rate of 107.4 percent. These results point to the company’s successful methodology and increasing ability to continue providing excellent and innovative technology solutions.

With the demand for cloud computing expected to grow by 18 percent, BairesDev offers cloud computing services that help organizations drive innovation and transform their business, thus helping them to lower operational costs, reduce IT complexity and increase business agility.

Through technology, strategy, and design, the company creates various professionally built websites, native mobile apps, and advanced brand experiences that engage millions of consumers daily. From 24/7 monitoring to quick issue remediation and highly dedicated maintenance, BairesDev provides customers with three tiers, monitoring, remediation, and management, of professionally handled, scalable managed services to either complement or supplement your internal web operation teams.

“Having such a vast pool of talent, BairesDev has allowed us to staff our teams with solid engineers and execute our projects faster than ever. Their staffing process is way better than any other outsourcing company in the region, so we can always trust them,” said Ropu Rovagnati, SVP and Managing Director Latam at RG/A.

BairesDev has six core values: diversity, teamwork and collaboration, passion, transparency, client value creation, and efficiency, which have been the foundation of all the success stories the company has built over the past 10 years.

Their teams of data scientists are focused on solving problems and finding hidden patterns in structured and unstructured data. By combining different techniques and concepts, they can deliver high-performance data solutions that can make an instant impact.

One of their numerous success stories is Rolls-Royce. The company’s nuclear division works with engineering, data analytics, and support services to provide effective solutions for their nuclear power plants.

BairesDev was chosen to build a more efficient and user-friendly application within Rolls-Royce’s power plant system for real-time monitoring of alarms and alerts.

Today, the team at Rolls-Royce has an application that provides real-time information for effective decision-making and can equally access off-site data, while providing an excellent user experience and prioritizing cybersecurity.

The delivery team at BairesDev designed the project’s scope, tech stack, and backlog needed to fully access the power plant’s data. This data monitoring app can select and group different data points where users can gain access to sensitive power plant data. Users can equally create local alerts and receive instant mobile notifications when specific nominal values fall or rise between an already predefined range.

Other services offered by BairesDev include nearshore software development, UI/UX design, Internet of Things, and Blockchain consulting.

“BairesDev has helped us develop a secure bitcoin-based cryptocurrency platform with engineers that are qualified and proficient in cryptocurrency. We are extremely satisfied with their collaboration and achievement and are happy to have given BairesDev the chance to earn our trust,” said Willie Wang, VP of Engineering at Abra.

BairesDev has built a team of over 1,500 experts in diverse technologies, methodologies, and frameworks, and with over 1.2 million new applicants every year, the software company plans to continue its global expansion and is on a mission to become one of the world's biggest and most reputable IT companies.


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