AskAmbrose: Rona Ambrose Avoided Canadians’ Tough Questions During Twitter Q&A

Ambrose should have made it clear from the beginning that she intended to engage only loyal party followers. Canadians asked tough questions relating to former Conservative leader Stephen Harper’s destructive policies. Instead of showing us that she’s both different and true prime ministerial material, Ambrose ignored them.

Here’re a few of the questions Ambrose ignored. 

On the Conservatives’s well-documented wedge politics and racism:

A groundbreaking report released by the RCMP in 2014 found that nearly 1,200 aboriginal women have gone missing or been murdered in Canada in the last 30 years. During a December 2014 interview with the CBC News, Harper famously said a national inquiry “isn’t really high on our radar.” Under Ambrose, the Conservatives have made what appears to be a complete u-turn. They now say they support a national inquiry.

A recent book by Canadian journalist and author Chris Turner presented “a passionate and meticulously researched argument against the Harper government’s war on science.” The book, “The War On Science: Muzzled Scientists and Willful Blindness in Stephen Harper’s Canada,” discussed how the former Conservative government systematically politicized and controlled science, muzzled government scientists, and cut federal funding to research stations across Canada. According to Turner, the Conservatives engaged in “the most vicious assault ever waged by a Canadian government on the fundamental principles of the Enlightenment.”

report published in the scientific journal Nature last year stated that 85% of Canada’s tar sands must “remain in the ground” to limit global warming. The Conservatives are staunch champions of fossil fuel profiteers. Not long ago, the Guardian (UK), reported that the former Harper government had “spent several million dollars on a tar sands advocacy fund as its push to export the oil faltered“. The Conservatives’ denial of climate change is well-documented. 

Some Canadians still don’t see the difference Ambrose has made since she becoming interim Conservative leader last fall.

Ambrose is just not ready.

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