Alberta’s NDP Premier Sells out to Tar Sands

The New Democratic Party’s victory during the 2015 elections in Alberta brought some optimism. The NDP has always been a progressive political party that has sought to improve and protect the lives of citizens. The NDP made people see the need for drastic measures to be put in place in order to change the harsh weather conditions that were facing inhabitants. Just some months into the NDP’s governance and things have already started looking bleak. This goes on to show how majority of human institutions cannot be trusted.

At a time when the majority of people in Alberta feared for the worst due to the various life-threatening environmental effects that accompanied the Alberta Tar Sands, the NDP was looked at the only party with a vision for the citizens. There was hope for a better and brighter future in store for the people of Alberta from the very day that they took over political power. However, recent happenings and occurrences have really brought out the true colours of the NDP. As a party that had not long ago pledged so much to the people of Canada, it came as shocking news to almost every individual when it was realized that the NDP has crumbled under the pressure from oil money.

This is not the first time that a promising political party has failed to deliver on its promises as a result of big oil money. Money, seen as the root of all evil, has once again taken precedence over the survival of the human race. People in high governmental positions no longer care about the wellbeing of their fellow human beings as they strive day and night to acquire wealth to the detriment of their others. Who would have predicted that the lure of Big Oil money would force the NDP to deviate from its enshrined principles. That is how low some people are willing to stoop in order to get their selfish financial gains extravagantly met at all cost. The control of oil money has led to various cases of human rights being trampled upon by sitting governments in most of the oil-rich countries all over the world and sadly enough Canadian politics has now been dragged into this mud. Crude oil has always been a strong force to contend with in the fight for a sustainable environment through renewable energy but the NDP just fell in love with the power that came with having control over the Big Oil Money.


With the government now under the dictates of oil money, the immediate affected area is the Canadian Renewable Energy Sector which had sought above all things to bring to the barest minimum human dependence on crude oil. It is not too late to change from the dangerous path that the NDP has embarked on in order to save human life and ensure that creation of a sustainable habitat but it should be done now. 


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