John Summers: A Human with an Alien Mindset

Get the book on John Summers HEREThis is a story of evil and profound injustice in the legal community.  Explore demonic minds in the legal community that include judges.

In a society where the justice system is regarded as the last place to obtain justice, it comes as a big shock that a lawyer can stoop so low in order to psychologically break down an elderly sick woman. Well-meaning humans in Canada and all over the world are finding it very difficult to come to terms with what really compelled John Summers, an Ottawa based lawyer to fabricate and falsify evidence against Dezrin Carby-Samuels, a sick elderly woman. This is a woman who has been at the receiving end of countless domestic abuse from her husband, Horace Carby-Samuels and daughter, Marcella Carby-Samuels.

For over a year now, Dezrin and her son, Raymond Carby-Samuels have been doing all that they can just to see each. However, all the attempts made by mother and son have always been thwarted by Horace and Marcella. Raymond was of the view that things were about to change for the better when the justice system got involved. How wrong he was. Things rather went from bad to worse as the lawyer hired by Horace and Marcella is willing to do anything he can just to see that justice is never served. At a point in time when it became clear that Horace had a loose end in the case by not filling his defence, John Summers jumped to his defence by claiming that Horace was ignorant of the various court procedures. However, Horace is the same person who had the courage to dismiss his lawyer in order to present his own side of accounts during a case in 1990. So how can such a person claim to be ignorant of court procedures in 2016?

The lengths that John Summers together with Horace and Marcella are willing to go are unimaginable. They are prepared to even bend the law just to see to it that Dezrin and Raymond never get the justice that they deserve. The crimes being perpetuated by John Summers in collaboration with Horace and Marcella are not only against a sick elderly woman but in reality actual crimes against humanity and society as a whole.

One can only imagine the pains and psychological trauma that Dezrin may be going through right now for it is never an easy thing to have your own husband and daughter team up just to push you to your grave early. The most surprising thing is the fact that Horace, Marcella and John Summers are all enlightened individuals in the society and as such expected to know better. However, their actions completely portray a behavioural pattern that is very alien to human nature. One will not be very wrong to consider them as being aliens in human form since John Summers once claimed that alien beings visited him whilst he was asleep.

It is about time the people came together to help weed out the canker that has started showing its ugly head in our societies before it gets out of hand. The earlier alien behavioural patterns like that being displayed by Horace, Marcella and John Summers are clamped down, the better it will be for the entire human race.


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