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Security Perimeter about U.S. take-over, and not “border security”

by Peggy Chan

The so-called “Security Perimeter” is not substantively about so-called ”border security”  That is an apparent public relations facade according to activists like Connie Fogal. 

The “Security Perimeter” promises to erase the internaitonal border between Canada and the U.S., and enable the elites U.S. political-military-industrial complex, and their collaborators, to take-over and control Canadian resources, just like they already have done in Iraq.

Iraq is becoming an increasingly improvrished society, in spite of that country’s tremendous assets of oil.  That is because U.S. corporations control Iraq rather than the Iraqi people. 

These same U.S. corporations that currently run Alberta, and their Tar Sands,  seek to use the “Security Perimeter” to erase our international boundary, in order to enable the same kind of U.S. corporate control over resources in Canada.


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