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Border Pact: Trudeau’s Spirit confronts Stephen Harper and his Past Life

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The Diary of a Canadian Nationalist

According to you, Mr. Harper, our Prime Minister, we, Canadians need not be concerned about matters of Canadian sovereignty in relation to the Border Pact and Security Perimeter that you have negotiated. But what confidence should we, as Canadians, have in leaders, like you, who have been enthusiastically involved in groups committed to erasing the U.S.-Canada border? Has the “leopard really changed its spots?”

Mr. Trevor Harrison documents in the book entitled Of Passionate Intensity, that Prime Minister Stephen Harper was a member of the ultra-right wing Northern Foundation in 1989. Mr. Harrison documents that this Foundation was comprised of Neo-Nazi social Darwinist intellectuals who were committed to the Anglo-Saxon led unification of North America.

You, Mr. Harper would eventually "officially" break-away from this group. We applaud you for seeking to turn a new leaf. But, did you, really? Upon closer examination, the substantive policy direction of the Conservative government on the Border Pact, appears to be emphatically driven by the expressed agenda of the Northern Foundation, and Big Business oriented think tank groups you have supported like the National Citizens Coalition.

If now, as Prime Minister, you act in behalf of Canadians and not groups like the Northern Foundation, then why have you denied our democratic rights as Canadians to fully examine, and openly debate your Border Pact?

Why have you only apparently sought to consult with representatives of the very interests that you say, you have supposedly left behind? Why should we only get details trickled to us about the Border Pact, after you have officially committed the Security Perimeter into law? Why have you fully consulted with Mr. Obama and his American advisors on a Border Pact, while you deny the right of Canadians to similarly examine? Are we living in a democracy that Canada represents, or a version of Communist China?

It was Pierre Elliot Trudeau who once said “We wish nothing more, but we will accept nothing less. Masters in our own house we must be, but our house is the whole of Canada.” You, Mr. Harper, and your colleagues have betrayed all that Canada has become; all that Canada is; and future possibilities of what Canada can become. You send our military abroad to supposedly fight for democracy in Afghanistan and Libya. Yet, you ignore the pleas of our veterans; and our inviolable right as members of a democracy to examine and debate your Border Pact.

Through “Beyond Borders”, you are executing a Pact to destroy the Canada that we all love. Bye, bye our Canadian border. Bye, bye our rights and freedoms. Bye, bye our Canadian public healthcare system, as your government seeks to “harmonize” Canada to American public policy legislation. Bye, bye also our privacy, as we, as Canadians, become subjected to live tracking 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week under the auspices of U.S. Homeland Security.

Bye, bye also to the legal affirmation of Canadian standards which has been responsible for Canada’s higher quality-of-living, than in the United States.

Prime Ministers since Sir John A. Macdonald have always been confronted with operatives of North American Union. These operatives have been associated with reactionary ideological cliques that have embraced a commercialy-focused "service-to-self" orientation. These cliques have sought to cloak themselves with various labels. Such misleading labels include “Commercial Union”, and “Free Trade”. But, never before has one of these groups apparently hijacked not only the Office of Prime Minister, but also apparently, the whole of nation's Parliament with "Quisling" collaborators.

It is apparent that you, Mr. Harper, speak with what our First Nations would call ‘a forked tongue’ on matters of Canadian sovereignty. You never defended Canadian sovereignty before you became Prime Minister, and since becoming Prime Minister have been negotiating away our sovereignty. This includes the Civil Assistance Plan that you also negotiated secretly, which already allows U.S. troops to enter into Canada, that also effectively placed our Canadian military under the control of U.S. NORTHCOM. 

Your so-called defence of Canada's Arctic was apparently in behalf of Washington D.C. concerns about Russian, and other competing claims, and not an affirmation of Canadian sovereignty.

There is perhaps no greater test of sovereignty for a people, than the ability to control their own borders free of external control. Indeed, a nation only exists when it can fully control its own borders. A community that cannot control its own borders does not exist, as a nation. “Beyond Borders” seeks to convert Canada into a colony of the United States, and to make us all subjects to the new U.S. National Defense Act, which has been broadly denounced by Americans as being oppressive, and fascistic.

It was my friend The Right Honourable John Turner who had provided the following insight on 12 October 1988 in the “Free Trade Election”:

"Any country that is willing to surrender economic levers inevitably yields levers politically and surrenders a large chunk of its ability to remain a sovereign nation. I don't believe our future depends on our yielding those economic levers of sovereignty to become a junior partner in Fortress North America to the United States."

John Turner had indicated to me that someday, the backers of Free Trade would eventually seek the U.S. take over of our beloved Canada.

As a Canadian economic nationalist, I recognize that we have a right to be “masters in our own house”. As Canadians, we have a right to be free and independent, and to have full control over our own borders. We have a birthright to protect our traditions, and our values, in matters which include the affirmation of human rights and social justice, which has made us the envy of the world, including the envy of millions of Americans. We have a right to make the laws which affirm our national identity as Canadians who are free and independent.

You, Mr. Harper, and your colleagues have apparently sold-us-out, to the very apparent interests and ideological agenda that you claim to have renounced. Canadians elected you as a majority government. But, how does a majority government entitle you to now destroy the very country which entrusted you with leadership? It was Mr. Trudeau who also once said “I think we have to realize that Canada is not immortal. But if it is going to go, let it go with a bang rather than a whimper.”

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