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Ottawa: PM pursues War through Orwell playbook — Bill C-26

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Bill C-26, the Citizen’s Arrest and Self-Defence Act, is in the House for third reading in the House of Commons. Bill architects seek to transform the existing Criminal Code sections dealing with the rights of self-defence and citizen’s arrest.

Quebec during the 1960’s experienced the Quiet Revolution. In 2012, it is apparent the we Canadians are experiencing another “Quiet Revolution“. This new “Quiet Revolution” comes courtesy of Bill C-26, and a variety of other new “edicts” which are being quietly pushed by Stephen Harper’s government.

Quebec’s Quiet Revolution was inspired by the people. In contrast Bill C-26 is the Quiet Revolution of an apparent elite-driven control system, which is pursing an apparent contrived “Culture War” against our very soul of who we are, as a nation.

As a nation, are we to continue to embrace the “rule of law” and the affirmation and due process of the rights and freedoms of all Canadians? Or, do we, as Canadians further give up our rights and freedoms?

The Ottawa Citizen in its 25 April 2012 edition reports that Elizabeth May, who leads the Green Party of Canada, is the only MP to oppose Bill C-26.

So, what is Bill C-26? This Bill runs under the title of the “Citizen’s Arrest and Self-Defence Act“. The term “Self-Defence” was used to encourage Canadians to think that this Bill was designed for our protection. However, that could not be further than the truth. “Self-Defence” is an apparent marketing ploy which was taken from the pages of George Orwell’s newspeak in the book entitled Nineteen Eighty-Four (first published in 1949).

Wikipedia elaborates:

Newspeak is a fictional language in George Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. In the novel, it refers to the deliberately impoverished language promoted by the state. Orwell included an essay about it in the form of an appendix in which the basic principles of the language are explained. Newspeak is closely based on English but has a greatly reduced and simplified vocabulary and grammar. This suits the totalitarian regime of the Party, whose aim is to make any alternative thinking—"thoughtcrime", or "crimethink" in the newest edition of Newspeak…

The apparent agenda of this Bill is to move law enforcement in Canada away from trained and qualified police officers, and away from the due process of law. Bill C-26 architects envision “Dog the Bounty Hunter” wannabee type mercenaries becoming “law enforcers” who are paid to serve fascistic “private-public partnerships“.

Bill C-26 will empower Big Businesses in Canada to form their own security details, to arrest and detain protesters or anyone else -- at will.

“Troublemakers” labelled as “terrorists” can then be detained indefinitely in private run jails and detention centres created by Bill C-26 sponsors.

The anti-democratic agenda of Bill C-26 type legislation is poignantly evident in Iraq, where private security firms have created insecurity and havoc.

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