7 Reasons why you shouldn’t send nudes on snap

Sexting is at the top of cybersex and we enjoy it with more freedom day after day. Apps through which we share the eighth wonder of the world, the naked human body, are crowding the net trying to make their way directly to success. After trying several of them, I definitely don’t recommend that you use Snapchat to set your sexy adventures free on the cyberspace. Instead, I absolutely think that xpost is the best one. Read me, I’ve got many things to tell you about my experiences with both of them.

Learn why I would never use Snapchat for a sex experience again

#1 - Are you sure it is consequence free?

Snapchat promises your nudity, and whatever you choose to capture as an image, will be ephemeral. However, how sure can you be about your picture not being ‘kidnapped’ by a hacker? It may also happen that the app fails and your awesome body is not deleted from the receiver’s phone.

#2 –Would you stick your neck out for the receiver?

The fact that the photo disappears from the receiver’s phone doesn’t mean that he or she can’t reproduce it using another device. I assume you’ve already heard about pitiful stories about pitiful bodies being mocked at just for having reached the wrong hands. Do you really know for sure he or she’s not going to make the laughing stock of you?

#3 –Endless usernames

Snapchat obliges you to create a pile of different usernames and fake accounts to freely enjoy its porn pictures. That’s really time-consuming. We’re real men looking for real nude girls in real time, and Snapchat isn’t prepared to satisfy our demands in that aspect.

#4 –There’s no connection in real time

You can’t have sex on demand through Snapchat and that’s something obsolete. I want an app through which I can connect with girls around the world in real time. I’m a demanding man, aren’t you like me? What I need is to connect with a beauty in Singapore who’s really as horny as I am right now. That’s the only way to get a worthy picture of a nude girl.

#5 –You could ruin your relationship

Sexting isn’t something your girlfriend is willing to allow you to do. The use of Snapchat can be dangerous if you’re under the dynamic of sending and receiving pictures with a specific person. Imagine you’ve just had sex you’re your girlfriend and the picture of the girl you’re sexting with pops up on your mobile screen, which you left on the night table. Something like that may not only spoil the moment, but also the whole relationship.

#6 –Snapchat tells you about infraction… but what can you do about it?

Snapchat is committed to tell you when someone has decided that your body is so delightful that your receiver takes a screenshot of it. That’s fine, but… what can you do about it? Apart from knowing that you can’t trust that person anymore, the only thing you can do now is to pray your body (with your facial features included) not to start sailing the net to make you famous for the wrong reasons. 

#7 –You could end up being part of a sexting blog without your consent

There are blogs specially designed to exhibit photos which have been product of sexting. Whenever a person makes a screenshot of your photo, that image can be part of a sex or porn site whose owners are impossible to track. The result can be from becoming popular to gain a completely wrecked reputation. Remember that the web is something everyone has access to. You wouldn’t be the first, and unfortunately nor the last one, in losing your job because of an indecent picture navigating on the net.

Why xpost is the best app for sexting discreetly

#1 – Xpost is more than a photo platform, it’s a place to tell stories

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about a bedtime story, I mean a really sexy and erotic story told by the protagonist itself. Connecting with xpost has allowed me to meet real girls with the same idea as me: sharing a moment of pure sex, and I can assure you that such thing means much more than just photos. This is the place to make your fantasies come true.

#2 – Forget about being banned for ‘inappropriate’ behavior

Naughty storiescan be banned. When the platform hasn’t been created with a sexting purpose, anything can be considered offensive and your hormones are in the moderators’ hands. That’s quite unfair. Luckily, xpost is a place carried out by people who know what we boys and girls are looking for. I met girls who told me the stories other platforms banned them. And believe me, they were really amazing. I can’t imagine sexting in any other place now.

#3 –Porn on demand for your delight

The freedom of chatting with a girl who you can ask to please you in every possible way is priceless. And of course you can give that pleasure back to her… they are also eager to watch you touch yourself and many other nasty things you can only do here. This is so real that you feel as if the girl were right there in front of you. Imagine a sex game, but with the slight difference of being with flesh and blood girls.

#4 – Mind connection

If the story of a girl going crazy because of your sex proposal through more naïve platforms sounds familiar to you, I think you need a double dose of xpost. Here you’ll find girls who want the same as you: sexting. You won’t even believe this, but a lot of them have boyfriends or even husbands, but they live under the philosophy of sharing your sexiest side with strangers. It’s just awesome to form part of a community whose members self-indulge through exultant pleasures, such as sex. Once you register in xpost, your mind will be connected with thousands of people sexually synchronized with you.


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