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Establishment of Palestine State: Obstacle and Opportunity

It appears, the pro reactionary Israeli (Zionist) strategists and Jewish lobbyists cum criminals, continue to have upper hand at White House, no matter who becomes the custodian of it.

The Obama-Netanyahu duo, just like their predecessors did before them, has been enjoying too much on the sufferings of besieged Palestinians - both Hamas and Fatah while the PLO leader M. Abbas, who played and lost the pro-Israel politics, does not seem to come out of US clutches to pursue the Palestine cause purposefully. These big cheats, guilty of genocides of innocent Palestinians, are trying to fool the Palestinians and world at large that they are very serious about peace in Mideast. USA and Israel continue to bully the PLO chief to bypass UN route if Palestinians want freedom and continue to “talks” without any result, except, of course killing of Palestinians. They know UN route is the most perfect in given circumstances.

The UN General Assembly is likely to pass a resolution, moved by the Palestinians, on 21 September recognizing a Palestinian state. That will ensure its speedy conversion into a UNSC resolution to declare Israel the occupying power of a UN member state. A senior Palestinian official said that mass marches against Israel will begin on September 20th, the day before the United Nations General Assembly votes on recognition of Palestinian statehood.

Global dictator and the president of unilateral USA and unashamedly pursuing imperialist policy, Obama, who also claimed to be a top crusader for the cause of peace and got a Nobel peace prize on that account prematurely, is now committed to vetoing that resolution, stopping all efforts by the globe community to generate good will to establish much delayed Palestine state for peace in Mideast.

Personally Abbas will not want to go ahead with that vote if the other major powers do not back him. The Arab League, which is busy in collaborating with Western terrocracies by all means in destabilizing Muslim nations in Mideast, will need to be mobilized to support a Palestinian decision to resume talks.

Meanwhile, the Israel’s Mossad agents and other powerful Zionist lobbyists well-settled in USA, financing the US polls and politicians, are pushing Obama also, like his predecessor Bush Jr did, to visit Israel and deliver the “talks” invitation himself. Obama knows that time is not on Israel’s side. Mossad wants Obama to care so much about the future of their children and be determined to help the Jewish state achieve a secure peace.

Netanyahu has been pestering Obama to announce resumption of the negotiations with a timeline for an agreement by the September 2012 UN. Abbas now declares his preference is for direct peace negotiations with Israel within the framework of pre-1967 borders modified by land swaps in return for the Palestinians dropping the UN option.. His envoy said in Washington that Abbas is even ready to drop his precondition of a settlement freeze. The fact that no one seems to take this offer of “talks” seriously is a manifestation of how thoroughly the three leaders together have managed to discredit the only possible way of UN route to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But Obama, Netanyahu and Abbas swear that the negotiations, though bogus in contents, remain the only mechanism that can produce a positive outcome. Jerusalem and refugees could be dealt with in the future “negotiations” and the final agreement would end the conflict and all claims, and provide mutual recognition for Jewish and Palestinian homelands.

The Obama gimmick in using US veto in favor Zionist crimes and against Palestine would obviously trigger further disillusionment not just among the Palestinians but also in the already tarnished presidency of Abbas. Genuinely threatening a UN vote on Palestine is a useful tactic for increasing pressure on Netanyahu and Obama. Obama had said on May 19 that any future Israel/Palestine peace agreement should be generally based on the 1967 borders. But, facing stiff resistance from Zionist criminals, he has refused to further pursue the issue, thereby letting his opponents to make fun of him.

Palestinians have been struggling to obtain an independent Palestine once again to live free from Zionist attacks and massacres and all the “talks” between them and the illegal Israeli occupiers have failed so far owing to the lack of sincerity on the part of the Zionist leadership as well as the western sponsors led by the unilateral USA. The USA and Israel have objected the Palestinian’s diplomatic offensive, calling instead for a resumption of direct peace negotiations.

The notorious UNSC seems to have given blanket approval of Zionist crimes against humanity. A close ally of US led NATO, fascist Israel also kills defenseless Palestinians and uses the corpses as a bargain chip with the Palestinian leadership over their freedom struggle for an independent Palestine state to be a full member of UN. A recent announcement by Israeli military minister Ehud Barak, former terror PM of Israel, that he had placed a hold on plans to transfer the bodies of 84 Palestinian terrorists killed in attacks on Jews has sparked outrage among Israelis who knew nothing about the plan until Barak’s announcement. Washington which claims to be crusader for the cause of ‘freedom’ and ‘democracy’ does not open its dirty mouth on the issue.

The Zionist regime sends exclusive Mossad agents trained in sabotages, terror operations, subversive activities, and essentially anti-Islamic as its envoys to foreign capitals to advance Israeli illegal objectives- the primary one being the sustained anti-Palestine campaign. Islamic Jihad said had carried out the latest rocket and mortar attacks after the killing of its leaders on 24th Aug, in Israeli missile strikes on their cars. Hamas, which governs Gaza, accused Israel of undermining the truce it announced late on Sunday, having pressured smaller, more radical militant groups to join it. Hamas said such aggressive behavior confirms that Israel has no true intention of maintaining the truce and insists on escalating the situation.

Washington always spoke for Jews and defended Zionist crimes against humanity. Zionist and US double-speaks have converted a peaceful Gaza into a terror zone. But Israel and USA have now projected the Gaza Strip besieged by Israeli military blockades and terror attacks killing innocent Palestinians as the danger zone. Gaza is the world's fourth-most-ancient city, but Israel that indirectly occupies it by putting terror blockades and effectively controls it from outside does not permit any foreign tourists to visit the city. Blockaded by Israel and Egypt, impoverished and subject to Islamic strictures, the Gaza Strip isn’t on the itinerary of most of the world’s tourists, but that hasn’t deterred Gaza City from producing a map highlighting local "must sees" –a the brainchild of students and lecturers at the Geography Department of the city’s University College of Applied Sciences (UCAS). This was the project of their dream and aspiration.

Like an extra ambitious and over-corrupt India, terrorist Israel also makes strenuous efforts to influence all UNSC-5 rogue states and other big powers to defend their illegal occupations and crimes against humanity. Israel-China relations, which have focused on cooperation in high technology, have shown signs of widening over the last several months to encompass closer defence and security ties, and academic exchanges. Ehud Barak visited China in June, the first time in over a decade by a defense minister of Israel, which at one time sold over half a billion dollars of weapons to China annually before US squeezed Israel to halt those ties in the late 1990s.

Some Observations

Zionistic fascism is still not satisfied with the amount of Palestinian blood it has drunk for years so far and Israeli air strikes have killed many people in Gaza, including children, old people and women. Yet, the ICC and ICJ continue to pretend to be semi-blind able to see only the retaliations of Palestinians to the recurring Zionist terror attacks.

Obama is an apparent titular-oriented figure head of pretensions, and does not support the Palestine cause genuinely. If Israeli fascism cannot be contained effectively, Israel should be shifted to USA or Europe that have got the capacity to withstand Israeli terror operations. USA and European nations must withdraw from all Muslim lands, drop their support for all western installed and backed dictators and let Muslims choose their own leaders. Also Europe and the West have plenty of land, enough and more to spare for Europeans who have stolen land in Palestine and forced its own people out and to this day continue to bomb, invade and occupy their lands.

Both the USA and its protégé Israel oppose an independent Palestine, the Hamas-Fatah unity agreement, pressing for abrogation of the unity agreement and want to finish off Hamas to provide justification for Zionist crimes. Israel prolongs illegal colony expansion, illegal occupation and massacres and still harps on the terms of reference to provide for land swaps and recognition of Israel’s right to exist as the Jewish homeland by killing Palestinians. The Quartet conditions are based on what Israel wants in Mideast.

The USA and Israel are playing their dirty politics against the genuine interests of Palestinians to secure a homeland of them in a credible manner.., These terrocracies are deliberately creating obstacles for the creation of Palestine and killing the Palestinians Palestinians so far trusted both America and Israel to find a credible solution to the world's most crucial issue, but both have so far betrayed the trust reposed by the Palestinians on them and they have already lost thousands of Palestinians, including women, and children in Zionist terror attacks.

If Israel or USA declares at least now the much delayed Palestine that should be all right for the region and only the modalities ought to be worked out. But as such there is no hope for any outcome from the bogus "talks" the USA and Israel try to impose on Palestinians so as deny them the best chance for peace. In case the Israeli leaders or Obama quickly arrange for a "talks" the Abbas on behalf of the Palestinians might even attend them without outcomes but the UN route is the best solution. And if the Palestinians do not go for the UN support now, it might to be even more difficult in the future to do so because the enemy of Palestine would work out new strategies to thwart any attempt through UN and they would not even talk about peace.

Obviously, the devils are upset now about a possible peaceful and prosperous Palestine at long last by getting out of US-Israeli trap. US-Israeli combine consider the UN route a slap on their joint mischief for years. Obviously, the terrorist Israeli regime and its western promoters have been deeply worried about the peaceful UN route chosen by the Palestinians. Palestinians, instead of trusting the rogues in democracy suits, must go all out for the UN route and see what happens. They must trust the Almighty's power instead of the gimmicks by Zionism and fascism.

If the USA or Russia opposes the General Assembly resolution recognizing Palestine, Palestinians would be further pushed to the walls by Israeli air-strikes. But in trying to defy overwhelming international support for the Palestinians will put America at odds with sentiment in the Arab world just as Obama is supposedly trying to shape so-called “democratic transitions” by looting their resources.

The Palestinians have got nothing to lose by approaching the UN but will only gain if the world body behaves properly. The new Egypt and Islamic Turkey are expected to play pro-active but positive roles in favor of the besieged, oppressed and homeless Palestinians.

Hopefully president Obama does not play dirty tricks with the Palestinians and the Arabs, Egypt and Turkey stop supporting Israel for whatever reason making Israel see reason to sincerely support the genuine cause of Palestine.

About the writer:

Dr. Abdul Ruff is a specialist on State Terrorism;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Former university Teacher; Website: http://abdulruff.wordpress.com/


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I am Jewish. Not every Jew agrees with both of your apparent support for the racist Zionist oppression of Palestinians and Arabs, in Israel. That is not the spirit of the Jewish people.
I can't believe that this garbage has been up on this site for over a week and there have been no comments. Obviously the people who run this site are supressing comments that don't agree with their biased and anti-semitic point of view. Stop your fascist censorship.
Rediculous, Israel forever, Palestine is just an old temporary British colony. 2 states, we already have it, Jordan is 80% so-called Palestinian(a term that referred to Jews in British mandate Palestine, later hijacked by the terrorist human rights abuser and child molester Yasser Arofat in aid of his war of propaganda to fool the mass ingnoramuses)and has already been given to the Arabs from land pomised to the Jews in the Balfour decleration. This two state system functions peacefully. Ultimately if the the vote is approved (massively unlikely) the Arabs (fake so-called Palestinians) will attack Israel in a violent murderous campaign. And Israel will crush them hard and fast, and send them back to Jordan, win win then!

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