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The Two ‘C’s’ to Global Financial Dominance

Face it, the world, as becoming increasingly evident, is comprised of just two types of Beings: the CORRUPT and, the COMPLACENT. And unfortunately, it would seem, the former are most definitely winning.

Fast approaching the twelfth year of this new millennium, a century one thought to herald new beginnings of 21st century promises is, so far, amounting to being one dismal failure.

The obvious turning point: 911

Though arguably the most over used iconic reference, it admittedly is when all societal values established until then, simply started to fall apart. Now, no one would argue that the seeds to the visible and palpable dissolution of the fundamentals of modern western culture were planted long before, there can be no doubt, in anyone’s mind, the harvest for crops of discontent, has been these last eleven years.

This era of blatant out-in-the-open corruption commences with the election and political malfeasance of the George W, Bush presidency being the primary impetus to a decade and more of illegally declared wars, erosion of human civil rights and liberties both domestically and internationally under the guise of heightened protection and security to defend against manufactured terrorist threats; the disruption and impending demise of global financial institutions that is and likely to continue well into the coming decades, impose severe economic hardship onto the majority population of developed, western nations.

What is and continues to be taking place as evidenced by recent political manoeuvring to save the European Union is the wholesale purchase of nations by the global elite served by proxy organizations as the World Central Bank and International Monetary Fund that, as lenders of last resort, impose harsh austerity demands on financially desperate nations. Then, as assurance to appropriate policies being adhered to by these governments, so-called Techno-crates are undemocratically put in place in lieu of populace elected political representation. In essence the International Banking oligarchy are fast becoming the New World Government often referred to as the New World Order.

This process of nation selling is not limited to Europe; recently disclosed by Bloomberg News is report that the United States Federal Reserve since the start of the financial turmoil in 2007-08, printed and distributed to American and international central banks approximately 15trillion dollars at 0.01percent interest that a portion of which was in-turn loaned by the receiving banks, to the United States Treasury at a 13billion dollar profit generating rate of 3percent. Of course this being added to the trillions of dollars of debt obligation left to the American tax-paying public to repay.

The extent of greed bought by this unvarnished corruption in the highest echelons of civil society would be expected to ignite the fuse of global civil unrest of the highest order. However, by contrast, there prevails a degree of complacency out of balance that parallels the growing disparity between the wealthy one-percent and the rest. Accepting that mounting movements such as the internationally growing Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement is reflective of growing discontent, it is by no means by the numbers, reflective of the number of peoples severely affected by all that is and will continue to transpire.

As most peoples of western society grown fat and complacent, accustom to watching via their flat-screen TV’s and comfort of over-stuffed arm-chairs and couches, citizens of Middle-East countries embattled and willing to die for the privileges they take for granted living in so-called democratic society, they may wish to take notice of what fighting for civil and financial equality means and the price they too may one day have to pay to realize a truly fair, equitable and just civil society.


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