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Cricket: Batboys can shine only if the bowlers let them so…

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The rule one in cricketism, as invented by the British bosses, is the go for official fixings and make the batboys shine.

India is now focused on Asia cup with Pakistan, Bangladesh and SL. Once again, Indians would employ their usual trick of playing for the retirement of Sachuin or somebody else or for some cause only to fool those all in one go. SA skipper want to win big ICC events, so we'll look to take it to the World Cup. But whether or not it would promote Indian cricketism interests as it, along with other teams, did last time is trillion dollar/ rupee question.

Each nation, with the knowledge of ICC, it appears, provides their requirements in term s of personal records of individuals for special privileges, awards and status from the state. And the mafias ensure the realization of these "desires". S. Tendulakar is the crudest example of such state sponsored match fixing for years and only now the trend has been reversed owing to objections form the bowlers.

However, while removing Sachuins and the likings from the crease at the earliest with zero or a few runs, the bowlers deliberately offer too many runs to others.
Thus the pro-batboys trends are being promoted by the states and their mafias.
It should be stressed here that batboys shine only when the bowler and fielders let them do so. When the bowlers strike seriously and fielders do their paid duty well, none can shine and surrender their wicket at the earliest opportunity.

The performance or non-performance of batboys depends entirely on the decision- rather than ability - of bowlers to keep or throw them form the crease. . South African batboy Amla is no different from Lara or Shewag, or Sachuin or Dravid or Raina or others who Are allowed by the bowlers to amass huge pile of runs. He knows when the bowlers are positive and pro-Amla and makes good runs, but when he guesses the bowlers not favoring him at a given point of time, he quickly leave the scene. He generically does not waste time and does not want to present himself as a bad boy. Dhoni belongs to this category.

The skipper sends the bowler to bowl the last over with instructions and generally the bowler does exactly that. If the bowler offers too many runs and let their team lose- the intention and skipper advice are too obvious.

Countries like India can stay alive in cricket only if they indirectly through the embassies, coaches, agents or mafias or by using the opponent players directly and have ardently promoted joint sport exercises on some other mutually beneficial favours. This is explicitly so in cricket. The recent football cup was a mockery of the sport when Germany defeated Argentina 4-0 and occupied a berth in Quarter finals.

India and Sri Lanka have made it a point to play joint cricket exercises as per the formula provided by the BCCI as per the recommendations of the intelligence teams, military, and police and sport ministry strategists.

What looked simply wonderful was the firm commitment of SL bowled to Indian cause to let them win the match (do or die) with bonus to India crying for fame that team to be able to chase down 320 in just 40 overs and to win with the bonus point . One wonders if SL bowlers show this kind of rare and firm compassion towards Australian team as well. Fanatic dramatist Malinga just forgot about his real crash bowling with usual variations and tried all pro-batboys gimmicks. That worked well for India.

In fact, India plays with SL only to improve its bogus ranking and records. Indian greed to occupy the top slot in ranking in all formats of cricket somehow by any means is ridiculous.

What has been happening in Sri Lanka between Indian and Lanka boys for years now merits attention. Some time back they played test cricket which qualifies for the usual joint cricket exercises with either side promoting its interests by being nice to other. It looks certain Indo-Lankan teams have agreed for a compromising position by electing to draw. But they are just playing the match now only for the public to keep them in good humours. In the first innings Sankakara and a newcomer colleague of him were offered 100 plus without any hassles and after that both the batsmen departed coolly and their bowlers took credit for the departures of the Indian batsmen. Indian cricket boy and a prospective captain Shewag was offered 100 plus and Yuva Singh of IPL Punjab has been given 50 plus. India lost all wickets while Lankans only 8 of them and also have placed themselves in a comfortable position over Indian boys.

On the 21 July early in the morning Sanka-Rajapaksha Lankans did not employ Malinga and Murli because they wanted to give Shewag 100 plus first and only after that is accomplished Lankan boys Sankakara let them touch the ball. Then there was a quick fall of all Indian wicket like Kashmiri Muslims generally in Jammu Kashmir - struck by the Indian terror shots. In the second innings that has just started on the fourth day when India was forced to follow on Shewag was dismissed even without 50 plus but Tendulakar has been chosen for 50 plus.

Sri Lanka and India in the Commonwealth tri-series when SL deliberately bowled for India to offer 329 runs because Indians very cunningly had earlier in the SL innings offered two 100 plus to SL batboys. In the same series, SL had offered one 100 plus o to the newcomer P. Forrest as his maiden score, Australian bowlers let SL win the match. Neither SL nor Australia won, but a few boys got some good scores.

Malinga became panicky and offered 2 FOURs to end the 40th over and let every Indian shine with a bonus.

India rooted in deceptive gimmicks in all walks of life, including cricket and sports, can’t be faulted for fanaticism as it does not feel ashamed of its mischief to get what it wants. .
In fact both India and SL jointly oppose Australia. It is difficult to comprehend as to why Srilanka team always plays for India, helping that team to escape with a win, except of course for some fishing boats or rods as service charge or to be free from Indian Tamil problem.

Is Colombo really afraid of New Delhi for strategic reason that even in ordinary cricketism it gives in to let Indians shine and Lankans cry?
Maybe India knows it better.

In the CW Tri-series, on 28th Feb India won the "toss" and instead of bating first as it always seeks the "toss" to bat first, but asked SL to bat first. That is indeed a mischief. India made the Sl openers struggle to cross 2-00 per over till 10th over and 3-00 towards 20 overs and 4-00 later but only from 40th overs let the SL batboys to reach 5-00 runs per over and then thereafter unable to take their wickets offered huge runs in the last 10 over to help SL batboys reach 320 runs. Meanwhile 2 SL batboys got 100 plus (Sankakara) and 150 plus (Dilshan). SL enjoyed their shots. But after that, India like the boss applied their return conditions for SL bowlers to let India win with a bonus so as to stay in contention for the finals with Australia.

When SL began bowling, they offered 11-00 runs per over in the first 10 overs and it was expected that Indian would be guided to reach the target well within 25-30 overs. SL played gimmicks and after removing Shevag and Tendulakar without any 50 plus, they slowed down the run rate to give the impression that they are serious about winning. But they only helped Indian reach the target as per India plan for win with bonus.
Sl once again showed that they are reliable strategic parnters in cricket.

If bowlers like Malinga could bowl to the bat directly for 6 and 4 to Hussey or Warner or any other AUS batboys, they c would have certainly made 500 plus in 50 overs. SL should try this out.

The bowlers are trained to suit the needs of the batboys for the international matches and they count each runs they offer to the batboys in every over. They control the run flow as well as run rate. Bowlers can raise the run rate or bring it well below the average one. The batboys just play or hit as the nature of the ball coming to them and when the bowlers are eager to offer 100 plus to select batboys, the recipient batboys just enjoy their presence at the crease. They hit a “fabulous” 6 or 4, the credit should go to the bowler who took pains to throw the ball for that to happen.

Bowlers at times follow the funny logic bowling some batboys: “If you don’t throw away your wicket, please take my runs” but that ends in disaster for the their own team.

Don’t you then call this Indo-Lanka-Australia ODI series as joint cricket exercise?

What about all the bogus records managed by all cricket stalwarts and teams of nations around on payment/favours basis?

Thinking that only India should shine at other’s cost, India now has a major worry aiming at Asia cup and expects all teams to play for India which has once again retained Sachuin Tendulakar, a leading ill-fated and fast fading Hindu god playing cricket. India, instead of retiring him under VRS, has fielded him in the hope that his presence would bring the cup to New Delhi. Though Tendulakar is no more the favourite of bowlers and could be removed with zero or a few runs each time he comes to the crease, the teams try to help India win somehow a sift ht would make him feel shamed or worry too much. That is the core Indian strategy to bully other teams.

A new set, rather crop of dedicated bowlers and serious fielders should arrive to save cricket from cricketism gimmicks.

About the writer:

Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Educationalist; Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst; Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements( Palestine, Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism" Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA & other anti-Islamic agencies. Former university Teacher; website:abdulruff.wordpress.com.


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