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Wind Farms: Big polluters that produce little electricity

A recent study by Civitas, The Institute for the Study of Civil Society, points out that wind farms actually produces more CO2 and related pollutants than would be used, if wind turbines were left running on grid power at all times.


The necessity of constantly turning on wind turbines when the wind is favourable, and off when the velocity is too high, along with the grid power necessary to maintain them, actually causes the operation of wind farms to produce more pollution than if the turbines used the grid to operate constantly.


Each time the grid is used to start turbines on a wind farm, a surge of electricity is needed to power up the fossil fuel station where the power originates. Thus, more CO2 and pollution is released into the atmosphere than there would normally be if the wind turbines either operated fully on the grid or were removed from it altogether.


Ruth Lea, author of the Civitas report states that by having to constantly switch on and off power from the grid to operate and maintain wind turbines, drastically increases CO2 and pollution levels above that, which would be produced if the turbines were always on grid power. They go on to say wind turbines only produce energy around 30% of the time, in a small window when the wind is favorable for operation. Thus, the other 60% is being supplied by the grid.


This doesn’t take into consideration the minute amount of electricity generated by wind turbines when they are in operation.


The allure of wind-generated electricity as being free of pollution and as a renewable energy source sounds perfect on the surface. However, the reality is wind power is actually helping to increase CO2 and related pollution levels, rather than reducing them. The fact is, rather than doing anything to reduce our fossil fuel consumption.


The manufacture, operation, transportation and maintenance involved with wind turbines along with related parts and equipment, which requires fossil fuel, dwarfs any electricity all wind farms will ever produce during the lifetime of the equipment.


Wind power is the biggest scam perpetrated on the public since the old west days, where snake oil salesman would re bottle booze and claim it as a fix all cure for all ailments. The reason it sold was because all who bought it, got drunk and forgot about their problems.


Today, most of us are drunk with false promises from the wind energy industry, only to awake to the hangover of the paper reality that it is a useless form of energy production. This alternative energy is entirely useless, and it will never be a viable alternative to fossil fuel for many decades to come.


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I think it is ridiculous to expect a new technology to be perfect. It is a work in progress, and a good one. I live under a wind farm and love watching them upgrade generators, blades, etc. Do you think electricity was great right from the start?

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