Mandela Effect: Time Travel Alters JFK Assasination

My fellow human beings.  Many of us would consider Global Warming as the most pressing issue facing.

But it's apparent that we as humans may have a far more critical issue to face.

It seems that some form of time travel is polluting our time line and creating what has become popularly known as the "Mandela Effect".

In the JFK Assassination that many of us remember there were only four people in the car. [please see above video]

The new time line that we have now been slipped in shows six people in the car.

Jackie apparently also has been made to look like she either shot JFK or sought to cover-it-up.

There appears to be an effort by a group that may be using alien technology to "sanitize" history so it conforms to official propaganda.

The same group that is seeking to alter history to a narrative more in line with their ideology is also seeking to convince us that somehow all their alterations that's polluting our time line are just "false memories".  But, it's apparent to many that's absurd.

The result of these efforts appears to be a polluted time line in which some people remember the old time line with other people only remembering the new time line


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