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All of Donald Trump’s life under serious investigation

Being the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world is a great responsibility but unfortunately it also includes a lot of eyes and ears into every single thingthat you do and misdo. Among all the candidates who have headed the White House, President Donald Trump seems to gain the highest notoriety for his forbidden and scandalous acts with a good number of criminal cases against him. Some even wonder whether the president himself could soon be accused of criminal behaviour. The list of the allegations against him seem to have no end and it doesn’t have to do just with his political life, even his deep personal affaires are under investigation. Be it his political campaign, the White House, his inauguration, his personal business issues absolutely every aspect of Donald Trump’s life is uncovered in search of the breaking news.

The starting point of these unending investigations is found within his party in control. Three criminal investigations have been carried out. These are the Mueller Probe looking into possible collision case. Followed by the case of justice been obstructed and other wrongdoings between Russia and the Trump campaign and lastly the issue of the New York campaign-finance which paid hush money to Trump’s alleged lovers.  After these striking criminal cases came forth a new case from New York once again which is suspecting that foreign interests could have made illegal payments to the finances and operations of President Donald Trump’s inaugural committee.

That was just the starting point of the issue. Another angleof the criminal investigations against President Donald Trump is based on his close collaborators and business associates. A good number of his close collaborators are been pledged guilty of charges held against them. Not very far from now was the case of another cabinet member who left after haven been sparked 17 investigations. Interior Secretary Zinke in his resignation letter even went to the point of saying that, “vicious and politically motivated attacks" against him had "created an unfortunate distraction" in fulfilling the agency's mission.” He hasn’t even spent more than two years into his presidential mandate that President Donald Trump has the media and the whole world informed about shameful details concerning all aspects of his life. And the investigations will go further once the Democrats will take over the House the next coming year. The latter will carry out their own investigations and if things turn out bad it could even lead to an impeachment. Donald Trump will certainly have more sleepless nights as administrative officials could be asked to testify before the Congress. And all his tax returns which he has always refused to make public could also be revealed. With all these allegations against President Donald Trump, he mightprobably not succeed in getting the $5 billion from the Republican Congress for the construction of the border wall. He might also have fewer legislative priorities the next coming year 2019.


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