Louis CK, Should He “cum” Back?

Back in late 2017, the world was hit with a huge sexual harassment scandal that left us, in all honesty, speechless. Famous actress, Alyssa Milano began what is now known as the #MeToo movement by tweeting about sexual harassment she suffered coming from millionaire, Harvey Weinstein.

Since then, the #MeToohas been used millions of times. Dozens of women came forward telling their stories about the sexual misconduct that goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood. These women, some of whom have never gotten over their traumatic experiences, seek justice over what has been done to them and others.

One of the men that was implicated in the #MeToo ordeal was the famous comedian, Louis CK. Back in November of 2017, five women made statements that hey had had run-ins of this kind with the famous comedian. Many people think the number should be higher, but only five women came out and told their stories.

Their stories were all pretty much the same. They all had worked with Louis, they all had some type of close work-related relationship, they all knew him for a while, and the comedian asked them all if he could masturbate in front of them. There was one woman who said she simply knew he was masturbating over the phone.

A few days after the accusations came out, Louis CK replied to the statements by acknowledging them. He also apologized and said he felt deeply terrible. The accusations ended a contract Louis CK had with Netflix. After this, the comedian simply stayed out of sight.

The question, however, is, should Louis CK be allowed to make a comeback? Does the public have it in their hearts to forgive him?

It’s no mystery that Louis CK is notorious for his masturbation jokes. They are literally all over all his stand-up specials, clips, writings, and everything else he does. There is one comedy special where he says the following:

“One time I was at school, and I was volunteering at recess. It’s something that you do, you know, if you’re a good parent, about once a month, or whatever. You go to school, and you stand there, you watch recess, you masturbate, whatever you want to do. Now that is the worst thing, that is the worst thing ever, now that’s the worst thing I ever said. Ok, we’re good… I mean it’s a public school, nobody would give a shit…”

OK, so he might be a bit… disturbed in the way he words himself, but that one joke got a huge laugh from a crowd of over one thousand people. All his other comedy specials are full of the same types of jokes.

When Louis CK replied to the allegations, he admitted he had asked women if he could masturbate in front of them. That’s right… he asked. Every single woman he ever did his “perversion” in front of was asked for consent. And they granted such consent. So why is the public acting like this is such a huge deal? While it is true, that maybe the women felt like they had to allow it (in order to further their career), there are also women who simply said “no,” and their career is still going.

The truth is, there is really not much to be said about this. Louis CK admitted his wrong doing, he apologized, he explained why he did it, and he has shown to be really remorseful.      

In October of 2018, the comedian made a slight appearance in front of a small crown in NYC. The public was outraged, but the public he performed in front of was delighted.

So, should he be allowed to make a comeback? In all honesty, yes. Even famous comedian, Dave Chappelle, agrees that these allegations, while serious, are also comedic in the light of the others out there from the #MeToo movement. And we must remember, these women gave their consent.

Louis CK is an amazing and hilarious comedian. He has made hundreds of thousands of people reel over in laughter, and should be allowed to clear his name. We need to learn to let go of things that, while serious, are not as serious, especially when acknowledged and apologized for. With a bit of help, and a bit of clean up, the famous comedian should be allowed for an epic comeback.

The comedy world will be waiting for you, Louis.


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